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I'd like to see the sleek look of the Rocket Jets return. Really shouldn't be too hard to design an eye pleasing, simple spinner. Use the orb shape that currently exists, paint it silver, put a radio tower/satellite on top (?), and place it above Tomorrowland. I never got to experience the Rocket Jets above the People Mover platform but I imagine it was one of those experiences that 'elevated' the attraction while looking sharp.
Those are the rockets I grew up with and man the view was incredible.
Awww.... This is MY Tomorrowland.
I wanted to include all of these because they sum up how I feel. For those who never got to ride the Rocket Jets, one caveat: their height gave a great view, but also allowed some out of theme things to be seen. Even so, I'd take them back in a heartbeat. One of my most joyful young memories was riding the Rocket Jets, to the sound of the band at Tommorowland Terrace rocking the Ghostbusters theme!

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I remember riding the Orbiter up on the people mover loading platform. A person was soo high up, it always felt like you were just one loose bolt from a freaky accident then. I also remember the large open promenade to enter TL. I did feel that the rocks and orbiter at the entrance, was to me, a good and bad idea. I liked the kinetic energy at the entrance, You don't have freaked out kiddies anymore doing the ride. The rock, I know they were designed to plow the guested left and right to make the space "flow" but seamed like a bottle neck each time I have been there, and any que to the orbiter just exasperated the problem. I love great theming, but DL is always the small quaint park, so space is a commodity, no pun intended, and managing it, sometime has lacked.


Well-Known Member those planetary minerals are gone now..?

Anyone have current photos?

Some of them not all. So i know you re a huge Baxter fan as I. Well, Im not as big a fan as you, but Im not sure anyone is. What are your honest thoughts on the astro orbitor in the hub and those rocks? I think its probably the worst thing he did at DL on an otherwise pretty impressive resume.
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