The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4: Homecoming Edition


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Just an announcement about the upcoming reviews/results - @tcool123 is taking a ton of finals and AP Exams this week and into next week, so for the next few challenges it will be just myself and @MonorailRed determining the results. And our goal is to get them out as soon as we can and begin the next challenge to give everyone as much time as possible. This Stanza specifically will be a break for the guest judges as well, but if they decide to read and review over the next few days you might look out for that.

Thanks and pumped to see the finished products here!

Magic Feather

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Team Castle Presents...

Rocket Rods- "Not Your Parents' Peoplemover:" A Part of the "Old Becomes New Campaign"

Rocket Rods File Overview:
"Old Becomes New" Campaign Images
Rocket Rods Promotional Images
Birnbaum- Pre-Opening
LA Times Post Opening

Old Becomes New Campaign Images

Castle Overlay

Splash Mountain Remix
Matterhorn: Electrified!

Rocket Rods Promotional Images



Rocket Rods XPR - A Birnbaum's Best Coming Soon

Opening in the Spring of 1998 will be Rocket Rods XPR, replacing the Peoplemover with what is sure to be the greatest addition to Disneyland's Tomorrowland since Space Mountain. The attraction's amazing story is allows guests to ride on a futuristic mode of transportation in order to "Ride The Road To Tomorrow." With an unlimited budget, the attraction uses a modification of the Test Track ride system from Epcot, holding only 5 riders for optimal capacity, so guests can enjoy a unique high speed adventure racing through Tomorrowland, zipping in and out of its attractions. One of the many attractions you'll pass through includes the queue for Star Tours, and after the sure to be praised Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace arrives in theaters next year, maybe you'll be seeing that new jolly character Jar Jar Binks in the queue instead! In this guaranteed smile-inducer, you'll get scenic views of the land, but make sure you take it in quick, as the ride moves fast, and will never stop.

Rocket Rods XPR has been designed to rocket past the original Peoplemover in ever way, and will be a timeless classic attraction for generations to come. In the weeks leading up to its release, local and national newspaper articles wrote about the new and sure to be well received overlay of Disneyland's Tomorrowland, with the remade Peoplemover attraction at the forefront. Disneyland President Paul Pressler has been quoted saying that Rocket Rods would be "a more active remake" turning the tame Peoplemover into a science fiction transportation "thrill ride," that is truly not your parents' peoplemover.
Rocket Rods - LA Times article
Opening Day

While the name was cut down to simply Rocket Rods, Disney definitely did not cut corners on the attraction's expense, as yesterday's opening day ceremonies brought about the first ride on this high-tech mega-machinery. Disney gathered press and guests alike in front of the castle for a momentous ceremony that comes at the apex of Disney's "Old Becomes New" campaign. For those who do not know, this campaign has temporarily transformed a variety of classic Disneyland experiences into a "hip and modern version," playing off the replacement of the classic Peoplemover with the edgy Rocket Rods. Although, nostalgic fans have no need to worry, as the Matterhorn: Electrified (Colorful Lasers and Lights dance inside the Matterhorn alongside top 100 hits) and Splash Mountain Remix (where classic songs on the ride have been changed for Rap, Pop, and R&B renditions, alongside new colorful lighting configurations) are both set to end by the end of summer after their year long run. The castle overlay, which played host to the opening ceremonies, however, is set to remain until the summer of 1999 to promote this new ride. At this morning's pre-sunrise ceremony, guests watched as Indy Car driver Mario Andretti crashed a drivable version of a Rocket Rod through the castle's fake gate, and zoomed down the street to park it by the attraction's entrance to get in for the inaugural ride, followed by guests. But, if he wanted to see it again, he would have to get back in line behind the thousands of people who came out to see the attraction, causing lines to stretch around to Main Street. We interviewed many riders as they exited the attraction, with one guest even going as far to say that Rocket Rods "is the best attraction in Disneyland, this will be around forever!" Another guest echoing those statements saying "Rocket Rods is non-stop fun, it's amazing how much Disney will spend on their attractions in order to make their guests happy in the long run." The success of Rocket Rods in the Disney community has given the company confidence to start declaring this brash new ride the greatest refurbishment they had ever made.


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Attack of the Chewing Caterpillar


The news that Bug's Land would be closing by the end of the year to make way for Marvel Land did not sit well with Heimlich.

Now the beloved, fan-favorite Chew Chew Train, is going off the rails.

Experience one last Halloween Hurrah from the Bugs at Disney's California Adventure.

Heimlich is hungry, but not for snacks.

He is hungry......for blood!!!

But also snacks, blood and snacks.

So join us on this Attack of the Chewing Caterpillar, and escape if you can.


Look on with shock and horror as the beast rips into the flesh of a rotting apple, experience it hunt down animal crackers as he prepares for his real victims, and witness the terrifying sight of the watermelon dripping red like blood from an open wound.

Heimlich will devour all, just hope you aren't in his path.

As we're sure guests will be looking to get some exclusive merchandise after living this spooky and mind boggling experience, our team has designed an exclusive Funko Pop, T-Shirts for all the family, and a plush that your kids will be begging to (not) sleep with! And if you're looking for something to eat, well it's your lucky day, exclusive dining offerings, such as the Bloody Apples, Fried Caterpillars, and Insect Chow Mein.





After the success of the Purple wall and the bubble gum wall and the toothpaste wall and so many other classic Walt Disney World Walls, it was time that Disneyland finally got it’s own: The Bloody Watermelon Wall! Instagram is already loving it!

With the success that was Monsters after Dark for Mission - BREAKOUT, expanding this Halloween theme to more of California Adventure makes sense and Team Brava believes this is the perfect next step.


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MonorailRed's Reviews

Team Castle

Overall, I thought this was really comical :hilarious: – The posters and Photoshop were a really nice touches. That added a lot to the project. As a whole, I feel like there could have been more time spent in the satire department selling how the “worst” aspects of Rocket Rods are great! o_O:p


When you picked the attraction, one of my greatest concerns was that you wouldn’t have enough to poke fun at :bookworm: – that being said, it was very funny. :hilarious: But the Birnbaum's section felt more like an informational piece then a satire advertisement.

Apparently Harold can pull off a Vanilla Ice Makeover, who knew.:p


Overall, Keep Moving Forward Castle! :D This would’ve been a home run if the project was sold a bit more.

The focus of the project was mish-mash of the Rocket Rods and “Old is New” campaign really threw me off on what was the thing being sold. :bored: Was it Rocket Rods? Was emphasis on the 90s? I was left confused. All in all, funny project:joyfull::hilarious:– but a confusing main idea for the campaign.

Team Brava

This is hilarious.:hilarious:

I love this project! :joyfull: I think the ultimate DCA “troll job”.

I think it’s great that it’s themed to Halloween, which makes it semi-plausible. (Not really, but I ship it – it’s the next Volcano Bat.:bookworm:)

The artwork was great – it reminded me of a poster of King Kong or Jurassic Park.

The T-Shirts was designed well. A Hilariously morbid take – and cohesive with the designs of other Pixar apparel:hilarious:.


The specialty food items were a nice touch. As was the Funko Pop Picture, which I feel is like the Baby Groot version of Killer Heimlich.


The Bloody Watermelon Wall is the funniest thing about this project: this was probably the funniest component of a project in all of SA history. :hilarious:

And yet with how ridiculous this campaign is – You sold it. You had something for digital media, you had food and beverage, T-Shirts, a poster, a plush toy.

Bravo, Brava – Bravo. :p


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spacemt354's Reviews

Rocket Rods

I must say this was a bold choice for an attraction - mainly because it's only real 'bad' quality was that it was kind of underfunded and had maintenance issues that made it last for a short time and destroyed the Peoplemover track, rendering it uselessly abandoned.

It did get decent reviews when it was running so it was interesting to see how you would approach that, and as a whole I like it. With that backstory, you did a great job at selling the attraction through the satire.:p The custom poster and emphasis on how 'timeless' Rocket Rods would be was an excellent strategy for conquering an extinct attraction where we already have the pre-conceived notion of the outcome.

The organization of having it be a Birnbaum article pre-opening and an LA times article post-opening was an incredible idea! I loved the thought, the execution though left me a bit confused, with the last minute inclusion of the Old Is New Campaign. It's a small nitpick, but I think it would have been organized better if you did the Birnbaum pre-opening article, then that opening day LA Times article, and then did a section for the Old is New Campaign to end it. Combining all of them together with the Old Is New photos in the beginning, then the pre-opening, then the post-opening with the description of the campaign, made it a bit disorganized as a whole, even for a shorter project. That being said, the Harold image was hilarious and the zainy Andretti display also made me 'lol'

Another tip though which seems to be a running trend on this team still, you guys have to communicate more with each other. I try to watch over the thread as much as possible, and people ask for feedback and get little to no responses. It's laid back challenges yes, but that doesn't mean you just sit back. It takes a minute or two to give a brief response, maybe that response would have helped organize the project better who knows?

Despite that, I was very pleased to see the further leadership contributions of both Magic Feather and Poe Dameron spearheading this project for the team in the short about of time! Nice work Team Castle!


A Bug's Death

I believe this best represents my reaction

Okay for the ridiculousness of the title, and general premise -- I am so totally sold:hilarious: Though a nitpick, actually similar to Team Castle, the organization slipped on this one, you really should have put your (realism) reason to start the project -- throughout 95% of the project I think it's just a gag that would never happen, but then I read the last line about Monsters After DARK and realize that...for the 50s horror theme of the posters and nuttiness of the custom shirts, this could happen, given those special Halloween events.

Aside from that - the way that this was written was another selling point, the comedy mashed with the custom t-shirts and even an instagram account, and commercial even though I said it wasn't necessary, was way above and beyond creative, and yes, that was what this challenge encouraged. A creative ad campaign about a bad attraction, and this nailed it - despite AP Exams upon exams, upon 13 hours days, upon other things, the core four folks who worked on this came together nicely - great work Team Brava!​


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Stanza VI Results

Thank you to both teams for your diligence and time-management in putting out these ad campaigns for the 'worst' Disney attractions. Another very close round again - but ultimately with 20 sentences and a 48 hour turnaround - minor nitpicks and some small items ended up being the difference between the two team projects.

Team Brava
- A central focus and an ad campaign that featured a Halloween Overlay of an attraction soon to be going away. Have it go out with a 'fang' (pardon the pun)
- Better teamwork, while both teams had a few central figures leading the charge, the supporting players of Brava stepped up to add in their commentary despite not having time to work on it, which factored into some of the planning and sentence structure of the project, including helping format links and other items vital to the project. Team Castle you need to improve on overall supporting player communication! C'mon, we know you can do it.
- While both projects were funny and wonky in their own ways, Brava did a better job for us on 'selling' the attraction, whereas Castle's Rocket Rods could have used their time to focus less on additional content, and more on the plusses of the attraction, which correlates back to the choice of Rocket Rods being bold and a bit risky for what this Stanza was asking for.

That being said, both teams have plenty of opportunities left to go!

Congratulations everyone and let's continue on through Act II to Stanza VII


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After completing their advertising campaigns, the two times refueled at the Disneyland Hotel and Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

"Say, anyone have any idea where and when we are going next?" asked @mickeyfan5534 "Thinking I can sneak a quick ride on Escape from Krypton before we head off to wherever we are going"

"Well, I did find this on a computer by the front desk" replied @Voxel "Thought it was just @D Hindley sneaking off on another spontaneous Japan trip"

But they would soon find out that they'd all be taking a spontaneous trip to Japan, as the teams traveled to LAX for Part 2 of the Briar Patch Brawl!


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For this endeavor overseas to Asia, the contestants head to ユニバーサル・スタジオ・ジャパン, Yunibāsaru Sutajio Japan (Universal Studios Japan) located in Osaka, Japan for a new spin on classic video game properties. Super Nintendo World has recently broken ground as of last year near the Wizarding World of Harry Potter section of the park, and is set to open in 2020 in time for the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Nintendo holds a wide-variety of characters and is a globally popular brand, not just for kids today, but for young adults and adults who grew up with Nintendo and still cherish it to this day. And that is what our challenge will be focused on.

Your task is to design a Nintendo World themed restaurant/lounge to be placed in either the park's Super Nintendo World, or as a new venue in Universal CityWalk Osaka

- Food and drink menus should be included, focusing on Osakan and Japanese cuisine with a Nintendo spin
- Once again quality over quantity in terms of detail. Your goal should be to develop your restaurant/lounge through images, menus, and more
- While the emphasis of the project should be placed on the adult 'lounge' design/theme, you may make it a split venue for children and families until dinner time, and then afterwards it turns over into an adult restaurant/lounge. It is not required, it's just an option for folks to have something to do who may not be interested in bars/lounges.

Project Managers
Castle - @Poe Dameron
Brava - @Pionmycake

Individual Reviewers
Castle - michmousefan, WowFactor, Sam4D23, FireMountain
Brava - v_k, P_Radden, WDW Guru, WED Imagineering, Fox&Hound

This Project is due Saturday May 12th at 11:59PM EST

Time Zones
Pacific Standard Time - 8:59 PM
Eastern Standard Time - 11:59 PM
Greenwich Mean Time - 3:59 AM
Central European Time - 4:59 AM

Any specific questions feel free to ask in your brainstorming PMs or below. Thank you, best of luck to everyone, and enjoy!​


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In my defense for Team Castle, this was the worst POSSIBLE time for me to have a 24 hour project. I was non stop busy from beginning to end all day today so I had absolutely no time to even direct ideas let alone contribute. I really do think the 24 hour project coming out of nowhere is what killed us.

And at this point I'm having my doubts on if it's even physically possible to actually BEAT Team Brava, but that's neither here nor there. ;)


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And at this point I'm having my doubts on if it's even physically possible to actually BEAT Team Brava, but that's neither here nor there. ;)
Well you're definitely not going to win with that perspective. I mean just look at the challenge this round -- it is 100% directly up your alley. So nail it!

And it was also a solid 48 hours, not 24. It's a tradition of Sorcerer's Apprentice to always have a 24 hours challenge, and we bumped it up to 48 hours because I always thought only one day is a bit too short.


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Well you're definitely not going to win with that perspective. I mean just look at the challenge this round -- it is 100% directly up your alley. So nail it!

And it was also a solid 48 hours, not 24. It's a tradition of Sorcerer's Apprentice to always have a 24 hours challenge, and we bumped it up to 48 hours because I always thought only one day is a bit too short.

Right, but even still I had a single day to actually do stuff for my team with today being so jam packed.

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