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The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4: Homecoming Edition


MonorailRed's Reviews


Orange Team

The way the team presented the project was amazing! Great job on balancing many different, unique projects and making them all cohesive into the magazine. It made the Spring into Summer event a prominent feature, and gave the forum in general a new imaginative way to present a project!

Arnold the Armadillo

I thought as prominent as Armadillos are in central Florida, it was a great choice to have him as one of Ice Gator’s friends! His storyline seemed to work well and play off of the original story. I really liked that you played off of the Blizzard Beach existent character, rather than pretend they never existed via MisAdventure Falls.

10/10 Character Sketch. Fits well with Icy Gator’s style. Soundtrack was a nice touch as well.

Tube slides seemed very generic for the park, but I do like the theming and the attention to detail for the queue – So I think overall this was a winner!

Latin American Outpost

Starting with La Guardería de Coco – Coco seemed like a perfect direction for a Day Care! I think since the movie is symbolically about family it’s a great tie in to see all family members included in their Walt Disney World resort stay, and not the just the parents.

The dinner and dessert inclusion reminded me of my years in the Neverland Club at the Polynesian - Mickeroni and Cheese for the win! I like the idea of having Mexican style food avliable for the kids, but I wish there were more options for picky eaters, such as Chicken nuggets, Smuckers PB&J, or Chocolate cake. I enjoyed the concepts of HOLA! MIGUEL and CALAVERITA ARTIST, and the ALEBRIJE MAKER. I enjoyed the concept of CUENTOS CON MAMÁ COCO in the sense of Mama Coco telling stories to the kids, but I wish it was a live actor rather than an AA for the aspect of realism.

Unto TRIAL OF THE TEMPLE PLAYZONE – I thought this was a fun addition to the resort, giving more outdoors options to families as they stay. I think it makes Coronado a more unique Disney hotel option.

ELENA’S BEACH PARTY seemed like a fun idea, but I’m unsure about princess dresses by kids having cannonball contests in the 95-degree heat with pool reflection. I don’t know if this character party specifically to be 6 days a week, either.

The Kuzcotopia Splashzone had to be my favorite project in the entire presentation. I thought the body plunge slide and the character overlay was fantastic.

Mzuri Lounge

The Mzuri Lounge’s backstory was excellent right off the bat! I was completely immersed in the connection with Kilamenjaro.

The artwork depicting what the new architecture would look like was excellent! I also like how the name ties into ALK’s use of African words as well.

The menu seemed to tie into AKL’s theme as well as AK’s Africa. I like the idea of having a Hakuna Matata drink! Simba’s Shirley was cute, but I wish there were nonalcoholic options of alcoholic beverages similar to Nomad’s Lounge and Trader Sams. Appetizers seemed easy for kitchen staff to make and send out – Great job on that!

Copper Creek Star Quests

I thought the concept of using newspaper as a way to implement and interactive game was great for the time period! I also think you did an excellent job bringing the history of the resort back.

The example quests seemed short and sweet – which I think are great for resort gameplay.

Overall, nice direction and excellent use of Magic band technology!

Cirque Fantasia

I really like the direction you went with for a La Nouba style show. I think musically Fantasia fits La Nouba hand in hand for a unique show. However, I am a little unsure about the uniqueness of the name “Cirque Fantasia” as I wish for such a new original show it had a more unique name to follow.

I like the concept of the repaint of the tent, as I think design wise black would be a great color play off for house of blues, as well as blue and purple playing off of the new color scheme for NBA experience.

The new interior of the building seems nice – I enjoy the addition of a live orchestra. I was a little disappointed that it was just a live acrobatic version of Fantasia though. It made it seem more like a version of Festival of the Lion King type acrobatic show, than a Cirque. I felt like the movie was more prominent, while the performers were more accents. This seemed a little left field for Cirque, considering how they handled James Cameron’s Avatar prequel show and other shows in the past.

The artwork was fantastic though, I have to say it really conveys how the project goes well.

Overall, I enjoyed the concept of Fantasia as Cirque show, but I wish it was more prominently Cirque with Fantasia accents than Fantasia with Cirque accents.

Black Forest Resort & Spa

I thought the concept of an old world Europe resort was fantastic! I think it brings something incredibly unique to Saratoga.

The food options reminded me of an extension of the Germany Pavilion – which was a nice, unique option in my book. I think it makes it a little different in food offerings so guests at Disney Springs may be inclined to visit this resort more. The implementation of the 7 Dwarfs was a nice nod to the Disney Inn days. Shopping was a nice, custom touch.

The new Bus lane was a nice addition, also addressing food and beverage issues within the large resort with Place in the Pines.

Fairy Tale Trails seems like a quiet recreational activity in the resort – I really think this was a big selling point in the project. Very creative, very unique!


Green Team

Overall, I like the presentation style with how small it was, but all of the projects seemed to lack cohesion or addresses a simple introductory and ending statement. All the PowerPoints weren’t a cohesive theme as well, which made the project seem a bit unconnected. It didn’t really sell anything – it was more of a “here’s what we did” type project.


I like how you implemented the concept of using a custom fairytale animation piece as your storyline! I think it’s a very unique concept that really sets itself out. It’s very Cirque style, with some classic Disney animation hints.

However, I wish there was more detail on the acts with the storyline for this project. I felt like the end note of the first act really made the project suffer.

I enjoyed the concept and creativity though! I wish there ws more TLC put into this element.

Santorini Springs Resort & Spa

I do think the MyDisneyExperience layout was fantastic! I truly wish this was implemented throughout the entire project. It made the project seem incredibly realistic!

This remodel of Saratoga was excellent! I think it addressed missing elements of Disney Springs and DVC – and made it a place guests would want to stay and visit.

The artwork for this project was incredibly as always – Nice job DHindley!

Siren Springs seemed like an excellent pool, and the artist rendering completely sold me on it! Poseidon Pool seemed like a great repurpose of Saratoga’s slide

Room rates seemed realistic and perfectly detailed.

Dining seemed perfect for the area. The Pastoral Symphony nod for having a Dionysos Lounge was a subtle Greek/Disney integration!

Overall, I was blown away by this concept – Definitely my favorite concept from this team so far!

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Ducktales was a nice choice! I think it addresses adult nostalgia of the original series, as well as the new hype for kids watching the new show.

The playground equipment remodel was excellent, as well as Explorer’s Playground. The OCH-WITZ added a unique-ness to the area.

Tampu was well detailed, designed, and thought out. I think it fits perfectly into Coronado! The food was great for kid’s as well!

Agaudas was a cute little refurb as well – Overall nicely done!

Five Tribes Terrace

A Black Panther Bar is amazing on it’s own – I love this concept.

The food and drink options seemed like it fit well with Kidani, keeping a classic theme, but I do wish there was more Black Panther integration with going this route, as it felt less technological than what Wakanda is known for.

Ezekiel's Quest

I enjoyed the App integration with this concept. I think it really brings the story to another level of show in a Disney hotel atmosphere.

The GPS and Camera really reminded me of Epcot’s previous interactive games and putting a new spin on them.

I enjoyed how you implemented Ezekiel Moreland into the story! Exceptional job! The gameplay seemed like a fun activity overall.

Advertising seemed in line with how Disney was implementing incredible summer and Pandora – I think that was a nice nod.

Great job on this!

Goofy's Slapstick Slopes

I’m a little reluctant that you chose Goofy over other characters, or custom character for Blizzard Beach. However, I do think the way you implemented him into your storyline was brilliant.

I think the classic Art of Skiing short was a great implementation of the character.

The original song was a nice touch, as it was just as comedic as Goofy himself! Awesome work, I think you sold me on it.​


Original Poster
spacemt354's Reviews

Beginning I must say there was a time over the weekend and into the early week where I was concerned about this team, but I must say at the 11th hour you've put together a very strong proposal given the circumstances. Off the bat the one thing that has stood out for me particularly is I get what you were going for with the different slides, but another part of me wished it was all part of 'one' proposal. I think keeping it to one might have also helped provide comparisons for each of the six spring into summer additions - so that one doesn't overpower any others and they all have their time to shine. While separate proposals does help keep the focus on one, on the other hand it feels like six different projects and not one team proposal, if that makes sense.

That being said, Animagine was a good start, while I would have liked to see a bit more of the first act, I think you set the story up nice taking elements of Sleeping Beauty I believe and honing it into a new Cirque show. Characters were strong and some last minute adjustments from @D Hindley who we will get to throughout this proposal (really the saving grace of the project, Green Team owes him an Uh-Oa at Trader Sam's for the amount of work he put in) even down to encouraging the subtle detail of adding images and a more creative backdrop to this section of the project.

Santorini Springs might be my favorite aspect of this project. Holy cow was this a home run! Everything from the design taking a page out of the Disney World website, to the custom images (while not at the level of maybe a few others in the comp, still head and shoulders above most), to the intricate inclusion of a seaside Greek coastal village...a perfect choice in my opinion for a Disney Vacation Club Resort. Love the detail of each room style, as well as the DVC Chart! As we push forward into the dining, Taverna Dionysos sounds delightful! And I really love the realism of just the right amount of restaurants, and the correct font that Disney uses...amazing attention to detail. Even including the touch of the water taxi connection to Disney Springs for more dining options. I could go on -- the recreation images were sublime, really everything about this was great -- keep it up!

With Coronado being one of my favorite moderate resorts, stayed a few times - I can say going with Ducktales was a strong choice, especially given Donald's presence already in the resort, with the Panchito's Giftshop in El Centro. I like the new backstory though is this a backstory for the resort or simply the pool area - if it's the pool area I dig it (pardon the Dig Site pun) but if it's the entire resort I don't think it'd be necessary. I love the before and after pictures, while not as custom as drawing by hand, I think it's effective at giving the reader an idea of where you're going. I wish the Tampu Children's play area was a bit more prominent in the presentation, having to go to page 8 in order to get to it, but overall I thought it was inspired and great use of an aerial image to denote the expansion plot available! Overall, a very nice addition, not my favorite of the bunch, but it was definitely well thought out and once again the slides were great.

Five Tribes Terrace at first threw me off because I had read that Black Panther couldn't be used due to him being present on Marvel Superhero Island -- and I was slightly concerned after walking the grounds of Kidani that a futuristic Wakandan bar would feel out of place. Fortunately though, despite my hesitations you did a good job selling it - and that I think comes down to the visuals. While nothing custom, the effort that went into designing the artistic backdrop of the text brings the reader into the African setting and makes it more believable. Honestly that convinced me more than a standard slide would -- and in addition, the menu was realistic and well done.

Ezekiel's Quest might be another one of my favorites -- because I really enjoyed how well you blended in the Wilderness Lodge backstory in with the game itself - that was so well done and should be commended. I also think that the technology was truly state of the art - and well explained. Most importantly, this game utilized the various areas of the Wilderness Lodge wonderfully, going from scenic spot to scenic spot -- really that is the reason why this resort was chosen for an interactive game, because there are so many avenues left unexplored at the resort and this did a great job of emphasizing that.

Goofy's Slapstick Slopes, the shade at Solo made me laugh, and the backstory too while part of me wants to at this point just get to the slide itself, it's a very funny and creative backstory to read - tying in some old projects together. Goofy was an interesting choice for a character - and the Christmas overlay fits Blizzard (they play Christmas music all the time) My main gripe with this would be I would have liked to have seen a map of where/how the slide fits next to Teamboat Springs, where it ended, and just a little bit more about the slide in general. As I've always said a picture is 1,000 words so you could have kept the funny backstory but just had a map of the slide and I think it could have been even better! That being said - very much enjoy the custom song!! ( a double exclamation indeed)

Ultimately, this got the job done for the Green Team which pulled it together towards the end - props to @D Hindley as the project manager and @Voxel for holding down the fort so to speak while folks were busy. Bravo, Brava oh wait...Great Green!


Very impressive presentation with the magazine! I must say you did a really good job with turning the Spring into Summer attractions into an 'event' -- making it feel like a real Disney announcement. Two thumbs up to both @DisneyFan18 and @Disney Dad 3000 for spearheading that journey. Disney Dad will probably remember this but it gives me great flashbacks to the Princess and the Frog attraction from TCG2 - with the flipbook animation.

I reach the second page...and find, myself ?! Haha and Red, both very creative ideas. Also love the table of contents - a throwback to Stanza III I believe. And we keep going with the advertisements ha! The funniest project of the year along with a Cruise advertisement that expired in 2014. :p

I really like the timeline, I just wish I could see it. It's very small but I notice all custom logos -- it would have been so neat to see it in clear view! I probably would have put it in the top right corner of the right page and expand it out, because it's so good! The concept for Arnold the Armadillo was a home run. From the catchy custom soundtrack to the tie-in with a Floridian native animal to match the Ice Gator, wonderful job at cohesion! I like the map, makes it easy to see.

Moving onto Coconado Springs ;) I mean Coronado Springs - the use of Coco was a great touch (gee DisneyFan doing Coco who could have guessed this? hehe) The level of knowledge and effort to do custom artwork and try new things is very much commended. As we've said before you don't have to be Picasso, but the more you try drawing and doing new things...the better you will get at them, and you've very much improved with the artwork since early on when you first started. I also like the Emperor's New Groove overlay of the pool area - I do like how you focused on the kid area before moving on -- that was a last minute adjustment and I think it paid off! Because now I have the gist of your idea, and here I read the extra so as a reader I focused on the former, and now can add on with the pool. A very strong addition here!

And am really liking turning the page - it's keeping me interested!

Mzuri Lounge took the themes of DAK Lodge and Kidani and expanded on them - really like the Swahili language inclusion as well as the RCT3 art - it helps paint a more well rounded picture. That being said not a lot was done? I didn't get as strong of a sense of the lounge as I thought. I like the Safari tie in but I wish you delved a bit deeper into that, not necessarily in length, but in an image or two to convey what the interior would look like. The menu though was very well done - hats off for African immersion and research!

Random Mary Poppins ad - nice , exactly like a magazine.

Okay I have a nitpick with the Copper Creek Star Quests - Fort Wilderness Lodge...arg...okay I'll move past it. Anyway the poster is nice even though the picture is of something else (wouldn't be the first time disney did that haha) once I got past those two things I think you did an excellent job harkoning back to the source material of the Wilderness Lodge and provided some great example activities in the process. I also appreciate the stars on the WL map to denote where exactly things are.

Cirque Fantasia was internally one of the most mixed concepts - however as noted in the brainstorming some things grow on people and I must say it grew on me the more I read it. That being said, I like Fantasia as a show, and very much appreciate the effort that @DisneyFan18 put into the artwork too. Something about it though just felt a bit repetitive from the originals - I think maybe creating a Fantasia 3000 or something brand new but in the Fantasia style, would have worked better than simply a retelling of classic scenes. Don't get me wrong, Fantasia as a Crique show is a great concept - the execution of it could be improved slightly with a bit more uniqueness to it, overall though nice work with it indeed.

Disney's Black Forest Resort & Spa - similar to the Santorini in Green - is probably my favorite aspect. Maybe because I'm just a huge hotel/resort project fan, I don't know - but it felt like a perfect ending for the project as a whole and a great overlay of Saratoga without going too crazy with the retheme. The before and after diagrams with the facade add much more flair to it (something that is lacking imo currently) and overall the descriptions were well written and reasoned. Great job!

Overall - Orange you glad you worked as a team? Several folks stepped up on this team to truly make it a cohesive, yet team-building exercise and you should be proud regardless of any outcome tomorrow (and that goes for Green as well)

Thanks everyone for the projects!​


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Orange Team guest review:

OK, the use of a magazine to deliver the work is kinda genius. Concept was great. I'm sort of split on the execution of all of the six "springs," with some outstanding (a "Fantasia" Cirque show is just too natural to not happen at some point), to unusual, as in the Saratoga-to-Black Forest makeover. The Blizzard Beach, Coronado and Kidani additions all were well-thought out and plotted (somebody please bring me a Safi River Run, stat!). Also like that you included a few "real" advertisements in the flow of things.

And if that Heimlich send-off could really happen at halloween, you'd have lines extending back to Carthay Circle.

Nicely done!


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Guest Reviews by stitchcastle

First of all I'd like to say that these are two sets of very impressive presentations. I'm floored at the creativity and teamwork on display. That being said, this is a competition and I'd like to compare each team based on the over-all success of the concepts presented.


Animagine - I think this was very clever to frame a Cirque show with the process of animation itself. It's a nice sort of conceptual marriage there with the artistry inherent in their shows and the technical side of animation itself. (Though if I had to nitpick, being someone who works in animation, Storyboards aren't really the first step in animation production lol)

The only thing that doesn't really work for me is the original fairy tale. It was a nice enough story but I feel like combining a brand new, unrecognized story with the framing device of animation production makes it come off a little too complicated and muddled. I feel like if there was a simpler story or even something more recognizable, it wouldn't be as big an issue.

Santorini Springs - This was fantastic. I love the authenticity, the designs, the precise time and place that it takes its guests to, I think this one hit it out of the park. It creates this deluxe, immersive experience that puts it in the same league as other world class resorts. Bravo!

Tampu - I think it was genius to bring DuckTales into this and connect it with the already established Lost city of Cibola. It creates an instant access point for children and makes it feel more like a destination. I especially love the slides and swings being incorporated into a plane. Well done.

Five Tribes Terrace - I have to preface this with my discomfort with incorporating Wakanda into anything to do with Disney's Animal Kingdom because I think this completely missed the brief. Animal Kingdom Lodge itself carries with it an expansive collection of authentic african artifacts and in fact prides itself on its cultural authenticity, they even brought in real african craftsmen to build the iconic thatched roofing. So to have the poolside lounge be themed to a fictional country that amalgamizes the very specific cultures represented throughout the resort just feels very wrong to me. The designs look great and a lot of work was definitely put into this, I just wish a lot more sensitivity and thought were incorporated. Africa is made up of very wonderful, specific and real countries, I just wish they were celebrated rather than a made up one from a comic book.

Ezekiel's Quest - I thought this was a very, smart and cost-effective way to add to story and interactivity of Wilderness Lodge. I also like that it's really more an add-on for guests checking in as it encourages additional exploration and appreciation of the resort itself. The way it is incorporated into technology also makes it easy to build up upon and really enhance in the future. So this was really nicely done.

Goofy's Slapstick Slopes - I think from a marketing and synergistic standpoint, it's very smart to bring Goofy into the park to anchor his own attraction. Pairing it with one of his How-To shorts is brilliant. That being said, I think you went a little too far with adding a 3rd Goofy Movie and a song. Goofy I think is an iconic enough character that we don't really need another movie to justify a skiing attraction for him cause when you look too closely, the narrative of a movie where Powerline gives Goofy money to take a ski trip to florida really falls apart. I would've wanted it to just be kept simple where Goofy was working with the mayor to teach ski lessons and everything started melting.


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Cirque Fantasia - So for me this was an interesting idea, merging what is essentially a surreal fantastical iteration of a circus with Disney's Fantasia is a kind of quirky and fun concept on paper. But I think one of the big draws of Cirque Du Soleil itself is how it's separated from the usual Disney Intellectual properties. I think you almost cheapen the experience making it just an extension of the Disney branding rather than its own original thing. A concept like this kind of lends itself too well to becoming just a book report of Fantasia and I don't think that will cut it. Now if you had decided to just scrap the CIrque element altogether and just focus on a whole new experience based on Fantasia, then I think you got something.

Disney's Black Forest Resort & Spa - I think this kind of a brilliant, fantastic theme concept for a new resort. Because we don't really see a lot of the sort of European themes like this showcased as entire resorts. They're usually relegated to backdrops to fairy tales but none of the actual resorts on property really expand on it so I think its very smart. Now I think its greatest strength is that it does lend itself well to new Fairy Tale themed character experiences which is very emblematic of the Disney brand. I just wish you would have maybe explored this a little bit more? Like I would've liked to have seen some artwork or inspiration images of what a main tower/lobby building would look like.

Coronado Springs - I think the artwork and effort that's been put into bringing Coco and The Emperor's New Groove into this resort is pretty commendable. Unfortunately, for me, there is a thematic disconnect happening because Coronado Springs is supposed to be themed to an American Southwestern, Spanish Colonial era. So bringing in properties that are tied to Mexico and Peru, two very different countries that have considerable cultural distinction from the American Southwest region, just doesn't feel right to me. I wish a little more research was done to bring the themes together since for me it just feels very tacked on.

Mzuri Lounge - Now this is what I'm talking about when I say it needs to be authentic and culturally well researched. I think this definitely elevates the bar and really ties it back into the mission statement of the resort itself. I love how it's tied to the over-all story of the Kidani Village, I love how understated it is about its role in the resort, I even love that the name translates to Cordials. Well done.

Copper Creek Star Quests - I think it's brilliant to actually incorporate magic bands into the experience and really make a whole interactive adventure for guests. I also love that it's all themed to a local newspaper and that the quests change everyday. It's just very smart and very conscious about integrating a new story with the existing one for Wilderness Lodge.

Arnold the Armadillo - First of all, kudos for coming up with a new character, that's really great and I think that's an underutilized ability in the parks nowadays. That being said, I'm not entirely sure about the pilot/airplane theme. I feel like there isn't an obvious enough connection between the story of Blizzard Beach and an Armadillo Pilot. I also feel like there's a missed opportunity for an Armadillo character anchoring a ride that incorporates some sort of inner tube or sledding on armadillo shells.


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Team Green review

Animagine: Of all 6 projects, this one is my least favorite. Inatialy, I was very intrigued with the title, technological/effects and the concept of using this venue to incorporate the art of the animation process. The princess story was good but not great. Honestly, I was expecting more incorporation of the animation process throughout the presentation. The first act storyboard at the end was a high point and I wish there was more of this feel to the rest of the story. The presentation feels incomplete.

Santorini Springs: This project I really liked for many reasons. First off, this resort could absolutely benefit from a conversion to a more Mediterranean feel and theme. I appreciate the original artwork and chosen images used here. I love the cupola dome constellations, the inclusion of Disney characters, various well though out design touches and architectural details throughout the resort. Theme is well executed, presentation is through. Well done!!:)

Coronado Springs, Tampu: Another home run! There are so many things I really like about this project, it almost is upsetting this is not really happening. As a child I had/went to many birthday parties at a place called "Kids Place", and that pic in the bottom left corner of slide 9 brought back a lot of fond memories. Let me back up and first say that the Duck Tails theme is fantastic (not just saying that because of nostalgia), and I'm very happy to see it used in this setting! The plane crash set is sweeeeet, the jungle playground looks like a lot of fun for the kiddos as does the dig site improvements. I can see Tampu being booked solid, year round. Great work here all around! The observatory is a great idea, everyone loves smores, playgrounds look like a lot of fun, and there's everything a kid could want here. I particularity appreciate the lack or any sort of VR or gaming experiences offered. All of this looks like good old fashioned fun. And it would probably wear out the kids pretty good, so the parents can relax! :D

Five Tribes Terrace: First off, I personally don't mind the Black Panther references here at all. Also I don't really feel it's a great fit either. The first few slides give me the impression this establishment is a lot more grand in size than it really is. Things I do like in the presentation are the bar's setting, theme and layout, use of performances and effects, menu items look good and fit theme well, overall feel to the presentation is nice.

Ezekiel's Quest: First impression is good. I like this.. A lot, the more I read on. This game promises to be fun for individuals or groups, families and friends of all ages. I really hope we do see interactive games coming online to the resorts. You guys have done a great job reviving the original story from this resort and incorporating it into a new medium that will sure leave an impact on, particularly IMO, the younger guests who get to experience it. My only advice is to make it where the app instantly recognizes the activation objects as the user is holding the device pointing at the object like other augmented reality apps vs having to actually snap the pic to trigger the story element. Let the camera function be an added bonus, like "take pictures along the way to share your adventure with friends!". Story overall is very well done. I love the secret door!! I love the finale!! Subtle advertising also gets a thumbs up. :)

Goofy's Slapstick Slopes: I love the Goof Troop tie-in, and the replacement of the Frozen Summer Games. I fell indifferent on the Christmas in July theme but like the family ride aspect to the attraction as well as the mirrored sides racing aspect to the slide. Details and theme are well thought out from the queue and all around the attraction. The conclusion makes a strong supporting case for the attraction and I think it would be a lot of fun! Nice job


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Stanza XII Results

Thank you to both teams for the playoff projects, perfectly pleased with the performance placed by the players, perhaps let's pronounce the victor...and...

Orange Team
In the end, the ability to throughout the entire week, be able to bounce ideas off of each other, work as a team, and even proofread each other's individual components, before putting it all together in an interactive magazine to unite the spring into summer campaign, truly drove it home for us.

While there were components and individual efforts on Green Team that were stand-out performances (that were definitely noticed by us!) the team did struggle to come together before the final moments and in such a competitive environment with talent all around on the teams, those few days of inactivity could have been put to better use, but things happen, and you learn from them and move on to greener pastures...well...orange and green pastures in Stanza XIII;)

Congratulations everyone and good luck in Stanza XIII!


Original Poster

As the Spring into Summer Campaigns were in full force, a new resort began to 'spring' up near the Transportation and Ticket Center in the Magic Kingdom Resort Area

"Finally built!" spacemt354 said to MonorailRed, "now this is a place I'd like to stay at"


"So what did you think of the Spring into Summer projects, Red?" space asked
"They were really good, though being in the Progress City Resort, I'm getting the urge to play again" Red responded
"Same, same" space replied "let's see what's going on with the WDW Today channel"

"I remember this" Red retorted "This resort brings back memories"
"It does indeed, but it's nice to see everyone having a good time playing" space said "I even heard tell of a few fellas on Orange and Green, who were working on some sort of reunion contraption, ha that'll never happen"
"Well this is the Homecoming Edition" Red replied
"If only there was a way to give everyone a reunion Stanza before the finale, and also attend to our creative drive one last time"
"You thinking what I'm thinking?"
"Yes...the Avengers better get ready"



Original Poster


After countless hours of creativity, we stand on the brink of a new renaissance, poised with the skills and talent to lead a new generation of imagineers head on into the future. Last project we focused on honing our abilities with each prompt tied in with past Stanzas, and now, we will apply the themes from the past Stanzas, mainly open canvas brainstorming, working as a team, trying new skills, and the ability to...time travel! Back to the year 1995, and against a familiar opponent!

Your task is to design a full-park renovation to either the Disney-MGM Studios OR redesign the opening day park plans for Disney's California Adventure Park, in anticipation of the 100 Years of Magic Celebration in 2001.

Disney-MGM Studios
- In 1995, the park has just recently received its first major expansion in Sunset Boulevard with the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and management sees an opportunity to push away from the working studio motif, and towards themed land environments.
- You should think of this project in terms of the Disney California Adventure renovation from 2007 till 2012, as you're allowed a similar large-scale budget and objective to redefine the park. Only difference is your timeline is from 1995-2001.
- You're allowed to remove, replace, or add anything to the park to give it new life and purpose going forward.

Disney's California Adventure Park
- In 1995, plans were scrapped for a WestCOT theme park at the Disneyland Resort, and those plans eventually morphed into a budgeted California-based theme park.
- Your objective here in this time-traveling journey is to insert yourselves into the design process for Disneyland's 2nd gate. Given an appropriate opening day budget, you can either continue with the California theme or propose your own theme park concept.
- Either direction you take, you'd be designing the park on opening day, so be aware that the park should not be filled completely, leave room for future expansion.

Whichever park the Orange/Green Team selects, Team Omega will receive the other option.

The winning project will be determined by an analysis of which project sets up the park for future success; through immersive lands/areas/attractions, to strong unifying themes, and the ability to work together as a team of imagineers.

Project Managers
Team Omega - @MonorailRed and @spacemt354
Orange/Green Team - Undecided

Individual Reviewers
Team Omega - michmousefan, WowFactor, Sam4D23, gonzoWDW, CraftyFox, Brer Oswald
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:: WowFactor's Team Orange Review - Stanza XII ::

Turning pages for next chapter of imagination.

First things first. I was worried about the presentation since this Stanza met so many different challenges in just one round. The strategy of the magazine has become a super mega blaster solution. It's easy to follow the team proposal, bring realism with all the ads and keep you turning to the end. Thumbs up here!

So let's to the chapters:

> Blizzard Beach
Liked Arnold and the idea of themed queue both are good additions

>Latin America Outpost
What a major overhaul! Altough I like the idea of La Guarderia de Coco, I felt that its too much goin on in the same area

>Mzuri Lounge
Good idea, it could show a little more of the lounge atmosphere (inside pictures or references perhaps)

>Copper Creek Star
Love it! Sure I'd play with my nephew. Also congrats for the great artwork!

>Cirque Fantasia
Disney and Soleil? That's a dream comming true. The kind of project you want see right now. Didn't like the building turning black and purple.

>Black Forest Resort & Spa
IMO the best part of this Stanza. I was amazed thinking about all the changes and new features proposed. Even the little things like the balcony new design seems to match perfectly the concept.

You guys raised the bar. Well done team Orange!


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Upcoming Schedule Announcement

Stanza XIII is officially now due Friday June 15th at 11:59 PM EST
The finale, Stanza XIV, will be posted immediately following, and will be due Saturday June 23rd at 11:59 PM EST
(no Vacation Days allowed for the finale)

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