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The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4: Homecoming Edition


Original Poster
spacemt354's Review

This review will be more stream of consciousness rather than going bit by bit, in a way to point out some things that impressed me and not write on and on.

Before even diving into the project, from the brief interactions I was able to read and look at throughout the brainstorming threads, I am very pleased and impressed with some players in particular who truly stepped up for this team and really pushed themselves. And yes they will get special name-drops!

@D Hindley @DisneyFan18 @Magic Feather @mickeyfan5534 @TheOriginalTiki @Disney Dad 3000 @Voxel


And I will explain why. Each of you pushed yourselves in ways that you hadn't previously in the competition, and many of you tried new things that really impressed me.

First off where the heck has this RCT3 work been on Team Castle???:hilarious: Yes Poe did it last round, but this round mickeyfan and Tiki, um yes please? Fantastic work!

DisneyFan18 you are becoming a star in this competition - you continually push yourself to take on more leadership roles and are very engaged throughout the entire brainstorming process, always looking to help people in need. That does not go unnoticed.

Magic Feather - you really took on more of a leadership role this round and I was very pleased to see it! You're quite the talent and your vast park knowledge is a very valuable asset for teams. Hope to see more of that going forward.

Vox and Disney Dad both did new things too - Vox taking my advice to stray away from presentation and work on writing and scripts, something in the first four Stanzas he never did really. And Disney Dad - that Photoshop is amazing! It seriously looks like a Looney Tunes background, way to try something new!

And I'm sure everyone else who contributed from Pi doing voice to text write-ups, and everyone else bogged down with work and school (and also admitting to not reading every detail of the brainstorming like previous rounds since I was playing) these were just a few people I noticed.

And nothing for D Hindley bye...

I'm just kidding:p - D Hindley was da real MVP this round, from a brand new storyboard style presentation for the coaster, to helping out each of the four brainstorming sections, this was a ton of work, but something you should look back on and be very proud of. One of your greatest shining moments on wdwmagic in my opinion (and you've had plenty already and hopefully many more going forward)


Park by Park Analysis

Disney's Discovery Kingdom
(will say this now, love the logos)
Eh, what's up with this format doc? Upon first glance, what are the two main attractions I'm supposed to be looking at and what are the miscellaneous additions? I assume that the most expensive budgetary options are the ones I'm supposed to be looking at such as the Roadrunner Rockets and T-Rex, but honestly I think you went a bit nutzo with the detail here. Way too much than what was needed. Don't get me wrong, it's great stuff from the creativity and thought that went into each of the Phases, but from your brainstorming it went from a 1-2 sentence description, into full-on slides dedicated to DC areas and more, when you have DC a ton in Magic Mountain. Feel like it could have been cut down here.

Nevertheless, judging the Roadrunner Rockets - fantastic attraction. A family dash coaster is the perfect fit for Road Runner, being more thrilling than Big Thunder, but also still family friendly given the IP. The T-Rex Coaster? Also nails it. The 1-2 punch of these coasters are great - in my opinion though, the park could have been just this and call it a day, throw in some additional bonus stuff to round out the park...but I shouldn't have to scroll down to Slide 15 out of 30 to begin the main aspects of the Park.

Disney's Carowinds
Ah huh, okay we are going with Phases I see for seemingly all of these proposals. That's fine, whatever floats your boat;) -- it's not the original way I thought the project was going to go -- I thought you'd focus on the main additions and have the rest be a few sentences, but it's clear that people are overachievers (which really is not a bad thing) because it's well researched, well organized, and well presented as a whole.

I appreciate the map in this one - it really does the park justice and dang you are basically redoing the entire park haha

Take my money now for the X-Wing Racers!:D Just have it. Race of the Carolinas was neat, great way to tie in with the location at hand, Muppets Pier was I'm assuming @AceAstro and company. Another solid contribution! And Temple of the Lost Souls was very well done. Overall -- a ton of detail though, again while detail is great sometimes it feels like you're not saying as much as you could with limited sentences or an emphasis on custom artwork where you tell the story through your images (rather than grab stock photos to correlate with your details) Just something to keep in mind going forward - in my perspective, a picture is truly worth 1,000 words, especially in dense projects like this where there are a lot of moving parts.

Disney's Kings Dominion
Really appreciate the direction with this one taking it to themes from Disney's America. Amazing touches all around and the industrial area description combined with the rich history involved make this a home run for me. And in a way, while this has 29 slides...it's flowing for me much better than the previous two did, despite using the same format of Phases. And that's because it has quality of quantity descriptions...I'm able to glide through the details rather than get bogged down in them. And the increased number of visuals per page, in many cases, at least two images showing attraction areas, are nice add-ons.

As mentioned before the RCT3 in this section is very well done. Great visuals! Oh and the Trolley Line is an incredible old-fashioned choice to round out the park project.

Disney's Magic Mountain
(This is my favorite of the logos that combines MK with Space Mountain ha!)

Great decision to move the entrance and keep the focus on flow. Again this section nails flow, especially with the map and the emphasis on a specific IP in DC Comics throughout the phases. Keeps everything on point (flashpoint) and flowing thematically. This is also where @kmbmw777 's knowledge of DC comes into play! Great work here (I'm assuming these phase descriptions are you) this is so strong though that I kind of wish that Discovery Kingdom didn't have DC in it, just for the sake of diversity in the parks. Escape from Krypton has to be the most extreme coaster ever put on the forum - so a trophy for that! Tall, fast, and well themed -- the story-board nails it here as well as the custom artwork of the exterior and the coaster zooming past guests.

Overall, this was intended to be a test of sorts this round. It's something never before tried, I had a feeling how it would turn out, and while not everything went as I presumed, there were some truly shining moments in this project and people stepping into the spotlight to take on a greater role that I hope continues going forward. And I also hope for folks who might not have been as familiar with the parks, or were busy with school - that the low-stress environment of contributing helped ease you through it, as that environment is intended to continue for the next few Stanzas.

Great work Team Brava/Castle! You impressed Thanos, and while Hela has gone to bed from a long day at work, she wanted me to tell you that she was very proud of you all as well. This was truly an epic Infinity Suite! :cool:


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Team Omega guest reviewer:

Wow! That's a lot of proposin' goin' on.

Global: Let me just say that all of the overall park/resort plots are fantastic looking. Top-notch stuff; well-rendered. And the art design of elements - like the posters/art for Dorney Park and Spanish Rain - were just great.

I'l start with CP (as a CP "semi-local" it makes particular sense for me). Nice development of a new resort on the end of the point; suitable given that Sandcastle Suites was demolished last year... having Castaway Bay just a short distance away might be indoor-waterpark overload, but no matter. Wyandot Lodge sounds like a lovely place to visit, and I love the concept of a "flume transportation system" to get guests into the park. I did note that when I saw "Railroad Station and Museum" on one of the diagrams I thought that you were also adding a spur of the CP&LE Railroad to take guests to the resort... but it looks like that wasn't the case; hopes were a bit dashed there. But the rest of the resort, especially the shops and restaurants... all look like the type of outside-the-park features that would make CP even more special. Boulder Mountain Run... great concept, still would tone down the outbound ride so that you can have a consistent height requirement for both legs of the journey. I can see a scenario when a family took the flume home the night before only to discover they can't ride back to the park the next day 'cause little Timmy is too small for the ride out. That will keep Park Operations (too) busy with complaints. Also, you'd have to have entry turnstiles before boarding, as the ride drops you off *inside* Frontiertown, yes? Im probably getting too detailed here, moving on:

Dorney Park: The re-theming of the park to baseball (entry and Easton Fields) is inspired, and draws on enough local history to make the backstory work. Would love to ride both the Wind-Up (GREAT name) and Old Smokey Railroad. The Pier enhancements are nice, and the inclusion of a fountain show gives it a nice Disney touch. Smokey in particular looks and feels like a Disney coaster attraction due to the similarity to other mine-train rides in the Disney Parks lineup, but it's just different enough from Big Thunder that it will stand on its own. Again, love the style of those attraction posters.

SFOT: I appreciate the subtle but distinct differences in attraction philosophy from the CF parks to the SF's. Spanish Rain is a good example of that. Nice backstory with Quixote, and the ride sounds like fun. Not sure the Coldplay song works as well as a Disney orchestral version of Man of La Mancha would as a soundtrack. Voyage to Deep Space sounds like a good combo of a classic omnimover ride and bleeding-edge projection effects. That finale certainly should draw people from all over.

SFGA: The "Looney Tune Town Fair" is well designed, and the flume ride looks to be the must-do attraction. Love all the nods to classic Looney Tunes shorts; the ride just seems like a whole lot of fun. Look to the Stars also has the potential to be a showstopper, but my initial concern would be maintenance and breakdown potential for an attraction like this... SF would need to have at least Disney-level competence in the maintenance and troubleshooting department for this attraction to be a significant success. But the concept of following Superman's story is indeed worthy; he deserves the emphasis to have a ride of this caliber. And I like your idea of "returning" Ultimate Flight back to Orleans Square, where it should be.

Whew! That's a lot of new stuff... very well executed. Great job!


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:: WowFactor's Team Omega Review - Stanza V ::
Walking in other's shoes

It was very nice to see this team (dynamic duo?) working. It seems they have known each other for some time and know exactly what the strengths and weaknesses of their partner's work are. I realized that the brainstorming flowed calmly, too much calm I’d say… I believe that if there were a little more tension and pressure we could provoke an even more surprising result since both players have great creative potential.

I liked how the presentation was organized and how the solutions to the objective of the challenge were clear. Even without using an auxiliary platform (i.e. google docs or adjacent site) the OMEGA team delivered a great way to sell the project using multiple images, logos, maps and walk-thru-videos. Walk-thru-videos, WOW!

Of all proposed upgrades, my favorite was DORNEY PARK. I liked the retro solution they presented us. It inspires and matches everything that is built there. Loved the new entry-style baseball field and the legends of the spirit. in the Old Smokey Railroad. I'm sure the “Fontain Show” would be a great way to end the day.

I missed the use of IP in SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS I think the team might have found a way to include characters in "Spanish Rain" or "Voyage to deep space". On the other hand in Six GREAT AMERICA we can see that this worked with the Bugs carrot/flume ride (IMO the best attraction of the challenge). I would simply love to stroll in that attraction.

I think the work was fare at CEDAR POINT I really liked the original idea of having an indoor park by buying separated tickets.

Overall, from the first lines and roughs of ideas it was possible to imagine that we would have a blockbuster project - AND WE HAVE!
I simply loved how art was used to enhance the good ideas of the duo. The logos, maps, images made it much easier to "sell" the project and translated the Disney spirit of doing business, even if it is in others' parks.


MonorailRed's (Fastpass) Review

Having work and doing the project, I didn't read over the brainstorming threads last project, but before reading the projects I looked them over briefly and would like to give everyone a quick review because I'm very happy with the effort! :D

Disney's Discovery Kingdom
- Phases were something we were not expecting. We thought you'd just make two main attractions, but the level of effort and passion that went into designing what essentially came to the entire park in some cases, is amazing!
- Roadrunner Rocketso_O Fantastic! .... and T-Rex was also great.
- So much content here, but I appreciate the thought that went into laying out where exactly Discovery Kingdom is for people who have never been there.
- The DC areas were nice to compliment, but almost felt like they were the main attraction given how much of the slides they take up.
- RCT3 was also great to see! I never played it:p But such an awesome visual treat to have alongside the project, especially for coasters.

Disney's Kings Dominion
- Disney's America!!:cool:
- Industrial area was my favorite part here, great work!
- I liked this slide background the best, really inspired design choice there.
- The research that went into this park was put on display! Helps having @Voxel be in charge of one of his favorite parks:D
- You really sold me on the park and added things that feel as if they'd flow in so well...especially the trolley.

Disney's Carowinds
- Definitely a bold choice picking Carowinds, I thought Cedar Point would be snatched in this spot, but glad to see you went with it!
- Magic Feather was a great lead here!
- Race to the Carolinas was fantastic!
- Muppets Pier felt a bit forced to me, but the execution of it was very well done.
- Star Wars and Indy to round out the park make it feel very "Disney" my one fear is given its so close to Florida would there be concern of overlap with Galaxy's Edge going in. If it was something in Chicago or Texas, in the middle of the US, it might have been better, but as attractions wow they were impressive!

Disney's Magic Mountain
- DC focus complimenting the DCA Marvel land going in was an inspired choice
- Escape from Krypton might be my favorite attraction in the whole bunch! So amazing to have the storyboard concept art along with the write-ups!:D:eek:
- DC Phases as well spaced out the additions. The write-ups for them were very well done!
- I think you did enough here to differentiate it from Discovery Kingdom in the same state, both of these Six Flags parks would be much better off with you all at the helm!

Overall a great project led by some incredible imagineers...really am encouraged with the output and hope this type of creativity continues! Many of you have grown a lot since Stanza I...and you should be very proud!

D Hulk

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There’s a wonderful consistency to your overall proposal, thanks to a small team, a constant writing voice and unifying visuals. Major kudos to using entirely homegrown images. Gonna just read ‘n’ write, so this’ll be a somewhat stream-of-consciousness “review.”

First, Overviews. These greatly provide context for what you’re doing with each park, and the all-purpose “why” which connects the entire project. This carefully sets the context for a reader who’s coming in blind.

Cedar Point
Left on my own, without a team, I’d’ve gone with this park over my local Magic Mountain because CP has such a great sense of place and a roughly equivalent coaster factor. CP has plenty of on-site hotels already, more than most coaster parks, including the rather high-toned Breakers. They’re apparently doing a big renovation of the Sandcastle Suites area (I’m told by my Ohio buddies) presumably to up the room count even more.

So Wyandot Lodge ties into that trend – and I think you simply intuited this need. It seems a good Disney-style hotel – a Red/Space specialty. Boulder Mountain Run is a unique concept in any context – themed transport from the hotel to the park. Some complexities arise which aren’t really addressed, like ticketing and the disparity between a height requirement route and another all-access. (CP has like a mere 3 rides without a height requirement, so I’ll assume their clientele – unlike WDW’s – is fine with this “all thrills, no strollers, all the time” approach.)

Okay, so, Otter Country. Hot dam(n), it’s an entire enclosed water park as your second major attraction! Good on expanding Lake Country, and good on giving it an off-season function. That’s a major CP drawback, that it’s only open seasonally.

I’m surprised that you didn’t do in-park coasters. Granted the available space is lacking, but I believe a few locations still exist for expansion. Connecting everything to CP’s 150th anniversary in 2020 would’ve been a nice touch too. An unexpected approach to CP for sure, but a good one.

Dorney Park
Wise call here tying into DP’s history. All I know of this park is from your intro. From that, it sounds like a historic trolley park which has evolved into a fairly generic CF amusement park, and you’re proposing restoring its heyday.

The baseball theme certainly recalls old-timey Americana, though different from the “classier Coney Island” vibe I was anticipating. Continuing through the rethemed lands, we come upon some with that trolley park vibe. I’m digging the feel you’re creating! Posters are spot-on. Functionally, it sounds like a much, much, much better version of what DCA 1.0 could’ve been, a romanticized fun fair of the region’s pastimes.

The Wind-Up sounds like it would be an incredible roller coaster. Space, I know you’re a major El Toro fan (I’ll be riding that in July!), so this makes sense. The only real Disney-level theming seems to be in the queue. The coaster is a bare coaster, albeit a beautiful wood type which is aesthetically in keeping with the park.

I’m interested in the idea of “hiding” or “justifying” coaster tracks in the way Big Thunder does, but on this larger scale. You know, building mountains into Fury 325, things like that…only realistic. Lots of coasters from both teams in this round were content to remain naked, like me at home on the weekends. For CF or SF that’s entirely not a problem at all. This challenge I think was pushing us all to do more though. (Said as I'm guilty of the same thing. :cautious:)

Old Smokey Railroad seems to satisfy that desire for a fuller theme. It’s that old classic, a runaway railroad (always a good choice for a themed coaster), with a unique original backstory making it a more complete experience. It feels like the sort of thing Knott’s might have done in their past, which is a high compliment.

Six Flags Over Texas
You’ve identified thematic inconsistency as SF’s major chain-wide problem. Over Texas has a great concept with the different nations of Texas, one the park seems to have lost a bit, so it’s a smart choice to build on that. Done with Disney budgets and care, this park could visually resemble Phantasialand, with ornate Magical Realist settings as the background for some topnotch rides.

Spanish Rain. A Don Quixote coaster? That’s original! The queue with its Marc Davis style comical animatronics suggests a very particular sort of experience, like a POTC boat ride. The coaster feels like a different attraction. One (huge) positive – and it’s a positive across the whole proposal – is the work put into RCT3 videos. However, old rustic Spain doesn’t scream “wing coaster” to me as much as it does, say, RMC woodie. The latter could be reasonably themed as a clockpunk gear-and-cog contraption DQ made to battle the windmills (I say this not knowing offhand if SFOT needs an RMC). Wings coasters, I dunno, some of DC’s themes would fit that ride type better.

Voyage to Deep Space, an ambient omnimover through space, is beautiful and relaxing. It ties into the Texas setting. For a thrill park, something like this would be a great respite from the coasters – sometimes guests get dizzy. It’s thoughtful, EPCOT-y, and brings balance to the park.

Sex Flags Great Adventure
And here’s where you do the Looney Tunes and DC properties justice. A natural choice for improving SF – it’s always a little disheartening to see such great IPs being used as window dressing. Let’s see what you do with ‘em!

Looney Tune Town Fair. I think this IP is SF’s best bet for introducing family-friendly dark rides. Their oft-cloned Justice League dark ride, while of very high quality, seems to get ignored by the coaster fans it’s meant for.

Bugs Bunny’s Raft Adventure catches that zany Looney Tunes spirit. I love the “What’s up dock” sign. It’s an idea that could be expanded upon (not needed in this challenge), which is the sign of a strong concept.

The additional kiddie attractions seem like thematic upgrades to a standard SF Looney Tunes area. They’re still carnival flat rides, basically, but in a nicer setting. Realistically speaking, that plus the D/E-ticket Raft Adventure is what would happen.

Look to the Stars – so you and I both did Man of Steel rides! My approach? A themed Kinga Ka. Yours? An IMAX simulator to shame Flights of Passage. This would be an incredible experience, tonally in line with Universal’s rides…which is what a marriage of DC and Disney might well yield. Obviously Superman has a ton of potential. The whole of DC does, and given slightly different challenge parameters you’d’ve likely seen Brava/Castle make some Batman EMV dark rides. Anyway, a great ride.

So altogether a very impressive roster of ideas, all thoughtfully integrated. A careful balance of coasters and family attractions. I feel we all could better marry thrills and theming, but isn’t that a very “Superman” ideal? A goal to strive towards, stumbling along the way? This is a polished proposal, super impressive since it was made by only 2 supervillains. Nicely done!


Original Poster
So when exactly is this cast-wide boardroom happening? I'm going to be busy all day tomorrow and don't want to miss my 24 hour window, haha.
It's far far away ;)
As mentioned previously, no Haunted Board Room sessions will be held during this allotted segment, yet after Stanza X, everyone in the competition will head to The Haunted Board Room where we will analyze everyone's progress so far in the competition, and from there and the responses, decide who moves on to Act III and the final projects.​


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First off let me start by saying that this was a great twist, and the idea behind this challenge was the craziest thing I've seen on the forums in a while.

Omega's Overview
Cedar Point
Wyandot Lodge; Off the bat this addition reminded me of the Wilderness Lodge, a beautiful resort with plenty of theming to engulf guests into a magic that is inspired by nature. Wyandot Lodge however is able to match up with the Wilderness Lodge, and acts a sister resort to the Wilderness. Both resorts are distinct, but related. While the backstory will take guests on a journey to simpler times.
Boulder Mountain Run; This is a unique way to offer resort transportation, and definitely something that will make memories for guests. Its very unique, and acts as a bonus. However while it may be unique it much more limiting in terms of being an actual form of transportation. It isn't accessible to all guests as not only will the younger audience not be able to ride it, but some people with disabilities may not be able to make use of this feature of the resort. Furthermore for those in need of a wheelchair or a scooter would it even be feasible for them to ride the ride, and then wait on the other side of the ride to get their wheelchair/scooter back? Overall this is a unique ride, but while you're aware of losing the younger demographic (as was stated in the actual description) you also in a way discouraged those that have disabilities as this unique feature may be too much of a hassle for them. Normally this would be okay, but given this is resort transportation it should be something that should be a bit more accessible. Or at least an example could've been provided if the scenario I mentioned did occur. Overall a solid idea, but with just a couple of snags.
Otter Country; I like how you made a way to connect school field trips to a water park, clever ;). Overall the waterpark addition is a nice touch, and allows for Cedar Point to be a year round destination while offering an alternative to the Great Wolf Lodge.
Overall; I'm not sure if this would help out the main focus of Cedar Point, but it does make the resort stand out more. So I think as a whole this was a success as it makes Cedar Point into a location that is more desirable to visit.

Dorney Park
The Wind-Up; The queue while simple is nicely done, and ties into the overall theme of the park nicely. The video ride through was nice touch.
Old Smokey Railroad; This ride to me is just a copy of Thunder Mountain, but with a new coat of paint. Additionally the ride itself lacked detail to really distinguish itself from other rides. I wish that there was a more vivid description to this ride itself.
Palisades Pier and Additional Enhancements; There's not much to go off on here as there isn't much detail to be explored here. Overall this sounds like a nice area if it ends up being similar to Paradise Pier prior to 2017.
Overall; This is by far the weakest portion of the project, but it is clear that effort was put into it given the recreation of the park trough Planet Coaster.

Six Flags Over Texas
Spanish Rain; The queue and preshow were really well done, and would fit well in any Disney park. The premise of the ride itself is great, and the actual concept is fun. However I feel like the tone itself is off. This coaster seems to be aiming for the tweens to teens age range, but the prewshow itself is geared more towards family. In general everything is a good idea, but I feel like the preshow followed by that ride is too different in audiences to really work well together.
Voyage to Deep Space; Starting off I like the premise of the ride, and the concept itself. However the ride itself reminds more of Epcot than Six Flags. As such I'm not sure if an edutainment based omnimover attraction was the best move for a Six Flags attraction. It seems like an odd fit into the park itself. With that said the ride is great, and is a good concept. However I can't see this working in a Six Flags environment.
Overall; These are some of my favorite aspects of this proposal so far however neither them work perfectly. Spanish Rain has what I'm going to call tonal issue, with the family friendly preshow and teen/adult ride. While Voyage to Deep Space is a good ride, but in the wrong park ven when Disneyfying it. However I do like the effort made to make this park more themed to the six flags that have flown over Texas.

Six Flags Great America
Looney Tune Town Fair; Off the bat I like that Six Flags and Disney IPs never once intermingled as in my eyes could damage the image of the main two Disney resorts. The various flats and smaller rethemes throughout the area are nice touches, and make use of the given area. The headliner sound like a it would be a good riff on splash Mountain, and for the most part is really fun. While some of Bugs and Tweeties jokes are a bit on the nose ;)
Look to the Stars; This attraction is a homerun, and in my opinion fits perfectly within Six Flags. It brings roller coasters to a new level of immerson and innovation.
Overall; I feel like y'all were saving the best projects for last as not only were thee the strongest attractions, but also contains the best placemaking and tone.

Teams Brava & Castle
Breview & Conclusion
First off just glancing over, everything is so detailed I really like that, but I'm not sure if I'm not a fan of the total ~120 slide count. EDIT: I am a fan of the slide count. Nothing ever felt drawn out, nor too short. I think these teams have found the perfect balance of details! Great job! :D

Discovery Kingdom
Looney Tunes Seaport; Once again I like the placemaking here, and like how many of the older attractions are kept. Duck Dodgers sounds like an exciting ride, and the sprucing up of the animal exhibits seems like a nice move as well.
DC Super City Celebration; The placemaking here sounds enjoyable, and will definitely bring a new level of immersion to Metropolis. I'm not sure the Batman coaster wouldn't be considered a major attraction, but I'll let it slide ;) Overall the ride sounds like it would please the masses that visit a Six Flags park.
Medusa Plaza; Overall anything is an improvement over a parking lot, and I feel like this devotion to rockwork and theming will really liven up the place. While also plussing the remaining rides to make them more immersive. Overall nice touches.
Looney Tunes Canyon; Foghorn Falls sounds like an enjoyable upgrade to a rather basic flume ride. While Roadrunner Rockets sounds like an extremely fun coaster with a dash of Disney spirit. Overall this expansion sounds like a fun one, and broadens the market and theme of the park itself.
Dino Area; I'm not a huge fan of the name here, but I do like the synergy between the attractions located within the new area itself. The TREX coaster sounds like an exhilarating addition that sound like it'll be pretty cool to see especially with all those animatronics throughout the hills. Overall the story throughout the three major attractions gives life to the area, and as a whole makes it more interesting.
Animals; Something about that snake in the picture seems off, what did you say it's genus was? Serpentes Plasticus? ;):p
Overall; I like what has been done to the park, and as a whole the improvements add up. It fleshes out the park more, and provides for some great Disney touches throughout the Six Flags park.

Before starting I have a slight issue with the injection of Disney IPs into the park. I understand that technically it's not not Disney, but something feels off. Additionally ike the safer route by utilizing what's more common to us as Disney fans.
Carolina Hills; Overall these changes sound great, and the visuals look great as well. While the theming of the area is top notch really giving this area a Disney feel. Race for the Carolinas is very unique, and quite honestly sounds like it would be a lot of fun to experience. The idea of creating a dueling coaster to duke out which state is better is a great one.
Temple of the Lost Souls; In terms of cohesiveness and placemaking your team was able to achieve this aspect. The land as a whole sounds nice, and all the rethemes come together to form a well done land.
Muppets Pier; As a whole this whole area is genius, and something that totally fits with the Muppets theme. THe attractions all sound really fun, and are pretty clever. I especially love the cardboard cutouts for Rizzo's Coaster. The shooting gallery is a bit of a headcratcher for me in terms of capacity, and as to why we are shooting at Muppets.
Star Wars Rebel Post; As a whole some aspects of this area are better than others. The backstory doesn't add up as the Rebellion has no time to recruit against the building of the Death Star, and for being an immersive land Force Sliders seems like a stretch for a restaurant. The ride itself sounds like fun, and a great way to throw guests into the story of Star Wars.
Overall; Your team set out to preserve the spirit of Carowinds, but I feel that spirit has diminished replaced with the spirit of a Disney studio park. While the prompt was to integrate DIsney, I would have preferred something that didn't convert this into a major Disney themed park with major headliners like an immersive Star Wars land as it may draw attention away from Walt Disney World.

Kings Dominion
Old Virgina; At first I was hestinat at the inclusion of Pocahontas, but the IP fits the par well and isn't a draw within a ny major park already. The Pocahontas ride is a nice retheme, and gives life to a rather basic flume ride. While the Upper James River Trail acts a parallel to to the Pocahontas flume. The Hall of Presidents is a natural fit into the historic park. A funny detail, but how could Jamestown be founded in 1907, and be considered one of the first settlements ;)As a whole Phase 1 was pretty solid, and an American Journey is a great addition. That has some elements of thrill as mixing in some edutainment.
The Industrial Revolution; Ahem it's boujee ;) This may seem out of place to some, but it's relevant trust me :p As for the ride I love the idea, the execution,and the preshow for The Foundry. It's unique, and very likeable. Meanwhile Factory Tour seems a bit superfluous given that we already received a tour of the factory through the Foundry. This seems likes the biggest miss for the whole project.
Overall; A read through could've helped this park as there were many spelling and factual errors present within the park itself. Besides that the majority of the ideas worked well, and the ideas to flesh the resort out into a historic Disney park works well. It's different enough that locals would still like to see Walt Disney World, but unique enough that it would draw guests in for that Disney feeling. Good job!

Magic Mountain
Gotham Pier; The placemaking and retheming of the various ride throughout the area solidifies the Gotham theme. Each ride seems clever, and fits the characters rather well.
Metropolis Plaza; Once again nice placemaking and retheming to keep the entire area well themed. While also including the smaller DC characters that are still beloved.
Olympic Realms; For the most part this is more of the same as the last two lands, but with one incostincey. Why keep the go karts and up charge experiences? They seem out of place in an otherwise serene land.
Superman Summit; I was beginning to wonder when the first new E-Ticket was going to come online, but I'm glad to see it here. :D Wow the coaster sounds intense, and this will definitely all the coaster fanatics to a Disney park something most would've never thought had been possible. As a whole this E-Ticket is both breathtaking an insane. A great combination of thrill and theme, which is Disney mixing with Six Flags.
Central City; This entrance is sure to make an impact on guests setting people up for the day. It let's people know that this just isn't a regular Disney park, no it's home for the thrill seekers. Onto the second E-Ticket Flash Point. Once again wow! This coaster proves that a roller coaster can have the thrill and the theme. The ride sounds crazy, and fast which again combined with the Superman E-Ticket is sure to bring in the coaster fans for years to come. Maybe even get them to go to Disneyland as well. ;)
Overall; This park has been injected with Disney magic, and given some place making. However some of it still feels distinctly Six Flags namely the constant retheming of older rides even if they didn't feel the area they were in. This issue is strongest observed in Olympic Realms. Besides that theses upgrades is sure to make any DC fan or thrill ride fan go crazy as they are superb.


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Stanza V Results

With @tcool123 's blessing (as he's got exams coming up and needs to rest) here are the results from Stanza V. And beforehand, from all of us, thank you so much for an incredible Stanza. It was a ton of fun and had some incredible projects.

Also I hope Red and I gave you all a little competitive boost which was one of our goals with this, which seems to have worked as you all really stepped up this round to challenge us!:)

But who will win this Infinity Suite? The Heroes or the Villains?:cool:

Team Castle/Brava
Overall, just a solid effort all around from players on BOTH teams. Some MVPs all around creating a cohesive, dynamic proposal, combined with some stellar effort, and incredible creativity, nets Team Castle their first Stanza win of the season wooo! and Team Brava continuing their winning ways!

Congratulations everyone and let's continue on through Act II to Stanza VI.


Original Poster

After the Avengers won out against Thanos and Hela, the world shifted back to normalcy. DCA was no longer Disney Cosmicfornia Adventure, yet while the oddities shifted, Disney still held onto the buyout rights for Cedar Fair and Six Flags parks, leaving the door open in future seasons of The Sorcerer's Apprentice to involve unique amusement park challenges in the spirit of the previous Stanza!

Yet as the world changed, many of the contestants had to face the burdens of real life, and began to fade away

"These AP exams are stressing me out" proclaimed @kmbmw777
"You're telling me!" said @tcool123 "I think I'm going to have to focus on those for the time being"
"I hope there is a way to still remain in the competition yet also study for the exams without leaving" Kevin responded.

"Woah, woah, hang on a second there sport" said the voice of Patches O'Houlihan

"They've got you covered" Patches claimed "This next section of the competition won't be as time consuming as Act I, it'll have some unique, small challenges that won't put too much emphasis on length or detail, but instead on the general concept and teamwork.

Just remember the 5 I's of Imagineering: Imagination, Inspiration, Ingenuity, Innovation, and... Imagination."

"Gee I can't wait" @kmbmw777 said excitedly!


Original Poster


Throughout the first three seasons of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, there have been a few traditions set up, namely at least one challenge per season themed around an advertising campaign, and one that is a 24 Hour(ish) 'mini' challenge. In this Stanza, we are combining those traditions together and kicking off a new segment of the competition called the Briar Patch Brawl 2018!

This will be a series of shorter timed challenges beginning with Stanza VI and ending with Stanza X, that are designed to be small scale projects in nature. These Stanzas in the Brawl are designed to promote small group work, in case some on teams have final exams, AP exams, or trips coming up. If you miss a Stanza or two in this segment, it's not the end of the world, as there will be plenty of varied project opportunities coming up.

As mentioned previously, no Haunted Board Room sessions will be held during this allotted segment, yet after Stanza X, everyone in the competition will head to The Haunted Board Room where we will analyze everyone's progress so far in the competition, and from there and the responses, decide who moves on to Act III and the final projects.

But, back to this challenge - it is simple (and intended to be a bit humorous):p

Your task will be to design an advertising campaign for the 'worst' Disney attraction, and try to convince people that it's actually good!

- There is a 20 sentence maximum limit for your project. Quality over quantity is emphasized. Take advantage of each sentence.
- You may use an existing attraction (or extinct attraction if you prefer)
- Unlike past seasons, it is not required to include a commercial or video with the project, however you're free and encouraged to be creative with your project.
- One last surprise, we've recently been welcomed back to @FigmentPigments on the forums. She is very excited to get back into imagineering, just for fun. So to make this Stanza a bit more interesting, the winner of the Stanza gets Figment on their team for the remainder of the Briar Patch Brawl! She'll be an added bonus for these next few Stanzas then departing before the Haunted Board Room session at the end of Stanza X. Lastly, Figment will be added to the PMs as an observer so she isn't jumping into a team's dynamic cold.

Project Managers
Castle - @Magic Feather
Brava - @AceAstro

Individual Reviewers
Castle - michmousefan, WowFactor, Sam4D23, FireMountain
Brava - v_k, P_Radden, WDW Guru, WED Imagineering, Fox&Hound

This Project is due Tuesday May 8th at 11:59PM EST

Time Zones
Pacific Standard Time - 8:59 PM
Eastern Standard Time - 11:59 PM
Greenwich Mean Time - 3:59 AM
Central European Time - 4:59 AM

Any specific questions feel free to ask in your brainstorming PMs or below. Thank you, best of luck to everyone, and HAVE FUN!:)
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