The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 6: ODYSSEY

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There was a slight change of plans with MISSION: MUMBAI.

It is no longer just centered around Mumbai...

It is centered around freedom!

This thread will be a place for eliminated players, members of the Final 8, guest judges, hosts, and anyone else who wants to join the fun to have a completely free and open space to create whatever they would like within the SAU!

No prompts, no deadlines, no eliminations, no reviews, no winners, no losers!

Unbridled creativity for the sake of unbridled creativity!

Use your home Disney park, a dream park like Brazil or Mumbai, a Universal resort, Six Flags, Busch Gardens, your local zoo, wherever you want to work!

All projects created through MISSION: MUMBAI MISNOMER will be SAU canon!

Here is the SAU Directory for Reference

And Here is the Thread for MISSION: MUMBAI MISNOMER


One thing I'll be doing during this playoff time is updating the WDW hotels in the SAU.

Over the course of 6 seasons we've added a ton to the parks, even a 5th gate and 3rd water park, but since Season 1 in 2013 - we've added 1 resort (Grand European Resort & Spa) and rethemed another (Saratoga Springs --> Black Forest Resort).

For the capacity that we added we've been in dire need of added hotel enhancements for some time. It's not everyone's favorite type of project so it might not be done in Season 7 or beyond, but it is one of my favorites. So my goal is to first update WDW with the 2010s "irl" hotel additions before adding a few things myself. Stay tuned!


The SAU/WDW Hotel Stimulus (Part 1)

We'll kick off this stimulus with the Spring into Summer event designed for WDW's 50th anniversary
Led by folks like @AceAstro @Disney Dad 3000 etc - the Spring into Summer Event saw resorts all over property such as Disney's Wilderness Lodge, Disney's Coronado Springs, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, and more receive upgrades such as a new poolside bar, or an interactive game, or playset, and so on.

Next - we'll upgrade the Resort with the various hotels that have been added and will be soon to the 'in real life' WDW

First we got the Disney Skyliner and Riviera Resort complex associated with the Caribbean Beach Resort makeover.

In addition we have the Coronado Springs upgrades along with the new lobby tower.

Other hotel additions to consider are the Star Wars Hotel, the Reflections Lakeside Lodge nestled on Bay Lake, and The Cove at the Swan and Dolphin. Given the SAU's current MGM-Studios timeline, the Star Wars Hotel as it stands wouldn't fit the layout because we have no Galaxy's Edge. As for Reflections and The Cove, the 'irl' construction is in its infancy, so we'll table those for now but keep them in the back of our mind when planning other hotels as to not overlap them.

In Part 2 (probably tomorrow) I'll talk about some 'Spring into Summer' style enhancements to Disney's Boardwalk Resort (one of my favorites) as well as Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resort - thanks and stay tuned!


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The SAU/WDW Hotel Stimulus (Part 1)

We'll kick off this stimulus with the Spring into Summer event designed for WDW's 50th anniversary
Led by folks like @AceAstro @Disney Dad 3000 etc - the Spring into Summer Event saw resorts all over property such as Disney's Wilderness Lodge, Disney's Coronado Springs, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, and more receive upgrades such as a new poolside bar, or an interactive game, or playset, and so on.

Next - we'll upgrade the Resort with the various hotels that have been added and will be soon to the 'in real life' WDW

First we got the Disney Skyliner and Riviera Resort complex associated with the Caribbean Beach Resort makeover.

In addition we have the Coronado Springs upgrades along with the new lobby tower.

Other hotel additions to consider are the Star Wars Hotel, the Reflections Lakeside Lodge nestled on Bay Lake, and The Cove at the Swan and Dolphin. Given the SAU's current MGM-Studios timeline, the Star Wars Hotel as it stands wouldn't fit the layout because we have no Galaxy's Edge. As for Reflections and The Cove, the 'irl' construction is in its infancy, so we'll table those for now but keep them in the back of our mind when planning other hotels as to not overlap them.

In Part 2 (probably tomorrow) I'll talk about some 'Spring into Summer' style enhancements to Disney's Boardwalk Resort (one of my favorites) as well as Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resort - thanks and stay tuned!
That was such a fun stanza to do! So glad we had such a strong team there! Couldn’t have done it without the likes of DDad

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How big can we go with adding things to the SAU? What if say I want to create a European Universal park that in my headcanon has been around since 1995, located where the UK's Paramount Park is meant to be. Could I retroactively include it into the SAU?
Why not! Go for it! That sounds super awesome!

The only limitations I would say would be try to not build anything that makes future seasons needlessly difficult to work around. And try not to erase projects from past stanzas. Other than that, go wild!


The SAU/WDW Hotel Stimulus (Part 2)
Today we'll be focusing on Disney's Boardwalk Resort. There's much to like about this resort, however I feel like its potential is much greater. I can essentially be the Epcot Resort Area's Grand Floridian with some tweaks. A few years ago I had a concept to bring over a Coney Island style roller-coaster to boost attendance, but thinking about it today, Boardwalk is nice for its relaxing nature 'off the Boardwalk' and I feel that building a wooden, loud coaster would interrupt that tranquility.

That being said - on the Boardwalk could use some enhancements. On the map above everything is labeled by letters. For our SAU stimulus we're going to be refurbishing:
K - ESPN Club
M - Big River Grille & Brewing Works
O - Atlantic Dance Hall

Starting with the ESPN Club, even as a big sports fan, it's always confused me what this has to do with a turn of the century Atlantic City Boardwalk theme. As of now, it duels as a table service restaurant as well as sports bar atmosphere. While it was once exciting to watch ESPN in the bathroom since there are TVs everywhere. With smart phones nowadays this premise is kinda obsolete now on top of being badly themed. However there is a way to keep the sports theme while still maintaining the timeline.

Rather than having the restaurant in modern day - the ESPN Club will be transformed into Ebbets Cafe and Diner (named after Ebbets Field - former home of the Brooklyn Dodgers). Around the family friendly restaurant themed to the era, each booth will be equipped with a radio where you'll be able to tune into classic baseball games of the 1920s and 1930s. In addition, the restaurant will be cut slightly in capacity to make room for a 24 hour 'diner' bar attached along with it. What the Boardwalk is missing is a 24 hour location for a quick bite to eat, and a diner is the quintessential New York/New Jersey setting to fit that bill.

Ebbets Cafe and Diner example design


Next on the list, the Big River Grille & Brewing Works sits underneath the Boardwalk Villas on the first floor. It isn't connected to the lobby or in plain sight so for a larger restaurant it doesn't have the same pull as others do. So for that reason we're going to split it up into smaller more memorable storefronts.

When the Abracadabar opened it replaced the Seashore Sweets (which personally was my favorite shop aesthetically on the Boardwalk) so now we'll add it back!

In addition - to fill up the remainder of the space - a 'Mom & Pop' style "Waffle Shop" will be in this new first floor location as well.

The addition of this will complete the Boardwalk as the mecca for all things 'snacks.' You'll now have diner food 24/7, an Ample Hill Ice Cream Shop, the Boardwalk Bakery, Seashore Sweets, as well as a Waffle Shop with doughnuts and coffee.

The last location, Atlantic Dance Hall, is popular with certain crowds but definitely don't generate the buzz that they could in say the former Pleasure Island of Downtown Disney. Since the conversion into Disney Springs, this location hasn't seen a bump in activity, which means in the SAU their time has come to a close.

The Atlantic Dance Hall is to be replaced with a luxurious restaurant/ dance hall called "Gatsby's"

For breakfast and lunch, the scene is more peaceful, where you can just look around at the marvelous architecture. Yet for dinner it transforms into an immersive nighttime experience, Gatsby's is themed to the extravagance of the roaring 20s, with waiters and waitresses dressed in colorful costumes and attire, making you feel like you've been invited to the party of a lifetime.
I posted a video below to show the space - it's huge! Most of the days it just sits empty like in the video it could be used for so much more!
So with all that - the new labels would become
K - Ebbets Cafe and Diner
M - Seashore Sweets, Waffle Shop
O - Gatsby's

With these changes, the resort will hopefully feel more whole and complete as a timepiece from a bygone era, earning its spot as the flagship Epcot Resort!​


The SAU/WDW Hotel Stimulus (Part 3)

For the next section we will be going across Crescent Lake to Disney's Yacht and Beach Club. As these resorts are about to turn 30 years old, ironically some of the things I had wanted to do are actually being done!

For instance, expanding Beaches and Cream was always something I thought made sense, it was always so crowded to get a seat - and as of late last year it happened!

But give our expansion in the SAU of Epcot (World Showcase in particular) with The Wetch in the UK Pavilion, the new Arabian Nights E-Ticket in Morocco, as well as Rataouille in France - the Crescent Lake resorts will become top real-estate for the quick stroll over to the International Gateway and 3 E-Tickets within a brief stroll. Moreover, the DVC locations of the Beach Club and Boardwalk were some of the earlier DVCs, and some of the most popular. A solution to that - would be to expand the DVC options in the area given all the new attractions - and that comes from the Yacht Club DVC Expansion!

Moving the original cast parking lot north, a 400 room DVC expansion will be nestled behind the quiet pool akin to where the Beach Club DVC is located. This will provide more capacity for the Resort (which is now dog friendly too) as well as a location within walking distance from Epcot and the Boardwalk entertainment.

The Yacht Club similar to the Beach Club also went under an 'irl' refurb of the Captain's Grill Restaurant in the lobby to the Ale & Compass, along with refurbing their giftshop to be a combo giftshop and eatery. It's almost like they're reading my mind!

Hopefully these as well as the future expansion of The Cove at the Swan and Dolphin, will bring the added capacity Crescent Lake needs to handle our influx of attractions.

In the next part, we will travel north along the Epcot monorail line heading towards the new "Inventus Resort Area"​

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What is there to say? This is the largest and most ambitious project in the SAU. Over fifteen people worked on this massive undertaking over two weeks in quarantine. All added together, it is still remarkable this came out as 148 pages.

And those 148 pages aren’t filler. Every one is used to fill in detail on one thing about the park. @D Hindley and @spacemt354 did a fantastic job dividing up the work. Also huge congrats to @Pi on my Cake , @AceAstro , @NateD1226 , and @Evilgidgit for taking up as the head for each land. This approach helped everyone focus on their small part, so we could easily put it all together in the end!

What I think is most telling, though, is of this entire project, only Century 22 is copied from a former Imagineering project. Unless I’m missing something. It’s telling that when we gave you the opportunity to make it easier on yourself and use some SAU rides, you preferred to make something new.

Right off the bat, @D Hindley made a strong case for Mumbai Disneyland. He took it further with this extended introduction, exploring first the park’s thesis, then why the choice in location, and then a detailed look into the park’s surroundings. Luckily, the only thing not explored is the Disney Bazar.

One part I really liked is the central lake and placing the Disney Royal Palace in the center. It sounds like a wonderful place to stay.


Yeah, I really shouldn’t review myself lol.

This is the most unique part of this project. Like Shanghai, Mumbai experiments by throwing out Main Street USA with something that holds more value to India. But I think this works far better than Shanghai’s!

@Pi on my Cake did great work here. I love how each shop has a certain country that relates to its purpose. The Mary Blair theme ties it all together. It’s a lot different from the World Showcase, and that’s a good thing.

Small World, One Song is a great take on It's a Small World. It reminds me of the original concept for IASW, where each nationality would sing their national anthem. The problem there was all the characters would be singing over each other and it wouldn't translate. But by keeping the same song, just in different genres, you avoid this problem entirely. And I really liked the "Song Continues" twitter campaign idea.

@mickeyfan5534 was also responsible for the fantastic shows at Disneyland Mumbai. Great work not only with the shows but also following typical Indian festivals! Part of this season’s theme is learning other cultures, to best create projects suiting that place in the world!

I’ll come out and say it: Fantasyland has always been my least favorite of the lands. That’s why I didn’t really pay attention. That said…

You guys really went all out with this! Fantasyland would have been the easiest land to clone thanks to the many prompts over the years asking for a Fantasyland Dark Ride. But instead, you’ve gone the extra mile. For example, @TheOriginalTiki ‘s Alice Drop Coaster. What an original and cool concept! And it is perfectly supported by @Brer Panther ‘s amazing concept art.

There are so many more great projects here -- Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure, Into the Unknown, Revamped PhilarMagic -- that is it hard to compliment them all. But I will say: there is nothing ill-fitting. Every concept ties to a larger whole, despite having everything from the deserts of Aladdin to the taigas of Frozen. Fantasyland is one of the most unified lands in the park.

Mumbai’s Adventureland is a land of many sublands: India, Latin America, Africa, and the Lost World. Of these, my two favorites are India and Latin America. Big kudos to @AceAstro and @FigmentsPigments (not even in the competition!) for the bulk of the land.

On the other hand, Africa and the Lost World both feel a bit… lacking. For an opening day park, this is usually fine. The one worry I have comes down more to the map design. Because everything is so crammed together, it would be hard to expand out Africa and Lost World for more shows/attractions.

Moving on: I really like how you swapped the theme for key attractions while keeping the basic models. A Latin American Haunted Mansion fits the festival theme so well, the Jungle Book suits an Indian Splash Mountain perfectly, a Dinosaur Jungle Cruise is an awesome idea.

Back to India and Latin America, I love how you respected both cultures. From the street fair in Latin America to the multitude of traditional Indian stories as shows. This really captures the essence of this stanza. A great land!

I was unsure of @Evilgidgit ‘s original idea for Avengers Campus. It replaced the “Iron Man and Captain America” focus with a lot of “Dr. Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy”. I was a tad concerned about this direction.

But now that it is completed, I can happily say I was wrong. This land works! It’s an original take that still maintains what draws people to an Avengers land. And it manages to do it within a very small plot: only around the size of a World Showcase Pavilion!

My favorite attraction here is The Legends of Asgard ride. It’s a really cool take on a Thor ride. But that's not to diminish the rest, which is also wonderfully fitting! I could easily see this land expanded to include the more traditional Avengers settings... but as it stands I think this is a perfectly fine representation of the Marvel IP.

One thing I’m just realizing is we kinda all forgot to ever mention the utopian, environmentally-conscious theme. Whoops!

In the style of Adventureland’s original “adaptions” of classic Disney rides, we have WALL-E’s Runaway Rocket Rescue, an idea by @ThatGuyFromFlorida pushed early on that is completed fully here. This is a great concept! It fits excellently with both Space Mountain and WALL-E.

Century 22 is the thesis ride for Tomorrowland. Sometimes, pulling something already made isn’t a bad idea, especially if it fits this land so well!

Big Hero 6 is a modern choice for the “Tomorrowland Shooting Ride”. An interactive shooting ride is always a fun idea.

Last, the Star Sanctuary by @Puffs is a great fit for Tomorrowland. I love the focus on natural products… it really sounds like a “sanctuary”.

My one issue with Tomorrowland is the lack of the most important attraction in all of the SAU. That’s right. Where are the Rocket Prams?


Like the project itself, I have run out of things to say for this conclusion, so I will end it the same way I ended Mumbai Disneyland.


But actually good job everyone. Not just the competitors, but everyone, Acts 1 and 2 of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice were a great challenge, and everyone involved should feel some level of pride. Everyone, be it a competitor or drop-in for this Stanza, accomplished something special.

Stanza 11 kinda left a sour feeling in some people’s mouths. I’d encourage anyone who ended their journey in the Fortress to not look there, but here when remembering this season. Because the game isn’t about eliminations. It’s about things like this: crazy projects that really mean nothing, but we keep doing because they are fun. And when we break it down, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, at it’s most pure, is all about having fun.​


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it would be hard to expand out Africa and Lost World for more shows/attractions.

Tons of room for Africa to be expanded North when Frontierland ( ;) ) gets added there.

Lost World could be expanded East towards Main Street if needed but small mini-lands within a larger land are always nice when highly themed (Storybook Circus in MK's Fantasyland. One of my favourite areas in the whole park).


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Tons of room for Africa to be expanded North when Frontierland ( ;) ) gets added there.

Lost World could be expanded East towards Main Street if needed but small mini-lands within a larger land are always nice when highly themed (Storybook Circus in MK's Fantasyland. One of my favourite areas in the whole park).
You're right, you probably could cut out away from that expansion plot and add an additional (if cut off) segment for Africa. Only issue is it's a lot more detached from the rest of the land: you'd probably have to go into the gray path to make it all flow. Lost World is harder to expand but tbh most of my criticism was directed towards Africa, which probably has the most potential for Adventureland (besides India, which is already well covered).
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pi reviews.png

Alright, massive park deserves a massive review!

This truly is a monument to the talent and creativity of this cast and this forum! The largest project in Sorcerer's Apprentice history and possibly the biggest project from an armchair imagineering competition in history! (I say without doing any research into that claim). I can't describe how proud I am of everyone involved with this park and this season so far!

Sorry it has taken so long to write this review. I made the mistake of buying Animal Crossing. It's the first game in the series I've ever had and did not realize how much time was passing. I sit down to gather peaches for a half hour and suddenly its dark outside. It's a little scary actually, but I love it.

Also, I cooked a chicken curry dish last night to set the mood for Mumbai. It was delicious but way spicier than I intended it to be lol

Anyways, review time!

  • @D Hindley you have truly outdone yourself with the art this round! The map is truly stunning! In general you were a great MVP this round. You managed the project and the large group perfectly and kept things moving smoothly. All while still doing a lot of research, brainstorming, and writing! PLUS, the fantastic map!​
  • @spacemt354 thank you too for a lot of organizational help and helping get things set up! You also did a great job finding art and attractions from past projects to help round out the park!​
  • As someone who doesn't have the best knowledge of many other cultures, the intro does a fantastic job on selling me on what makes Mumbai a great pick for the park's location! As well as the consistent park philosophy. Colorful, hopeful, international, happy, live entertainment! Even most real life castle parks don't have such a strong design philosophy! What's more impressive is that this theme was actually carried through every land! So, often I see large projects over the years start with a strong mission statement and then it kind of loses sight of that after the first land or two. It is a real testament to the talent of this cast and the dedication that the mission statement was carried through on every level​
  • I love the thought into why Mumbai makes sense financially/logistically as the next park. Reading this makes me thing it is only a matter of time before a Mumbai park is actually built!​
  • I absolutely adore the thought and care that went into choosing the location! It is clear that this was not simply a quickly chosen after thought to get some quick realism points. This was a carefully considered plan and it shows!​
  • The map for the resort as a whole is great! It might not be as lovely as the park map obviously, but it is very clear and communicates info really effectively. You barely even have to read this section since the picture is worth a 1000 words. (Don't worry though, I did read the whole thing haha)​
  • Having the Partners Statue in the esplanade was a great idea! What better symbol to link together the resort! The waterfalls and other statues would also go along way to make this the best looking esplanade yet! While still being a realistic design!​
  • Storybooklake is great! I love that even something as simple as a lake has so much thought and care put into it!​
  • Disneyland Hotels are always interesting to me. Nearly every park has one, yet there is no real consistent theme to them. This would definitely be a stand out among them! I love the traditional, cultural theming and the way it blends so seemlessly with classic Disney. Great dining options too!​
  • The Mickey & Pals hotel is a great choice for a Value Resort! Especially with Toon Town not being in the park. Honestly, I'd probably rather stay here than the "nicer" resort lol. Lantern Cafe is also a great dining choice!​
  • The Royal Palace sound absolutely stunning!!!!! I question the practicality of an island resort, especially in a region where you already established has flooding. But a 24 hour ferry service coupled with a good drainage system should make it work. Plus, the beauty of the resort as a centerpiece on the lake is well worth it! I can hardly even imagine how lovely the 360 views on the roof would be at night as fireworks are going on!​
  • Thanks for keeping the design on the shopping district simple ;)
  • The Table of Contents is very clear and well organized! Google Docs might not be the most exciting presentation, but it is very easy for large groups and large projects because of all the tools the program has for organization and exploring the document. It might not be as visually interesting as a website, but still very helpful.​

  • I won't spend too long on the land itself since I did a lot of the writing for the land lol. Some shops/dining seem like after thoughts, but that happens in most Main Street projects.​
  • The Railroad write up is perhaps a bit too detailed, but considering the importance of trains to both Indian culture/history AND Walt Disney it feels fitting to make the Railroad feel very grand.​
  • The Table with info on the trains is a great touch! I loved the care and attention there! @Outbound you clearly did a lot of work and research for something a lot of people would usually treat as an after thought in a dream park project like this.​
  • The trip from Crossroads to Adventureland is just a delight! Borderline overwhelming in the best way! It has great pacing and great interactivity with the attractions it passes​
  • The trip to Fantasyland is a little quieter, but in a good way. It makes sense considering how undeveloped the land it travels through is. The display on Indian independence is a nice touch for a temporary exhibit. Great storytelling on display in a really simple way! Maybe a bit too large scale for something you describe as temporary, but very cool. And in Disney terms temporary can sometimes mean a very long time lol​
  • I like the idea of the path to Tomorrowland being very quiet. A good way to calm down after the craziness of the path to adventureland and the grandeur of the path to Fantasyland. The fairytale displays would be super charming to see!​
  • The path from Tomorrowland to Crossroads is something I would usually say is too large scale for a railroad, but considering the Mumbai location, I think it is pretty fitting as a grand finale! I love Andromeda Station and thing it is a great tribute to more modern Sci-Fi like GotG and Ragnarok.​
  • I think the shows and entertainment by @Tux and @mickeyfan5534 are great!​
  • Mickey and the Fantastical Hat is a great evolution of the Mickey and the Adjective Noun show format! The theme of overcoming is a subtle one, but really powerful! It elevates this show beyond just being a clip show/karaoke type experience into being something with real thematic meaning!​
  • I LOVE how for the parade you made sure to include both the thematic and the visual elements that tie the floats together So often in project like parades, lands, and parks there will be either a strong thematic tie or a strong visual tie. It is refreshing to see something that addresses both of those! I don't have much to say about the parade itself beyond how much I like it! It's exactly the right amount of detail for a project like this and a great selection of floats. You did a good job scaling it back to something reasonable while still keeping it large and fantastic! Also, great soundtrack by @NateD1226
  • Mickey's Mumbai Disneyland Celebration is a great mix of dance party, castle stage show, and Move it Shake it type party parade! Perfect for the high energy atmosphere of the Mumbai Park! Usually I'm not big on dance parties (Which this is sort of an evolution of), but this is perfect for this park and for a castle hub! And the blending of show elements and storytelling in with it is a great touch that could keep everyone invested!​
  • Disney Fantasy sounds like a great nighttime show! Using Rapunzel and her art as a framing device for a projection heavy show is a great idea!​
  • I like the Citizens of the World. @gam3rprincess I know there was a lot going on during this stanza so you weren't able to do as much as others, but you were able to bring your trademark charm and unique style to your writing here. It makes the original characters really come to life! I'm guessing there is a story about Scrooge McDuck in an incorrect Tartan I don't know about lol​
  • Color Fest as a Holi Celebration is great! This project including holiday events at all was way beyond my expectations for the park! Little touches like reusing the World of Color floats for the Bonfire dance really make it come to life!​
  • Festival of the Lost Princess is also great! I am a bit concerned how Tangled centric it is since it is supposed to be a Diwali festival. But I don't know enough about Diwali to actually say whether or not that's an issue. I'm a Christian and I don't have a problem with Christmas just being about Mickey and hot chocolate lol. As a Tangle Festival, I think it is great!​

  • Minor OCD note, it would have made more sense to put Adventureland next and the Fantasyland after because that would be a clockwise loop around the park. Something I should've noticed myself earlier lol​
  • @NateD1226 did a fantastic job as PM for this land!​
  • An intro for the land would be very nice to get more of a feel for the land and how it ties together. Though the picture of the map does a good job selling it as a New Fantasyland style mashup of storybook locales, so that makes up for the lack of intro. Plus, Fantasyland has a pretty consistent visual style across the parks.​
  • Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure did a great job using the expanded world of Tangled from the show without being alienating to people like me who have never seen the show. It feels like a great, family-friendly adventure through Rapunzel's world! The write up seems a little scattered though. I get the feeling this may have been a bit rushed. But there is a lot to love here still and the art is great as always! The attraction sign is a great "plus" to add realism and some more art to the project. A good job @Puffs! Another day in the project and this could have been a real stand out!​
  • Down the Rabbit Hole is such an interesting concept! I think this would be a great thrill ride and you don't see actual thrills that often in Fantasyland! And with Alice being an older a movie coupled with the ride not being TOO intense, I don't think there'd be much of an issue having this kind of coaster here. Plus, A vertical drop coaster themed to Wonderland is just such a really cool concept!!! I love the idea of starting with the big drop into Wonderland! And the comparison to Incredicoaster is a great way to describe storytelling on a coaster like this in a realistic way. This would be a great addition to the park and a great take on a Wonderland coaster! One of my personal favorites from the project @TheOriginalTiki. Perfect amount of detail too. Also, fantastic artwork as always @Brer Panther. I think there was also some art @Puffs made for this that got lost along the way.​
  • Another personal favorite part of the project also by Tiki! The Aladdin ride! This does such a great job capturing the charm of classic Fantasyland dark rides like the original Peter Pan's Flight! A true C-Ticket capturing the timeless charm and simplicity of those old rides. Exactly what I would love to see more of! Bigger isn't always better and I think this is a great example of that. Much like those old rides, you manage to capture many iconic moments and scenes without it feeling like a book report. My one big complaint is a lack of art. Not even any real reference photos. Adding a few pictures would have really elevated this. But still, great job!​
  • Journey into the Unknown is a very nice Frozen 2 ride! A great evolution of Frozen Ever After. My main complaint is that it feels very much like a book report. It definitely would require you to see the movie first to appreciate a lot of it. As someone who has seen the movie though, I love it! A lot of grand set pieces without any of it feeling unrealistic! Great work!​
  • The Sleeping Beuaty Attraction is great @Brer Panther! It feels a little unpolished though. It needs an actual attraction name and maybe a little more info on things like the facade and queue. Plus a few typos. But what is here is great! It does a good job capturing the pacing and feeling of Snow White's Scary Adventure for a very solid old school dark ride!​
  • @NateD1226 both the flat rides are very cool. A BatB Teacups is such an obvious idea I can't believe it still hasn't happened yet! There might be slightly too much Tangled in the park with the Festival, the Fireworks show, the Castle, the big ride, and this flat ride, but it is a strong flat ride and we never quite cross the line into too much Tangled lol.​
  • I think a lot of the Phillarmagic write up got lost at some point during editing the document because I could've sworn there was a lot more here. I believe this was taken from an older project by @spacemt354. What is here still communicates enough of the basic idea. A heavily updated Phillarmagic with randomized sequences like Star Tours! A commonly found idea, but always a strong one!​
  • @Tux great job with the Fantasyland Theater! I love the description of the caravan style facade! Plus the ability to rotate shows adds a lot!​
  • The Royal Hall is an excellent blend of walkthrough and meet and greet! As someone who doesn't personally care about meeting characters, I was ready to write this off as something I'd just kind of skim through. But seeing all the artifacts and portraits would be an attraction in and of itself!​

  • Shout out to @AceAstro for doing a great job organizing this team!​
  • With how many sublands there are here, an intro would've helped a lot. Some description as to what visually or thematically ties them together. Like how with WDW's Fantasyland the different sub-lands all flow into each other and tell a story that slowly progresses. From the town at the base of the castle, to the nearby festival, to the enchanted forest just past the castle walls, to the circus tucked away deep behind the woods. The four sublands flow together very well. But without an introduction or seeing them in person, you'd be forgiven for not fully seeing how they flow together. With these sub-lands, I don't quite see how they all fit in as a cohesive whole.​
  • @Disney Dad 3000 the signage for Adventureland is a great touch and a really nice "plus" for the project!​
  • Speaking of @Disney Dad 3000, Jungle Book Mountain is a triumph!!!!! Under normal circumstances, I would say this write up is perhaps too indepth for a big group project like this, but considering the dream park nature of this round, I won't begrudge anyone who wanted to do full write ups like this. Especially not when it is something so well done!​
    • I'm sure people have done Jungle Book Splash Mountain type things before, but this is the first I can remember seeing it. Yet it works so perfectly that I am surprised it isn't an idea I see suggested constantly on the forum lol. The laid back nature of the film coupled with the key moments of excitement and adventure makes it lend itself very well to the Splash Mountain format.
    • I don't see the connection between the very spiritual and mystical feeling Mount Meru to Jungle Book, but it would make an incredibly stunning visual and icon for the park!
    • The queue does a great job transitioning from the more realistic jungle atmosphere to the more cartoony and fantastic!​
    • The ride layout map is a great touch! DDad really is one of the best in the game at "plusses." Editing things like real life ride blueprints is a relatively easy way to add realism and detail to a project.​
    • I love that some things that weren't a big focus in the cartoon like the elephants (beyond the one main joke) and the wolves get more focus in the ride. Its a great subtle way to pay homage to the live action version and things that had more focus there while still keeping it consistent with the original.​
    • The Kaa scene is perhaps my personal favorite. Picturing the snake's long body wrapped around the room and draped over trees is a great visual! But all the scenes are great! This manages to capture the spirit of the film and many iconic scenes without feeling like just a book report. Great job!​

  • @Tux rocking some more live entertainment! The exterior of the Arjuno theater is just breathtaking! it would be right at home, if not a stand out, in the very beautiful Asia section of Animal Kingdom. The interior is even more beautiful and a great testament to the care and effort put into this show/theater!​
    • This show sounds like an incredible blue print for a broadway style show or a Disney movie! A little bit more intro to the story and characters for those unfamiliar might have been nice for the presentation. But thats a small issue and the write up is just top notch! The show is great! A ton of care, passion, talent, and effort was clearly put into this! Very very well done!​

  • I question the choice to have two stage shows in the India sub-land. But them being very different kinds of shows helps.​
  • @FigmentPigments! It is always great to see you around! Excellent work as always! Your projects are consistently some of my favorites!​
    • The queue and the theater itself for the Rikki Tikki Tavi show both sound enchanting!​
    • The effects (Or lack there of really) would make this a really unique and fascinating show for a Disney park. I can just see being utterly entranced by the storytellers as projections around the room are used to enhance the experience!​
    • Great, unique artwork showing off the theater btw​
    • I adore how simple and charming the story is! It is a perfect fit for this kind of performance. I really do love this show!​
  • An intro! Yay! This adds a lot to making the Latin American sub-land feel alive! Great job @FigmentPigments! You paint a great picture of this land and how it all flows together! The art used is really great in a nice, subtle way.​
  • It is a shame the dancing flat ride for this land got cut at some point. It would've helped this area feel more full. As it stands, this sub-land is just one ride and some dining area. Even the smallest sub-lands in real life have some form of secondary attraction like a walkthrough or a flat ride or a character experience. But this sub-land is so pretty I don't mind. And a lot of parks are a little underbuilt at opening.​
  • I absolutely LOVE Food Fair Street!!!! Great illustrations, great ideas, super well thought out! I'd love to come here to eat!​
  • This is a great new take on Haunted Mansion! It manages to truly capture what makes the classic so special while also feeling entirely unique! I love the characters of Reyes and La Catrina! They would for sure become iconic park characters! I don't have too much to say about it other than that I love it!​
  • Africa is the sub-land that feels the most under-developed. The Adventureland for Brazil had and Africa section (And Latin America too for that matter). Could've easily added in something from there to fill it out without adding extra work. Or perhaps adding an intro to frame the Africa area as almost like a Tom Sawyer Island (but obviously not an island). That being said, even though this sub-land feels like it could use more, what is here is great!​
  • I ADORE Africa talk! This is an attraction format I'd love to see used more in the parks! Timon and Pumba are a great pick for something like this too. Great job on the photoshop art to illustrate the theater, @AceAstro
  • @Puffs with more great dining! I would really like to challenge you to branch out more from dining, but you've done a great job being the restaurant king this season! Great art as always, menu is a nice touch too!​
  • The Cave Exploration was a cool idea! I like the concept of keeping it more educational and realistic! Solid walkthrough @AceAstro
  • Great logo for the Lost World sub-land! (@FigmentPigments I think?). This sub-land does a good job having both an anchor attraction and a secondary attraction. Still small. And personally one too many sub-lands for Adeventureland. But they're all solid. I like that this breaks up the possible repetitveness of all the other sublands being based around real world regions. This one feels more fantasy, in a good way.​
  • So, quick side tangent. I have always wanted to see Triceratops Encounter over at Islands of Adventure. Being a Florida resident, I was at the park decently regularly growing up. That show was consistently always broken down that in my entire life I only actually got to see it once! AND the show was cut in half because of technical issues and did not finish. All that to say, Dino Talks would be really cool and I think technology we have now should make it actually work instead of being constantly broken like the old version at Universal lol​
  • Dino Jungle Cruise is one of those ideas that is so solid. It just works. Love it! Great, succinct write up by @mickeyfan5534! You did a great job highlighting the important info in just a few sentences!​
  • Overall, Adventureland had some stand-out parts for the whole project like Jungle Book Mountain and Haunted Mansion as well as some very fun small scale additions like Africa Talk. But this land is held back slightly by feeling just a little too scattered and underbuilt compared to the other lands.​

  • This was a really interesting take on a Marvel land. Unlike most, it is not based around what has been the focus of the MCU thus far (Iron Man, Captain America, S.H.I.E.L.D., Avengers Facilities, etc.). It focuses more on the cosmic and mystical side which has been rising in focus and is set up to take center stage. This is a land built for the future of the MCU more than the past. I think that was a really clever direction to go and one that really sets it apart! My only wish is that the name was changed to reflect that change in focus.​
  • I love the intro for the land! It is a really clever story that ties all these seemingly disparate elements together. Which makes sense since @Evilgidgit is one of the best at storytelling on the forum.​
  • I love how the Avengers ride delves into weirder sides of the Marvel Multi-verse! I definitely wasn't expecting to see Spider-Man Noir and Marvel Cowboys, yet you made them fit smoothly into the MCU (Well, the theme park version of the MCU). This kind of madcap adventure would be a great fit for an evolution of Forbidden Journey's ride system. It also would be a great new evolution of the vaguely similar Avengers ride in Howard Parc in the SAU, without feeling like a clone or a copy at all. This is a great follow up and just a great attraction in general!​
  • Legends of Asgard is a fantastic show! The blending of projections/planetarium and live stunt show is very clever! Reminds me of almost an evolution of Alien Encounter/Stitch's Great escape as a great multi-media show! Plus, the live performers ties in great to the mission statement of Disneyland Mumbai!​
  • I'm not sure who to give credit to for Gadget Games, but this sounds like a perfect Guardians of the Galaxy ride! Chaotic, high energy, crazy, and just pure old fashioned fun! This would be a definite personal favorite.​
  • @Outbound great job on Cybo's Canteen! This project is overflowing with the personality, charm, and humor that you're known for! I especially love the Taserface segment! It is just fantastic. Maybe slightly too involved for a restaurant show, but it would definitely make this a stand out dining experience!​
  • Sanctum Elixirs is a great addition by @spacemt354! I always have mixed feelings about bars in castle parks, but if there is one, it better be great. And this one definitely is great! Love the art as always!​

  • Thank you @spacemt354 for taking the lead on this land! As essentially the forum's historian it was fascinating seeing you know so many past projects and having so much past artwork to fill out so many areas of the park, but especially Tomorrowland!​
  • This land could use an intro (a common theme), but I know from seeing the brainstorming that there was a strong thematic goal of an optimistic and very green vision of the future! And the different attractions all carry this theme, but a short intro would be a nice touch.​
  • I love the Wall-e ride! Great job on it @ThatGuyFromFlorida! This was a real passion project from you and it was great seeing you back on the forum! I really love all the art work here, it really sells the idea! I also think you did a great job tying this to the theme you have for the land as a whole. There's some great storytelling in this coaster without being too much for a fast paced ride. This would be a great evolution of Space mountain. The story was also a really smart continuation of the movie's plot while still fitting in with Tomorrowland perfectly.​
  • I won't go in depth into Century 22 since it is from a past game, but it is great! And a perfect fit for the optimistic, green focused future of Tomorrowland! A great E-Ticket for a great Tomorrowland!​
  • Big Hero 6 is also something from the past that is an absolutely great fit here! I love some unique feeling interactive shooter rides! I really think Disney should do more interactive rides other than Toy Story lol.​
  • Imagination Arcade is a simple, yet great addition to the land! I love the different sections to the arcade and how they have their own themes. It's a small addition, but a very effective one!​
  • Earth Kugel Ball. Gotta have that here! Little things like this are great "plusses"​
  • A great restaurant by @Puffs? What a surprise :p
  • Jokes aside, Star Sanctuary is a perfect fit! Very naturalistic while also still futuristic and modern! The menu is good and the hidden building for the kitchen is a good touch. You did something in nearly every land, @Puffs and you've been strong this whole season! Especially for a newcomer!​

This was an amazing project! I was truly inspired by all of you and honored to work with you. I've truly enjoyed hosting this season with Outbound and Pergron and I look forward to seeing how the final stanzas go and seeing what you all go on to do in the future!​
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