The World's Most Magical Celebration - Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary


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What Iger thought WDW 50th Anniversary would turn out:



Guests during the entire celebration:

James Alucobond

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Let's see. Disney cheaped out on the anniversary offerings, so spent very little in terms of new entertainment and such. People flooded the parks probably because they were tired of being stuck home with Covid. So high crowds, low company investment. How is that not "successful" in Bob's eyes?
This. I would imagine he’s talking about profitability, not favorability or popularity.


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Can you imagine if they had had a fireworks spectacular for the 50th that included projections on the castle and music, starting with a snippet of the TV coverage of the park opening, and then clips from many different shows and parades etc. through the years. Think of the memories that would well up in people- they would of purchased any merch that you threw at them after that. Iger doesn't get it. He could make EVEN MORE money if he wanted. Much more. If he would go back to the old script.


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but but but....they put gold colored statues around the parks! They had multiple opportunities to purchase Anniversary-branded stuff no one wanted...they had cupcakes for sale...Surely that was enough to make a spectacular
Disneyland Paris did a better job at properly celebrating their anniversary despite being scaled back.

And that occurred the same period WDW was in the middle of it's own Anniversary.

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