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Trip Report The Tuvalu Chronicles ~ Chapter 25 *COMPLETED*

Welcome, welcome, welcome to my 25th trip report.

Over the past five years, I have loved chronicling my WDW adventures with fellow forum readers who share my Disney passion. Writing keeps the magic alive for me. Discussions that result from your comments are icing on the cake! I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my posts. (And for those of you who have been following from the beginning ~ THANK YOU!!)

All my reports have been live, live-ish, or shortly-afterwards.....except one. In 2016 I wrote a retro TR detailing my first visit to the park that forever captivated my heart. You can read about it here. Or you can merely mock the photo below which is proof positive I cannot pull off wearing a hat.


Similar in style to last summer’s novel, this report will incorporate my June, July and August vacations. The ship has already sailed for a live report for June, but I may attempt some live updates in July/August. Or not. :hilarious:

Trip #1
Who: Tuvalu and Em
When: June 8-13, 2019
Where: Disney’s Wilderness Lodge


Did we meet the Wicked Queen? Who got shoved in the Haunted Mansion? Did the rain rain rain come down down down? Was there an attraction evac? Did one of us really cause a ride to shut down?

Answers to come!

(Special thanks to @krisri18 for another trip report title! 💕)


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I see "Shirley" status is not something new to you.

Of course you're going to do a Christmas Trip Report and add a little joy to our Holidays -Right? Please?

Thanks for another great trip and taking the time and effort. Hopefully you'll be at WDW next summer and perhaps we can have another meetup!
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I have loved every page once again, even if I did stop getting my notifications again. I really hope you decide to TR your Christmas trips but I do appreciate these things are time consuming and you have spent your summer dedicated to keeping us living vicariously.


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Another great report - thank you!

Add me to the people hoping for reports for the December trips! We're most likely not going for until 2021 :cry: so I love living vicariously through your adventures! (and your "observations" on guests - that I pretty always agree 100% on!)


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Wow, I can’t believe I read this entire TR over the course of four, insomnia-filled evenings!

I laughed 🤣
I cried 😭
I made a note for my December trip to avoid Callan at all costs 📸

I haven’t been to the TR board for years until recently, so imagine my excitement that it’s cool to wave to Ariel and Eric, because I absolutely do that 🤣 I started it as a teenager waving to Snow White back on her old dark ride (RIP), and it just kind of stuck.

Also glad to see I’m not the only adult who loves waterslides!

Thanks for sharing your adventures 👍


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The highlight for me was when you rode BTMRR with @Longers
Me too!! As much fun as I had meeting the other Magicians, riding BTMRR with @Longers was a dream come true. :happy:

I'm not sure if you're asking if you should trip report? Or if you should do 2 separate trip reports?
The first answer is YES definitely! The 2nd answer is do whatever makes you feel good!
Actually I wasn't asking, more thinking out loud. But thanks for your encouragement!

Thanks for another great TR.
Thank you for reading....and I am enjoying your live adventures. Even the Star Wars stuff! :joyfull:


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Original Poster


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Original Poster
I would be so devastated if you did not do a report, for any trip. You got me through a few years of not going. We have decided to take the year off, taking both our moms to our precious, other home away from home- rather than Disney, so I won’t be back until late 2020 or 2021 when B and WDW both turn 50! 🤭
As much as I love Disney, being able to take both our moms to the beach, just them and the two of us beats it.

As always love your reports and hope to see ya again in a year or so! Love the throw back pic!
I ❤ a beach trip with your moms, sounds like a wonderful vacation. WDW is a great place to spend your 50th birthdays ~ Woody and I both enjoyed ours there! I also hope we are able to connect again in 2020/2021.

Loved following along, as always :geek:
Hope your decision for Christmas-season reporting is a “yes!”
Thanks again for reading and I hope your next trip is amazing!

Loved it all, of course!! I understand the commitment it takes to do a TR, but am oh so hopeful you'll do them for your Christmas trips! I'm sure- if you're staying at your typical Christmas resort-- that we'll all love to see WL at Christmas :inlove: And as Gigi says above, your reports help get the rest of us who don't have a future trip planned through!! But ultimately, do what is best for you :)
Thank you, Amber.


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True Value!!!
Excellent trip report. It was missing one thing on August 26th. Now what was that?.....Oh, wait! It was me.
One day we will meet and maybe you can wear a hat. Or ears. Ohhhh! You would look amazing in ears!!!
Until then....

Whenever you call me True Value I have to remind myself you aren’t talking about this ~


And for the record, I can’t pull off wearing ears either. 🤣

Thank you for being a friend. (This in no way implies either of us are Golden Girls.:hilarious: )

Like any good novel, I really don’t want this one to be over! Looking forward to the sequels!
You are very sweet to encourage me :inlove:

Loved reading your TR! And really hope we bump into each other in a few weeks!
And did you see they are putting a gingerbread house at WL?! Hope it's built by the time we get there.
I am very excited to see the gingerbread cabin and (hopefully) the other decorations....and you!


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I enjoyed following along once again. I look forward to your Christmas season trip report, should you decided to do any!
Glad to have you along, again! I look forward to your future TRs as well!

Fantastic report as always! I'm hoping that our trips will overlap at some point this coming year, it would be great to see you and Em again and maybe meet Woody!
I hope we overlap too! Though I know you usually do F&G in March due to your schedule and we go in April due to Em’s. Maybe summer? 🤔

Another fantastic trip report! I so hope you do reports for your two Christmas trips, I’d love to live vicariously through you since I’ll be missing WDW this holiday season...to go to Disneyland instead (I know, poor me :joyfull:). Your trip reports are always so well written, it makes me feel like I’m really there!
Thank you for your kind words. I would love to see DLR during the holidays and will definitely follow your TR, should you write one.


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Glad to have you along, again! I look forward to your future TRs as well!

I hope we overlap too! Though I know you usually do F&G in March due to your schedule and we go in April due to Em’s. Maybe summer? 🤔

Thank you for your kind words. I would love to see DLR during the holidays and will definitely follow your TR, should you write one.

We have a trip scheduled for late June. 🙂


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Thank you for your kind words. I would love to see DLR during the holidays and will definitely follow your TR, should you write one.

You’re in luck! I am writing one!

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Thank you for sharing your trips with all of us ❤ You keep me in a magical state of mind between my trips.
I've loved every page of your report! I also hope there will be another trip report coming our way, they defiantly make not been in Disney so much easier!
Thank you, ladies, for faithfully following my adventures. I’m happy I can keep you in a Disney state of mind. :happy:

Meeting you was such a pleasure, it felt very "Shirley Status" to me! I look forward for our paths to cross again. 😊
I too look forward to our paths crossing again! You radiate joy, my friend. Please (please!) write a TR for your December vacation. 🎄

I really enjoyed reading about your summer adventures! Enjoy your upcoming Christmas trips! It is my favorite time in the World!
Thanks, Laura. It’s definitely one of my favorite times to be at Disney!

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