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Toy Story Land expansion announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios


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There probably will be more involved. Think about it. Is that all Disney's Hollywood Studios has planned? Just two new lands? There's more coming than just Toy Story Land, and Star Wars Land and *cough* cough*Cars*cough*Land*cough*cough*. ;)
Are you ever going to stop with the carsland stuff? What if it's monsters inc or incredibles instead or something completely different?


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Yea ... no. One year for turnaround from 75%-100% demo to opening day on a whole land won't happen anywhere. That's not even a "Disney is slow" thing, it's just not a usable timeline. A new ride and re-themed area with minimal demo ... sure but not an entire land.

I just don't think this is true.

Many people can work on different parts of this project at the same time. It's effectively demolition, putting up a few buildings and everything that entails, a flat ride(which most theme parks can pop up in no time) a rollercoaster (UK parks can build coasters over the winter months in truly atrocious weather) and some very light theming. End of May 2017 is completely doable. There's nothing revolutionary going on here. No rock work (if concept is correct), no innovative ride systems...Demolition will take some time but I think it's a sign of how perceptions have been scewed if a 13-14 month timeframe is laughed at for something like this. It looks a very simple build.

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