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The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Season 7: Fantasmic Journeys [CONCLUDED!]


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into the basktage area of Battuu multiple times even after the first pre show
Actually, when I was in line for Smuggler’s Run at DL in July 2019, they also had the queue extending backstage. It’s interesting that they even thought about that, and how backstage is kind of “half-themed.” It’s themed enough that it feels Star Wars, but you can also tell it’s not supposed to be seen. (Maybe all the shipping containers gave it away. 🤣)

Tegan pilots a chicken

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You know Imagination is in a garbage state when the butterfly house has a longer line. 😑

That's pretty sad ngl.
Tbh I love the butterfly house but this point stands.
Currently at Imagination bathrooms, and they still are playing the original music. They're even still the old pavilion colors.
The bathrooms are literally my favorite part of the pavilion.

Tegan pilots a chicken

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To be fair Figment has a higher capacity than a small walkthrough. A single Figment train can handle the capacity of the Butterfly House probably.

But also Figment is better due to Eric Idle Moon 🌝

When an invasive purple dragon ruins your open house so you become the moon.

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