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The World's Most Magical Celebration - Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary


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The majority of Shanghai’s new show is not in English, but it looks like they stole updated HEA plans from WDW... if there were ever any. Personally don’t care for the music but the lighting effects I’d love to see at MK!


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How many times a week did the MNSSHP run? If I also remember in 2019 they intermixed the After Hours events in same week as the Halloween Parties. So you at times had 5 out 7 days in which the general admission crowd did not have access, yet people still flocked to the hard ticket events. (locals and AP included) I guess they figure the calculus still works for supporting this immediatly post Covid.

Yeah but MNSSHP has several rides running (some with overlays), trick or treat locations, the Halloween parade and fireworks, special merchandise and snacks, etc. which is exactly my point. I don't think guests (local/AP or otherwise) would have rushed to buy tickets if the only event offering was Hallowishes. Also the lower capacity won't be much of a draw if the parks are still operating at 35% in the near future. The $25/pp package is a very different story though.

True! They had F! dining packeges back in the 90's after
F! opened.

I've always expected F! to open first since enforcing distancing rules will be a lot easier w/ seating (though obviously getting guests in and out of the venue without crowding the walkways will take some work). They could limit capacity for each show and have guests sign up through MDE. Seems more manageable to me than fireworks viewing (especially in the tiny castle hub) so I would be really shocked if HEA came back first.


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From the latest aerials of the F! amphitheatre from Bioreconstruct, the front row bleachers are still disassembled/removed (to allow vehicle thruway) and trash cans are bunched up near the standing area.

If those eventually get moved back and reinstalled, the return is inevitable. Then again, those can be done overnight, so..

Regardless, glad to see the character banners refreshed! So nice and bright! :)


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I would like to see the " A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party" brought back asap! A not jam packed experience due to limiting the amount of guests that get tp participate at any time.


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Yes, but those crews can be vaccinated soon. That fact will apparently allow Broadway to return in the fall so it shouldn’t be limiting much longer. Once Disney reopens The Lion King on Broadway, they won’t really have the free-out on F!
Expect Fant to return modified for this very reason.

And maybe it’ll also be back by the fall.

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