The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 5: ENDGAME - Hype Thread

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Challenge 2
Hooray for Hollywood/Fixer Uppers!
Team Air

Email Transmission From....

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Team Air Productions


Dated: 7/23/2014 11:55pm EDT

Dear Ms. Potts,

We appreciate the time you and Mr. Stark took with us on video-conference last week to outline what you wanted for the Investor Marketing Campaign you accepted our contract bid for.

We are excited to move forward with this project.

Please find with this email an embedded link to our live streaming server, which will allow you to view the current draft as stands.

We have also uploaded the appropriate blueprints to the Stark Industries Secure Servers at

We hope you enjoy the presentation, and thank you for your business.


Team Air Productions

Aww, you should at least give it a try! It will give you clues you can google to figure out the username and password.

But, if you don't want to, we understand. There is a link at the top at that you can click that will bypass the login section, or you can go here:

Also, once on the site, music will play. If you wish to turn it off, the audio controls are in the top right of the site.

Looking at some old projects...for reasons... and it seems that this site is gone now sadly. Is there any chance anyone has a back up? Or any info they remember? @Voxel @englanddg @spacemt354

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Looking at some old projects...for reasons... and it seems that this site is gone now sadly. Is there any chance anyone has a back up? Or any info they remember? @Voxel @englanddg @spacemt354
Challenge 6
Some New Toys

Brought to you by Team Sea:
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Since the original Disneyland opened Pirates of the Caribbean in 1967, pirates have played a key part in every Disney Park around the world, whether it's variants of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride or Jack Sparrow running around the park. Disneyland Hong Kong however lacks this peg-legged traditions, until now. So raise your black flag and join us at:
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Buccaneer Cove is a brand new pirate themed mini-land broken down into three sections.

Santiago de la Vega
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A colorful Spanish town found in the southern section of the land. Home to the Spanish Caribbean Armada and the regions Governor. Guest will find plenty of tunnels, hidden and visible, throughout this section as they take in the local's lifestyle.

Castillo de Santiago
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Found just north of the Santiago de la Vega, this fort stands strongly against the local pirates, protecting herself and her people. But be careful inside, legends tell of a Captain and his ship, who haunt the halls of Castillo de Santiago searching for revenge.

Crossbones Cay
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Across the bay, this small, thriving pirate community welcomes guest who wish to sail the seven seas whether they are man or woman. Become a pirate as you live among the locals and learn the legends of those who came before you.

So grab your gear and step ashore:
This one too!

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This one too!

Celebration Class

This challenge was very extensive in scope, so it was necessary to go into detail. Team Land created a website to showcase our new Disney Cruise Line ships: the Disney Celebration and the Disney Discovery, which belong to the Celebration Class. The website helps promote the new class, but also is informative and goes into detail about the specifications and offerings.

The site offers 18 custom Disney Cruise Radio announcements describing their respective decks, and a song to go along with each one.

Enjoy our submission!

One last lost project I'm trying to track down!
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