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News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom


I had kind of resigned myself to the fact that Tron wasn’t going to be open until after we were there this fall.

I’m a huge Tron fan having watched the original probably close to a hundred times, so my plan this winter was to treat myself to a quick jaunt down to Florida to check out the ride. But now… a non specific “Spring” opening date results in that not even being an option. I guess maybe I’ll swing down in 2024. Maybe…

So disappointing.


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I was as surprised as you to hear this, but from what I heard the ride will not be ready by October. They said it's more complicated than just cloning the ride—different building codes and other technical stuff like that. This was on a time-limited Zoom call and they were being very careful not to say much. I wanted to say, "Hey, that doesn't make any sense! It looks totally done from all the photos I've seen!" But that would have been a bit rude to someone who already was telling me more than they probably should. So I don't know, I think I trust what they're telling me. There would be no reason for this person not to know what was going on at the work site.

I agree, though I definitely got the indication that the inside is also not done.

Here's my more-educated-than-usual guesses (piecing together what my source told me):

OPTIMISTIC: at D23 they will announce that TRON will open in mid-December 2022 (during the holiday season, they'll keep Splash open until mid-January in this scenario). This is supposing that no further issues come up while they're finishing up.
PESSIMISTIC: at D23 they will announce a Spring 2023 opening for TRON, which will at the worst mean May 2023 a la Guardians. I can't imagine this happening, but if what my source says is to be believed, there's still quite a bit left and this would have to be the farthest limit.
Looks like my source knew what he was talking about. And it was even worse than I thought.

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