News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

Brer Oswald

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What? The Big Box approach competently disappears into the Tomorrowland skyline (at night)!

They should take notes from Epcot. I honestly can’t see a thing.


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I don’t think it’s the end of the world. I just wish they had made a more creative looking building from all visible angles
Oh yeah. You're cool. Just joking about the overall tone.

Yeah, maybe some of these people are too young for the 'views' from the skyway?

I dunno. The views from the Contemporary aren't much different.

I've always been able to separate the infrastructure out of my head. The camo nets and parade backstage route on my old school steam engine. Stuff like that. I expect that stuff and it doesn't ruin things. As long as places like the gardens around the Temple of Heaven in China are still an escape that doesn't have any intrusions, I don't mind seeing buildings on the ride in.

But any suggestion of calming down and being reasonable are usually met with "I'm sorry you don't have standards." or "You're making excuses." or it just gets ignored and people continue talking like nothing happened. :hilarious:

Still concerned about the look of the Guardians building from inside the park. Haven't seen any pics of that at all.


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