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News Tomorrowland Speedway and Walt Disney World Railroad to be impacted by TRON construction at the Magic Kingdom


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The Herschend family does the theme park world very well... their parks may fly under the radar a bit, but I would put Silver Dollar City and Dollywood on a must do, for those that want a great THEME park adventure.
Now if only they'd give Wild Adventures the same treatment and attention. Has the potential to knock SFOG off it's pedestal but not until they're willing to drop the mobile carnival rides and spend some of that Herschend money on themeing. Such a unique park...


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They're moving fast with the demolition, wow. Not wasting time on getting that roadway out of there.


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It’s not exactly a significant structure.
You're right. It's just odd (for me) seeing something that's been in the park for a while just get crushed. I wasn't around for the Horizons demolition, and I didn't get to see much of the DHS or Fantasyland demolitions either.


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yeah, I know the world ain't all about me, but I would personally hate indoors and/or super high tech on this ride. It's one of the few things my autistic grandson will do there- no sensory overload.
Can't we leave something for the littlest among us and the special needs?


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They should just remove the speedway and replace it with one or two attractions on its footprint. Also, I am very sad to see the walkway behind Tomorrow Land ripped up. Despite the smoking section, it was my favorite part of the park - a nice quiet place to watch the train go by.
I know that there are people that love the speedway, but count me on board with removing it entirely. Even when I was a kid, I just never had any interest in it. Ugly, loud, stinky, SLOW little cars just bored me to tears (apologies to those that enjoy the attraction).

I also am sad to see the walkway ripped up. Was always my favorite place to go to get away from crowds if only for a few moments.

Edit to add: Upon re-reading this, WOW do I sound like a cranky old man or what???
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I don't think he was talking about Tron, but instead the Speedway. Making a version of the speedway designed to look like something Andy build and putting it around Slinky Dog would have been a very cool idea.
Oh right. Read too fast :banghead:

That would absolutely make sense. But it would take $$$ to make happen. I imagine the decision-making process now is something like this:

What's the ROI on that?
Can we merchandise it?
Sell commemorative pins?
Offer hard-ticket events?

Can't check enough boxes = Hard "no" from management.


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Is there any chance this ride will go under the Tron canopy? I think it would really be a nice touch if they can pull it off. It seems hard to believe they will reopen this will more tron construction goes on and then shut it back down again to theme it tron as has been mentioned. If so the speedway would be down for 2019 up for 2020 and then back down for 2021 while tron finishes up?
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