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I'll be honest. I really think they're screwing the pooch with WDW's formerly perfect tomorrowland by taking the '94 stuff and just painting it white instead of completely replacing it...

Yeah... maybe it will work when it’s all finished but I’m not seeing it come together. Nothing goes together at all. I’m not a big tron fan but if they were going to go that route they should have expanded that into the entire land somehow.


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This photo from Tom's Rag shows that they're down to the base metal for some of the legs. Presumably those will get some sort of new covering despite the white paint on the old '94 legs elsewhere?


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Glad to see the roof supports getting completed. A shame to see the legs slowly getting painted.

I keep imagining a future where sections of people mover track are brought in by flatbed, placed on uneven ground, and have legs that lift them into place while leveling the track. Then just add a prefabricated roof. Miles built in a day potentially. 🚝


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They were painted purple relatively recently so I would think they are staying.

lol, paint means nothing. I saw an entire building get gutted, remodeled and used for a year at DHS before getting promptly bulldozed afterwards. Also, innovations only got a repaint 2-3 years ago and now half of that is being bulldozed as well.

you have to remember that paint is cheap in the grand scheme of things


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Why are the letters so small? They are disproportionate to the size of the base and with nothing else up there it's just lacking. 👎
I agree. While I like the shape of the base and letter style, the base shouldn't be so large and thick in relation to the word. They should have either slimmed down the base or made the circle at the top wider so the word could be bigger.

Josh Hendy

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This doesn't look architecturally or thematically coherent. What does the weird looking pole represent... a traffic signal? Miniature air raid alarm? Sprinkler? And the pedestals look like, sort of could be trash cans ... ?


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I'm ready for any indication that there's a cohesive vision behind what they're doing to this land . . . like, really.

Do we know when we can expect this to be "done", where we can look and say "this is what Tomorrowland looks like now"? They've been filtering in elements since summer 2016. Should it really take until TRON opens for the "new" land to be complete, or can we expect the finalized overlay, like, this summer?
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