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News Tony's Most Merriest Town Square Party comes to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party for 2018


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While this sounds insane, is there anything similar for MNSSHP that includes a reserved viewing area for the parade? I realize I could just pay someone a few hundred dollars to move the frack out of our way. I see there's a dessert party for the fireworks, but don't see anything for the parade. Come on, Tony!
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With Disney beer prices hovering in the $7 range, I could easily drink my $99 admission price. I'll turn MK into Drukeytown 2.0 real quick! Especially since they are determined to turn Epcot in MK 2.0, I will bring a little piece of Epcot over to MK.
"We need to spread out the drinking, too many people are drinking at Epcot"

"Let's add an upcharge event at the Christmas Party and offer free beer!"


So, $107 (including sales tax) for 3 hours of hors d'ouvres, non-alcoholic beverages, and beer. Waiting for the Value Squad to chime in about how great this is in 3... 2... 1...
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