The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 5: ENDGAME - Hype Thread


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I'm incredibly excited for this!

Battle for Bikini Bottom was a great game that still holds up even replaying it now. I honestly put it right up with Spyro, Mario 64, and Banjo as being one of the best of the genre of 3D collectathon platformers.

What about you guys? Favorite licensed games!

Whether the games actually good (like Battle for Bikini Bottom) or you just personally like it for whatever reason (like me with the Fantastic Four movie game). What's some of your favorites
I never played battle for bikini bottom, but for me nothing beats the Spongebob Squarepants Movie video game on the GameCube

Pi on my Cake

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We're starring work on a fifth gate dream park over in the Idea a Day thread! Planning to do a mix of working on a dream park together and random prompts like we have been doing. Anyone interested is welcome to join! Even if just to watch other people work lol

June 11th
10 Day Streak!
We made our first goal!!

Previous Day's Pitch

Our goal was to bring Broadway to the parks (but not as a stage show). As always, a lot of interesting ideas from dark rides to flat rides to carousel theater animatronic shows! Overall an award winning day!

Today's Special Project

Our goal today is special to celebrate our 10 day streak!

So, my thinking is that every 5th day can be 5th Gate Day. Every 5 days we take a day brainstorm something related to building a new park for the WDW resort. A day for theme, for lands, for a restaurant, etc. That way, as we do this fun brainstorming thread, we can make our way to building a dream park together too!

So, to kick off our first 5th Gate Day Project, let's start with the theme! What do we think would be an interesting theme for a new Disney park in Florida? We don't have to make a decision today. For now lets focus on coming up with cool ideas and building off of each other's ideas!​


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If I may spoil things for my New Horizons thread, I will admit I’ve been working on a 5th game idea of my own: Port Disney, an American equivalent to Tokyo DisneySea. Built on a large expansion pad east of the Magic Kingdom’s parking lot, right along the EPCOT monorail line, this would (mostly) be a fresh new take on the DisneySea formula, with “partner” lands for each Tokyo port and very few clones.

Basic outline for lands:
Novus Harbor: Stand-in for Mediterranean Harbor. Basically what was created for Sorcerer’s Apprentice.
New Orleans Bayou: Stand-in for American Waterfront. Expanded take on New Orleans Square, complete with Princess and the Frog dark ride.
Discovery Bay: Tony Baxter’s legendary concept finally comes to life! Stand-in for both Port Discovery and Mysterious Island. Features only clones of individual attractions, Journey to the Center of the Earth and 20k Leagues.
Alta Pueblo: Stand-in for Arabian Coast. Concept devised by @D Hindley, themed after Spanish California, with rides themed to Zorro and Coco.
Pirates’ Cove: Stand-in for Lost River Delta, featuring Shanghai’s Battle for the Sunken Treasure and an expanded take on Paris’ Adventure Isle.
Mermaid Lagoon: Only land to be cloned from Tokyo.
Arendelle: Stand-in for Fantasy Springs, featuring expanded take on EPCOT’s Frozen Ever After and DHS’ Frozen sing-along show.
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