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The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Season 7: Fantasmic Journeys - Hype Thread

D Hulk

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@montydysquith-navarro stepped onto the stage with SYWTBAI Season 18 and made a name for himself for his brilliant brainstorming and being a great teammate. Recently, monty took up hosting Disney Jeopardy - a trivia game how we had on last month here on the forum!​

Yeah, this post reminded me to actually start developing the Imagineering ideas I have... 😅

Honey Bee

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Happy new year everyone! As per tradition I did a music listening, first song of the new year is this (by complete coincidence)
Oh God! I Just Realized Mine Is Crab Rave... Oh! & Also, Happy New Year... I Guess (Sorry If I’m Not Too Enthused, But Since The Thing That Made 2020 Memorable Was Uh... You Know, & Since That Thing Is Still Going On, It Feels More Like 2020 Part 2 More Than Anything (Oh God Now I’ve Made The Thread Depressing...))

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