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News Tomorrowland Speedway and Walt Disney World Railroad to be impacted by TRON construction at the Magic Kingdom


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It's very clear in the permits that they're expanding the retention pond. It's been mentioned before in this thread. I posted it on bioreconstruct's Twitter account.

It's info that doesn't seem to want to stick in people's mind every time they see the construction there.


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It would be a smart way to avoid exhaust from the train going up into the TRON canopy. Not speaking to the veracity of the claim, however.
Except the section of track rumored to be the location of the canyon section is not at all near the Tron canopy. It's on the opposite side of space mountain, near the back of CoP.

Though a diorama through the Tron and Space mountain area would be cool.


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What will the speedway route look like? How much is getting cut off?
This is not known. We only know the area that is currently demolished for construction. It is possible there are no changes made and the road appears where it once was, just with a bit of Tron above it. It is also possible they just cut the route down to nothing. At this point, we know pretty little about the future of the speedway.


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It would've made too much sense to plus an attraction while it was down for an extended period of time. That said, as much as I like the dioramas at DL and appreciate their history, thematically speaking, it's an odd juxtaposition of themes.... Tomorrowland Station, Grand Canyon, dinosaurs, Main Street USA. Quiet the gamut.
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