The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4: Homecoming Edition


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Thanks to the power of the Infinity Stones, The SAU has been manipulated and changed, bending reality and reshaping the theme park industry. The Walt Disney Company has bought out two prominent amusement park chains, Cedar Fair and Six Flags, with the Board of Elders now assigning a special group of imagineers to implement a 'Disney' touch into these parks.

Planning on investing $8 Billion into 8 parks (approx $1 Billion per park), over the course of the next half-decade, infusing the parks with a 'Disney-level' of immersive attractions and story-telling. To not just make a thrilling bare-bones coaster or a cheap dark ride, but to invest in the level of detail and technology Disney attractions are known for. The Board of Elders have decided to make this challenge a bit more...interesting.

In this task, Team Brava and Team Castle will have to join forces and battle against the newly formed Team Omega, designing Disney-level attractions for Cedar Fair and/or Six Flags amusement parks in a WDWMagic Infinity War.

- Team Omega consists of only 2 players, Thanos and Hela (spacemt354 and MonorailRed) vs ....everyone else.
-The Elders are looking for 2 new attractions to each park on a Disney-level budget/theme/design/etc. The 'new attractions' can be roller-coasters, dark rides, kiddie coasters, flume rides, flat rides, kidzones (which can contain multiple smaller areas), and in any combination per park. They may also replace existing attractions if you so choose.
- Each Team (Brava/Castle and Omega) will choose 4 parks on the list below to work with. And as a token of good faith, Team Omega has decided to allow Team Brava/Castle to select their 4 parks first. Omega will take whatever is left.

Select from the list below:

Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH
Kings Island, Mason, OH
Kings Dominion, Doswell, VA
Dorney Park, Allentown, PA
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo, CA
Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, CA
Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington, TX
Six Flags Great America, Gurnee, IL

- A goal of this project is to offer the opportunity for people who have final exams coming up, to be able to balance studying in the upcoming week with these challenges. There will be plenty of help this round.
- Another goal is, new combinations of players! With this Infinity Suite, you have the opportunity to work with new people, or ....continue to hone the bonds between people from previous rounds you worked well with. Completely up to you!
- A helpful hint -- this project will be most effective if you break into small groups, either by park, by attraction style, etc. There's potentially 16 people, designing 8 attractions, for 4 parks. The Elders like math that divides evenly.:p Nobody should have to do too much. If you are doing it wrong.
- Second to last note, there will be no team PMs, it's an open thread! Knowing we are crushing you all throughout the week...will put a smile on our faces muahaha.
- Last note - @tcool123 will be the main judge of this Stanza, determining the winner.

Project Managers
Brava/Castle - @D Hindley and @IDInstitute
Omega - Destiny

Individual Reviewers
Castle/Brava - v_k, P_Radden, WDW Guru, WED Imagineering, Fox&Hound
Omega - michmousefan, WowFactor, FireMountain, Sam4D23

This Project is due Sunday May 6th at 11:59PM EST

Time Zones
Pacific Standard Time - 8:59 PM
Eastern Standard Time - 11:59 PM
Greenwich Mean Time - 3:59 AM
Central European Time - 4:59 AM

Thank you, best of luck to everyone, have fun, and enjoy!

Before you and teammates start brainstorming, remember the disaster that Cedar Point transported in ‘85.


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You made the goal of the challenge to create Disneyland level attractions for Six Flags and Cedar Fair Parks, yet everyone is making them into Disney parks; including yourself.



Thanks to the power of the Infinity Stones, The SAU has been manipulated and changed, bending reality and reshaping the theme park industry. The Walt Disney Company has bought out two prominent amusement park chains, Cedar Fair and Six Flags, with the Board of Elders now assigning a special group of imagineers to implement a 'Disney' touch into these parks.


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As we near the final day of Stanza V, I just would like to take this time to elaborate and talk about the upcoming Stanzas over the next few weeks. For many folks involved, this past week and the upcoming few weeks are crunch times for school, work, and trips in general.

Many of the challenges in Act I involved projects that required most if not all group member contributions to be successful, with multiple components on a grand scale through designing lands, pavilions, or entire resorts. Act II projects focus on small group activities, and in the upcoming Act II Stanzas, are smaller scale projects that if necessary could be completed in short order by a small group of team members and still have a good opportunity to win. A goal of these projects is team communication as well. If you have an AP exam or work-related activity, talk with your teammates and plan. Maybe Person A/Bs guide the direction of Stanza VI while Persons C/D are busy, then Persons C/D guide the direction of Stanza VII while Persons A/B are busy. Small group teamwork and communication are key, the projects themselves are not too involved (on purpose) to accommodate these times.

Lastly, given all of the above, there's good news(?) - there will be no Haunted Board Room until the end of Act II. Woo! Further details of that Board Room session will be announced later, but as another way to ease stress, if you can't contribute much to one or two upcoming Stanzas in Act II, it's not a trip to the Board Room. There will be insurance of another Stanza opportunity to make up for it and take turns guiding the project directions with your teammates.

Good luck with the final days of Stanza V, and if there are any questions feel free to ask! Thanks and see you back here Sunday night!



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The Infinity Suite
By MonorailRed and spacemt354

Upon the acquisition of both Cedar Fair and Six Flags in The Infinity Suite, The Walt Disney Company made valiant strides to ensure an enhanced guest experience in those parks, with new attractions in the upcoming half-decade as well as providing cohesion and depth to levels that these 'amusement' parks never had before.

Managing a wide-range of parks/resorts from Cedar Point, Dorney Park, Six Flags Over Texas, and Six Flags Great America, the central focus remained on 'showing out Disney Side', particularly in Six Flags parks. This 'Disney Side' included attraction sophistication, continuity between lands, and even crossover story-lines between parks and resorts. Supplementing these four destinations with an allocated $1 Billion investment budget to each, our additions intend to not only provide top-quality attraction experiences, but also serve a grander purpose to the visions for each of the parks heading into the next decade and beyond.

Park Plan Overviews

Descriptions correlate clockwise beginning with the top left box
Click on the titles below to hyperlink to each section if needed

Cedar Point
Located on a peninsula bordering Lake Eerie in Sandusky, OH, Cedar Point, better known by its nickname as 'The Roller-Coaster Capitol Of The World,' is an amusement park that hosts 17 roller-coasters, and at the point of the acquisition in April 2018 by The Walt Disney Company, was opening its newest coaster, Steel Vengeance, in Frontiertown.

When analyzing the park and its guest feedback, in particular of Ohio regional tourists and residents who frequent Cedar Point, one of the biggest 'complaints' of the park was that, unlike Walt Disney World, it did not have a "blessing of size" as Walt Disney once said. The rapid expansion on the small plot of land has made it difficult to expand in recent years. In addition, the Great Wolf Lodge, a nation-wide chain of indoor water park resorts, is popular in the Midwest and Northeast regions, yet the resort is a taxi drive away from Cedar Point, and is geared more towards small children than tweens and teens (the age-range that populate many of the 'height-restricted coaster attractions of Cedar Point). Lastly, Smoky Mountain architecture is popular in Ohio and the Midwest Region, as Asheville, Nashville, and other Southeast mountain destinations are popular vacation and weekend getaways for locals.

Given all these factors, our direction centered around a Smoky Mountain themed water park resort, connected to both Cedar Point's Frontiertown and Lake Country (the new name and theme for Cedar Point's water park) with an emphasis on tween/teen attractions in the indoor water park resort expansion.

Dorney Park
With roots that date back to the late-1800s, Dorney Park was a small picnic and garden area before branching into an amusement park, and slowly throughout the 20th Century, becoming a 200-acre amusement and water park destination. Yet with the transitions to modern day, Dorney Park, in our opinion, has lost its classical 'park' setting in an attempt to try and keep pace with neighboring parks such as Six Flags Great Adventure or Hershey Park, rather than remain true to its rich history and pastime. The charm and quaintness is what serves Disneyland well, and given Dorney's connections to highly populated areas of New York City and Philadelphia via train or bus, the Resort, with the proper guidance and cohesion, could be an extremely popular weekend getaway that takes guests out of the real world and back to simpler times. To turn-of the century Main Streets, Boardwalks, as well as America's pastime of baseball, apple pies, picnics, nature trails, and family-friendly fun.

The goal of the project is to revitalize the old-fashion genre, go 'older' rather than 'newer', more 'quaint' rather than 'larger' and evoke a sense of the 'good ol' days' put on display for generations to come. With such an undertaking, internally - imagineers compared this to the Disney California Adventure upgrade from 2007 - 2012, as it's accomplishing similar objectives - keep what works and place-make other aspects to help blend more cohesively, focusing on giving the park a better entrance, attractions, and overall identity.

Six Flags Over Texas
The name, referring to the six flags that have flown over Texas, symbolizes a strong message of park unity. Despite that anchored foundation, expansions and changes over the years have clouded that story and deferred to more traditional amusement park clones and stereotypical Six Flags theme park designs.

These additions hope to reverse that trend, building on the roots and using the core foundations of the park being based around the 'Six Flags' to better resemble those varied cultures and traditions rather than focus on lands that enable generic amusement park storytelling. The new outlook on the park influenced the addition of two attractions to both the Mexico and Spain section, as well as the Texas section of the park, infusing the history and cultural significance of those territories into the lands and branching off to the park as a whole.

Six Flags Great America
With 13 current properties under the Six Flags umbrella, the central theme that runs through most of these parks is a lack of cohesion. While there are 'lands' that designate certain themes, rarely do those themes follow through with the attractions, and one of the most glaring culprits of this is the current-day Six Flags Great America. Despite being founded on baseline Americana themed lands, throughout the years of park expansion and updates, those themes have less meaning than they should, with attractions such as The Dark Knight and Superman: Ultimate Flight being located in Orleans Place, for....reasons? And a newly added Metropolis sub-land with a Justice League attraction, in an opposite section of the park.

Considering the thematic inconsistencies abound, it would take more than $1 Billion to renovate the entire park into a cohesive collection, nevertheless, this initial investment sets the stage for a unique 'Disney Side' to traditional Six Flags properties, particularly with the infusion of the 1-2 punch of DC Comics and Looney Tunes. With DC Comics integrated into the Yukon Territory and Looney TuneTown Fair joining as a sub-land to the County Fair, these properties will tie-in with their respective lands similarly to how Disney Parks are able to host eclectic properties within broad-scoped lands, paving the way for further property cohesion into Americana lands in the future.​

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Themed to Tennessee Smoky Mountain architecture and influenced by neighboring Native American tribes and railroading, Disney's Wyandot Lodge is the newest Cedar Point Resort, with gorgeous lake and theme park views, restaurants, shops, and attractions that connect to both Cedar Point and Lake Country Water Park.

To compensate for the lost parking spaces of the former Cedar Point Shores Water Park (now renamed Lake Country Water Park), a six-story parking deck will be built in the main parking lot for Cedar Point, costing approximately $150 Million from the allocated budget, to facilitate more theme park spaces that the resort and its parking lots took up. Visitors to Cedar Point and Lake Country not staying at the Wyandot Lodge can either walk through the main gates of Cedar Point, or take a tram to the entrance of Lake Country (and walk in the back way to Cedar Point).

In 1874, two engineers on the Old Smokey Railroad had been assigned an iron and supplies run to workers on an extension of a forest rail line. The owner of the railroad company, Samuel Peterson, was a wealthy railroad tycoon on the time, similar in wealth to the Vanderbilts, and named the railroad Old Smokey after his noble horse. Trekking through the forest, the engineers continuously passed a patch of land peaked up on what they called Boulder Mountain and the adjacent Fir Valley.

Both engineers felt that due to the arduous journeys through the mountains on the rails, building some sort of lodging area to rest on night-shifts would be ideal. Peterson, firm but honorable with his company employees, heard them out, and upon visiting the land upon the hill, gazed out at the beautiful scenic mountain ranges and decided to build it not only for his railroad workers, but also for a vacation lodge for his family and other guests to visit scenic Tennessee. However, due to a previous encounter with the Wyandot people in northern Ohio, and their peaceful interactions with him allowing his railroad to continue under one key condition, Peterson communicated with his workers that they must retain the natural beauty of the location, the one condition he held firm to not upset any Native American people in the regions.

Upon construction, while drilling into the mountain side, workers realized that the hillside had been acting as a natural dam of sorts, holding back a flowing river of water. During the construction, the river flooded the site, and the crevasses left over ended up merging into beautiful waterfalls and flowing streams that could be used for additional fishing and recreational activities. Flash forward almost 150 years, and this Wyandot Lodge, named after the northern Ohio tribe that befriended Peterson, is still in use as a scenic getaway destination for explorers, travelers, and families alike with plenty to see and do throughout their stay.

Construction Timeline
April 29, 2018 - Disney announces buyout of Cedar Fair and Six Flags
July 3, 2018 - 5-Year Plans are announced for 8 Resorts
For Cedar Point
- Disney's Wyandot Lodge opens in 2020
- Boulder Mountain Run attraction (entrance/exit attraction to Cedar Point from Lodge) opens in 2021
- Lake Country Water Park set to be remodeled and open in 2021
- Indoor Water Park connection to Lake Country opens in 2021 (in the 'backstory' this building was added in the mid-1970s by Samuel Peterson's great grandchildren for year-round activity, especially during the winter months when it was cold outside)
Approximate Budget: $950 Million

Resort Interactive Walk-Through

Resort Description

As you approach the main building on the resort complex you get a wide panoramic of the eclectic amenities the resort has to offer. Turning into the resort and guest/cast parking areas, disembarking your vehicle, and walking towards the lobby, you are immersed and transported from a beachfront peninsula into a southern country mountain range. Atmospheric wilderness music can be heard permeating from the outdoor speakers camouflaged in the foliage as you approach the entrance.

The lobby doors then opens up into a 4-story atrium where park ranger greeter welcomes you home. Bear and other animal carvings surround you on timbers holding up the lobby interior, where you can walk towards the main check-in desk, restaurants, shops, and a variety of other amenities. Throughout the lobby, guests become immersed in the rich history of the Resort, with paintings and photos of the resort throughout time from the late 1800s till present day. Furthermore, felt displays from Smoky Mountain Native American tribes also encompass the lobby, as a tribute to the Wyandot people and their cultural significance.


Wyandot Lodge Centennial Year 1875-1975


Nightfall - Wyandot Felt

The 510 Guest Rooms vary from standard sizes of 4 guests per room, to concierge level sizes of 5 guests per room, and family villas that sleep 7-9 guests in a 2 or 3 bedroom setting. Walking out towards the nature trails behind the resort, guests can meander through winding pathways where covered picnic/quick service areas reside, the resort's main quiet pool is location, and where you can walk towards the resort's two attractions.

Speaking of attractions; while the ornate displays, cozy home-style restaurants, and scenic room views of both Cedar Point and the Great Lakes, the true nuance of the resort lies within its attractions that play a key role in not only furthering the story of the Wyandot Lodge, but also connecting the Resort to both Cedar Point and Lake Country Water Park.



After settling with the native peoples and coming to an agreement on terms of use, the Peterson Trading Company decided that they would honor the locals wishes to only use the Fir Valley River without the use of industrial boats and motorized vehicles. Instead, natural means of manufactured boat vessels transport goods throughout the Fir Valley from the lodge and to local railroad spurs. After civilizations such as Frontiertown in Cedar Point began to grow around the Lodge, the Fir Valley River was used to transport goods and even people after time towards Frontiertown. The Peterson Trading Company rafts were redesigned to fit folks traveling from the Lodge to the town, and thus the Fir Valley River became a great way to travel to and from civilization without having to hike through Lake Country and around towards Frontiertown.

The attraction itself is an expeditious trip up and around Boulder Mountain. Guests enter a woodsy queue area in the back corner of the Lodge, and board the Peterson Trading Vessels on their way up the Fir Valley River. The vessels begin to ascend to a height of 56 feet, before offering the guests a view of Frontiertown in their focal perspective, and the rest of Cedar Point in the distance. The vessels teeter for a moment before descending down an angled slop, diving down into the Valley, before lunging skyward over a small hill and splashing down within the boundaries of Cedar Point. Guests load and unload much like a continuing skyway.

This attraction is unique in that there is only a height requirement for the trip towards Cedar Point (of 40 inches), yet on the relaxing return trip, there is no height requirement. This is to accommodate both the 'thrill' aspect of teens/young adults entering the 'roller coaster capital of the world in an exhilarating fashion (quite literally splashing into it), yet offering a family friendly option on the return trip. Fortunately on the descent, 95% of the water splash occurs outward away from the boats, so when riders board on the return trip, they aren't sitting on wet seats...the vessels are designed to not take on water splashes into the boats and seats, but rather project it outward into nearby ponds.



Otter Country, a sister section to Lake Country, is the indoor water park of Disney's Wyandot Lodge. This indoor facility interconnects to Lake County - but costs a separate admission ticket in the Fall and Winter, being the only park open. Most Raft rides are names after ancient Native American tribes in the area, and common animals found within the state. This also helps promote local schools to visit throughout the slow season, since most Middle Schools and High Schools are name after tribes in Ohio, or have mascot animals in the area.

Admission Cost
Spring/Summer Seasons - Included in Lake Country ticket
Adult: $59 Child $50 Senior $50 Seasonal Pass $150

Fall/Winter Season - Separate Ticket (Outdoor section closed)
Adult: $35 Child $27 Senior $27 Seasonal Pass $90

Indoor Water Park Map

Cougar Caverns - Giant thrill-seeker raft ride for up to four.
Shawnee Swirl - Giant thrill-seeker raft ride for up to two.
Ottawa Falls - Giant thrill-seeker body slide for one.
Potawatomi Plunge - Giant thrill-seeker raft ride for six.
Erie Canoe Adventure - Honorary Erie can experience the power of lakes on this amazing ride. Four-person canoes slide upward through the mists and into the dark twists and turns within the country before emerging with a plunge through a shimmering waterfall.
Cedar Creek Rapids - Test your body-boarding or surfing skills on this 5-foot wave simulator.
Groundhog Grotto - Indoor and Outdoor Spas – Interconnected via cave, the indoor/outdoor spas let you move between either without needing to get out of the warm, relaxing water.
Lazy River Country - Lounge as you wind down this 920 foot lazy/torrent river. It's the perfect, relaxing break from water slide action.
The Beaver Dam - It's a multi-level water fort for all ages! Wade in the zero depth entry pool, zip down slides of all sizes, play in water features and get soaked from the cross-firing water cannons!
Ranger Recreation - Athletically inclined adventurers will love the challenge of shooting hoops in this 3,700 square foot water basketball pool.

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Sprouting classic American traditions and delving into its roots, Dorney Park reopens after the Disney merger with a newfound sense of uniqueness and cohesive story tactics. As guests approach the entrance, no longer do they walk under a stereotypical amusement park design, but instead are guided towards an old fashioned ballpark facade, akin to those seen at the former Ebbets Field, the Polo Grounds, and Yankee Stadium, as well as the still existing Fenway Park or Wrigley Field.

The designs call back to classic baseball, representing America's pastime, inviting the guests back in time as they enter Dorney Park (the name of which in and of itself is reminiscent of a baseball 'park' title, such as Fenway Park). While the new additions are more thematically advanced, there is still an aura of old-fashioned amusement park atmospheres, deliberately by design, to permeate a sense of traveling back to the days of small-town country amusement parks and county fairs from the turn of the 20th Century.

Construction Timeline
- Baseball Entrance Spring 2020
- Palisades Pier: Summer 2021
- Dorney Arbotetum: Summer 2021
- The Wind-Up: Spring 2022
- Old Smokey Railroad: Spring 2023
Approximate Budget - $1 Billion

Park Interactive Walk-Through

Park Description

The Park is divided into six lands that transition with each other to blend into a cohesive environment.

Scranton Lane
The 'Main-Street' of the Park. After walking through the 'Dorney Park' baseball entrance, guests flow through turn of the 20th century shops and eateries leading towards an old fashioned carousel and amusement park attractions such as the wild mouse and the tilt-a-whirl, before having the option to transition towards the other various lands.

Dorney Arboretum
A flower and garden section that features nature trails and flowing walkways through various foliage and plant-life. Arboretums are very popular in Pennsylvania, with an example being Longwood Gardens in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Easton Fields
Named after Easton, PA and also the Easton baseball bat company, this land transitions from the old-time baseball facade into a 'park' setting outside of a stadium. Themed continuously to the classic baseball theme, guests here can experience the Intamin/Rocky Mountain Construction collaboration project known as The Wind-Up, a thrilling wooden coaster that flanks the furthest eastern corner of the park, replacing the 2001 coaster, Talon. Upon the consideration of the classic theme, having Talon, a contemporary bright orange colored steel coaster paralleling classic designs just didn't blend in well thematically. That, combined with its 15+ year old time-table, its removal and replacement will be an improvement in both speed, size, and popularity going forward, as well as properly tie-in with the theme of the Park.

Peterson Village
The Disney buyout of Cedar Fair not only ensured higher budgets for attractions, but the novel story-telling that is quintessential to Walt Disney Imagineering. In the spirit of the Society of Explorers and Adventures, a continuous story told throughout several parks and resorts around the world, Cedar Fair parks and resorts will also receive their own version of a S.E.A. narrative, with its character inception of Samuel Peterson. We first met Peterson at the Wyandot Lodge, and in this tale, his Railroad Company has a run-in with a mysterious spirit that prowls the untamed wilderness of the Smoky Mountains, in the runaway train attraction, Old Smokey Railroad. Peterson Village expands the story beyond just the Peterson Family, introducing Francesca and Stephanie Davis, who are mathematicians and engineers for the Peterson company, designing the rail-lines. Further elaboration on the lore of these characters takes place over time beyond the 5-year plans for the park, and certain story-lines play out in future comics, shows, and special park events such as a Halloween murder mystery adventure featuring the Peterson characters.

Palisades Pier
Themed to an Eastern coastal Boardwalk of the 1920s, this section blends in seamlessly with the next area, and features a re-theme of Steel Force to Cannonball Chute. The area is also fleshed out with an expanded lake named Century Lake, that includes daily fountain shows and nighttime displays.

Solomon Circus
Named after Solomon Dorney, this section flows from the Boardwalk to a 1920s era circus theme, with the Penn Top Circus Act, high-flying acrobatics, Crazy Mirror Mazes, stunt acts, and much more to explore during your stay at Dorney Park.

Throughout the park are attraction posters and advertisements such as the ones in the collage below, that blend all of the lands together into one immersive story.



Advertised as an evolution of El Toro from Six Flags Great Adventure, Intamin and Rocky Mountain Construction team up once again to design a high-flying wooden roller coaster in The Wind-Up in Easton Fields.

The queue of the coaster is highly themed, and explores the history of baseball from the early days in the 1800s, to the live-ball era, and features audio/video recordings of famous moments throughout the games history. Almost like a pseudo-Cooperstown, the queue is indoors and partnered with Disney-owned ESPN in order to account for historical accuracy in the queue. Some props from the Philadelphia Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates are also available in the queue, as well as memorabilia from Minor League teams in the area such as the Scranton Wilkes Barre RailRiders (The New York Yankees Triple-A Team).

Once guests meander through the indoor queue and out towards the station, they see the coaster train 'wind-up' to start, and their adventure begins.

Fast Facts
Height Requirement: 54" inches
Fast Lane Pass: Yes
Wheelchair Accessibility: Need to Transfer
Health Warning: In order to ride The Wind-Up, you should be in good health, and free of any back, neck, heart, or any other ailment that might be aggravated by this experience. Expected mothers should not ride. Due to the size and restraints capabilities, there is a size-limit installed for the attraction. See test seat for details.

Attraction Experience



Wandering back from Easton Fields to the Peterson Village, guests see a 105 foot tall grassy mountain in the distance with the sound of a steam-engine roaring through the hillsides. As guests continue to approach the mountain, a cave dug into the side of the region opens up to reveal walking paths and an exposed, banked railroad track with a careening mine train roaring on it and diving down into the depths of mountainside.

As legend goes, the Peterson Railroad Company, the Old Smokey Railroad, named after Samuel Peterson's beloved horse 'Old Smokey', ran into some trouble when trying to expand their railroad further west into the Tennessee and Kentucky crossroads to meet the Transcontinental Railroad spurs. Designers were baffled that a mysterious spirit was blocking their entrance, and some workers and claimed they saw ghosts and spirits in the mountains they were building near, causing delays and oddities in the railroad designs. Nevertheless, construction continued pressing on, yet the mountain spirits turned the tracks left, right, and all sorts of directions - anything but further west.

To discover the legend for yourself, you board a working mine train out west to observe the progress for Peterson, and you soon find out if the spirit legends are real (P.S. they are)

Your journey takes you up and down the backwoods of the Smoky Mountains as your train careens around hairpin curves and swoops before being 'guided' by the spirits back towards your original position. With wonderful views of Dorney Park from high above the 2nd and 3rd lift hills, this is sure to be a family favorite attraction!

Fast Facts
Height Requirement: 44" inches
Fast Lane Pass: Yes
Wheelchair Accessibility: Need to Transfer
Health Warning: In order to ride Old Smokey Railroad, you should be in good health, and free of any back, neck, heart, or any other ailment that might be aggravated by this experience. Expected mothers should not ride.

Palisades Pier and Additional Enhancements

Rounding out the 5-Year Plan for Dorney Park is Palisades Pier, Solomon Circus, and the surrounding aesthetic touch ups. Rethemed coasters, and the maintenance of the park's oldest coaster, Thunderhawk, are all kept to ensure the classic amusement park theme throughout.

The Boardwalk offers a place for families and friends to meet-up, dine, shop, and ride classic attractions on top of the two main additions to the park in Old Smokey Railroad and The Wind-Up over the next 5-years.


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Spicing up Six Flags will be one of the mantras that this portion of the project will live-by. We introduced the notion that we will 'show our Disney Side' and nowhere is that more evident than in the Six Flags destinations, parks that need the most thematic consistency attention. While Cedar Fair benefited from increased budgets, and more 'resort-style' endeavors, the emphasis of the Six Flags 5-Year Resort plans will mainly focus infusing attractions that 'pop' and 'mix' with the basic structures of the park, in the hopes that they are the catalysts for future phases of cohesive strategies at the various parks down the line.

Construction Timeline
- Spanish Rain and La Mancha Renovation - Spring 2022
- Voyage To Deep Space and Texas Renovation - Spring 2023
Approximate Budget: $800 Million

'Disney-Side' Attraction Additions



As a 'sub-land' of the Mexico & Spain section of the park, La Mancha, the home of the infamous Don Quixote, will make its way to Six Flags Over Texas.

Given the theme of the six lands representing Six Flags that have flown 'Over Texas', expanding current territories such as Spain, that have cultural and historical significance, rather than continue to multiply into varied lands such as the Boomtown expansion or Gotham City, La Mancha will represent Spain and be a symbol of expansion for lands to come. The goal of this sub-land is to design something that expands the lore of an existing land, rather than continue to subdivide into different genres. The comparison in WDI for this project is the Pirates of the Caribbean expansion of Adventureland in 1973, as an example of an expansion pad that helps further the story of the existing land rather than tell a wholly unique interpretation to its neighboring land areas.

Attraction Queue
Guests will travel to an abandoned outpost of La Mancha in a dense forested area of the town. Following a path around a series of switchbacks, you see props and memorabilia from the novel Don Quixote, before traveling indoors and coming face to face with Sancho Panza and Don Quixote himself.


Since the attraction takes inspiration from classic Marc Davis style story-telling, both animatroincs in the queue are designed and resemble those characteristics. Cartooish faces, exaggerated features, and an overall comedic tone to the experience. Don Quixote informs Sancho and the guests of their daring adventure upcoming to a wind-mill, where he will use a rickshaw to catapult the guests to the top of the mill. His reason for this endeavor involves trying to protect the town from incoming invaders, as bizarre as it sounds. His antics in the queue provide some good laughs, as he swings his sword around and almost knocks a whole deck of materials onto Sancho's head.

The coaster itself is designed by Bollinger & Mabillard. It is a steel Wing Coaster that also includes a Linear Induction launch from 0-55 in 2.4 seconds that hurtles guests towards the Wind-Mill in the distance. Naturally with Don Quixote, he miscalculates your jump angle, and sends you sailing around the Spanish countryside, before almost crashing into a building in La Mancha.

Attraction Ride-Through

Fast Facts
Height Requirement: 52" inches
FlashPass: Yes
Wheelchair Accessibility: Need to Transfer
Health Warning: In order to ride Spanish Rain, you should be in good health, and free of any back, neck, heart, or any other ailment that might be aggravated by this experience. Expected mothers should not ride. Due to the size and restraints capabilities, there is a size-limit installed for the attraction. See test seat for details.


Located in the Texas section of Six Flags Over Texas, NASA and its base in Houston, TX have been a part of not only Texas history, but American expeditions into Deep Space for decades. In conjunction with NASA, Disney and Six Flags team up for an immersive omnimover experience, the first of its kind for Six Flags parks, entitled Voyage To Deep Space.

The attraction show-building and facade is situated across the lagoon from Judge Roy Scream classic wooden coaster, and provides a futuristic vista to gaze at from not only the entrance roads, but also the surrounding areas as the chromatic building design stands 68 feet tall.

This slow-moving journey through the stars begins by wandering through a high-tech futuristic space facility set in the year 2123. As you enter the Intergalactic Cosmic Expo building, you step into a vast array of aeronautical materials and areas, with chalkboard lining brainstorming rooms with astrophysics and other mathematical equations trying to solve Einstein's theories on gravitational time dilation and other physical anomalies in Deep Space including radiation poisoning.

One of the greatest discoveries in the recent decade you are told is a super Black Hole on the edge of the Andromeda galaxy. Private and public space companies had sent satillites and other technological machines to record data from the black hole, yet only small tracings have been able to get back so far. Nevertheless, in order to train for an eventual mission into Deep Space, volunteers and trainees are able to take the 'Voyage To Deep Space' - a journey that maps the trajectory of their mission, through digital projection technology and physical sets, that allows the astronauts to train for the expedition.

On the journey you will slingshot around Venus and catapult your way out of the galaxy, passing several planets in the solar system using their gravity to continue outward towards the black hole. The deafening silence of space is eased by the grand vistas you are able to see, as well as the on-board narration from mission control divulging the mission parameters and what you are seeing.

Attraction Original Score & Synopsis

Boarding the omnimovers and leaving earth's atmosphere, string music encompasses your cochleas as you ascend to the low earth orbit, where your omnimovers turn around and gaze into a large planetarium style version of planet earth.

The on-board capcom narration of the journey is performed by Matthew McConaughey, a native Texan and famous from his role as Cooper in the 2014 film, Interstellar.

As you slingshot around Venus you get an incredible view of a larger than life moving animatroinc planet, with solar storms and wind guests visable from space. The narrator delves into the temperatures and gas states of the planet, saying that some planets in the universe cannot be habitable at this time. As you feel the rays of the sun, your omnimover turns the corner and launches off into deep space.

Rendering of Venus Scene

Passing the gas giants of Jupiter and Saturn, you continue to the edge of the solar system and on towards the 'unknown' and deep space. These physical sets all present different animation styles and narrations that make this both an incredible experience and educational attraction. Further along, a nebula in the distance can be seen in its colorful arrays and motions as you flow through the particles and continue onward. Eventually, you reach the Black Hole on the edge of the galaxy. It's massive gravity weighs down the invisible oxygen chamber that protects your omnimovers from cosmic radiation and the vacuum of space.

Rendering of The Black Hole Scene

The Black Hole's immense power and size is put on display in a large 2-story projection room that combines special 360 animation effects to create the most immersive dark ride scene in any Six Flags park, and rivaling most Disney Parks as well. The majest of the Black Hole, as the narration continues, is evidence of just how much of the universe we don't know yet. For as expansive our knowledge has grown and will continue to grow, there will always be something new on the horizon that we can discovery. To reach beyond and break barriers, as the capcom concludes that our destiny lies above us.

As the omnimovers turn back from the Black Hole you see a dwarf star and planetary system in the distance, possibly denoting a future home for humanity. Perhaps that is what this mission is all about? Your simulation ends however and you return to the lobby central of the Intergalactic Cosmic Expo building, as you contemplate the vastness of the universe and your place in its story.

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Following the 'Disney Side' trend set throughout the Six Flags park refurbishments and enhancements, Six Flags Great America provides spins on two classic Americana properties in Looney Tunes and DC Comics. Steadfast contributors to Six Flags parks in the past, both of these properties have enormous potential with the proper guidance, being beloved by both children, teens, and even adults who grew up watching the cartoons or reading the comic books. Near the populated Midwest city of Chicago, Great America provides the perfect commercial hub for these inclusions before branching out into the other destinations potentially in the future.

Construction Timeline
Bayou retheme of Superman: Ultimate Flight - Spring 2019
Looney Tune Town Fair - Spring 2020
Look To The Stars - Spring 2021
Approximate Budget - $800 Million

'Disney-Side' Attraction Additions

Replacing Kidzopolis near the back corner of Six Flags Great America, the Looney Tune Town Fair takes inspiration from the classic Disney lands of Mickey's Toowtown Fair, offering a nuanced flair to the land including a different collection of characters that had only been introduced in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? up until this point.

TuneTown Map

Bugs Bunny's Raft Adventure

Guests travel to Looney TuneTown’s Dock where they enter Tune Falls near Bug Bunny's house, which has flowing carrot rafts that match the orange tint to the falls. All seems like a scenic your with audio commentary from Sam until a carrot farm is spotted.

Yosemite Sam: “I smells carrots a-cookin’ … and where there’s carrots, there’s rabbits.”

The cruise is then off on the chase to find Bugs Bunny, taking a small dip. We then Enter a cave leading us into the town’s Canary Canal.

We soon come upon Bugs Bunny.

Bugs: “What’s up Doc?”

Yosemite Sam: “I’m no doc, ya flea-bitten varmint … I’m Yosemite Sam … the riffiest riff that ever riffed a raft! We’ve got ya surrounded!”

Bugs: “Surrounded? For shame, doc – you forgot about the burrow.”

Bugs then jumps off into the next scene.

Yosemite Sam: “Get that varmint!”

The boat follows orders on the search for Bugs Bunny. We go through a small forest into the next scene, following a tunnel.

This scene uses the “pop up” animation technology from Mickey’s Runaway Railway at DHS, popping the classic scene where Elmer Fudd is hunting for Rabbits.

Elmer: “Shh… Be very quiet – I’m hunting rabbits”

We come along another scene where Bugs and Daffy are by a tree, taking off posters for hunting.

Yosemite Sam: “There he is, let’s catch that rabbit!”

Daffy: “Rabbit Season”
Bugs: “Duck Season”
Daffy: “Rabbit Season”
Bugs: “Duck Season”
Daffy: “Duck Season”

Elmer then tries to shoot Daffy, but missed hitting a tree that lands on Sam.

Guests soon follow Bugs, and go down a small drop into the next scene.

The next scene is themed to the short Bully for Bugs with the use of uses the “pop up” animation technology again.

Bugs: "I knew I shoulda taken that left toin at Albukoikee"

The next scene shows Toro the bull then rams bugs into the wall,

Bugs: "Of course you realize this means war"

The rest of the scene shows a chase between Bugs and the Bull, as you soon see the bull right above the canal, charging at the boat!

A hole pops out under the bull (trap door) sending guests into the next show scene.

This show scene pop Bugs bunny into the Desert.

Bugs: “I know a boat in the desert defies the law of gravity, but I never studied law!”

Wile E. Coyote create a machine to cook Bugs, while it seems to backfire. The machine then retracts guests along with Wile E. Coyote into a cliff.

Guests see Wile E. Coyote suspended above the canal with a help sign, soon falling down.

Guests then plummet down a drop, later seeing Bugs in the Water, fishing on a boat.

Foghorn Leghorn: “You’re way off, I say you’re way off course this time!”

Foghorn Leghorn: “For-I say fortunately I lead you to the concert at the fair.”

After looking back over Looney Tune Lake, guests then go into a concert, similar to the short Long-Haired Hare. A few differences though, such as the slew of Looney Toons characters in the band, and Tweetie on Bugs’ shoulder.

Bugs has serval different commentaries towards the boats going by, if he’s not playing music with the orchestra.

Bugs: “There’s a Tweetie on my Shoulder! It’s the truth, it’s actual -“

Tweetie: “This ride wouldn’t be as satisfactual without Disney.”

Tweetie: “I taut I taw a Superman”

Bugs: “Nah, that’s just the ride dispacher”

Bugs: “Eat your heart out, Hans Zimmer!"

Tweetie: “Or send a CD”

Bugs (points to water): Oh look! I found Nemo!

Right before unload, you see Porky Pig Fishing trying to get out “That’s all Folks!”

Various Kids Attractions in TuneTown

Elmer's Hunting Hopper - A Bunny-hop drop tower for children. As the tree branch rises and falls, it reveals the signs for Duck Season or Rabbit Season on the tree trunk.
Yosemite Sam's Gold Mine - a bumper car area that involves special explosive effects when you crash into the other cars.
Tweetie High Flyers - a retheme of the current Red Baron attraction
Daffy's Airplane Adventure - a soaring kiddie spinner attraction themed to Duck Dodgers. A note is posted outside the queue area, by Bugs Bunny reading "Eh, Daffy, what's this with you also namin' your attraction an 'Adventure'?"
Le Pew's Le Cups - tea cup style attraction themed to Pepe Le Pew
Suffering Stuffatash - themed gift shop with ACME goods.


Inspired by the 2013 film Man of Steel, this attraction will be added to the Yukon Territory as one of Six Flags first Disney-level 'mountain' attractions called Look To The Stars. Standing 130 feet above the grounds of the park, the mountain hides the film version of the 'Fortress of Solitude', being a crashed Kryptonian ship in the Arctic. Transitioning from the greater Yukon Territory land, guests walk into these snowy peaks to discovery their hero journey.

With this attraction, the short and duplicated Superman: Ultimate Flight, will be re-designed to a Bayou coaster themed to New Orleans (as it should be in Orleans Place)

Most of the queue for Look To The Stars is within the crashed Arctic Kryptonian ship. Upon boarding the ship, a command is gases the room with Kryptonian air, and as you breathe it in you become more and more Kryptonian. As you continue to walk-around the ship, you see Clark Kent and Jor-El in animatronic form in the distance, saying that Clark will give the people of earth an ideal to strive towards; an ideal for hope. Queued further, a planetarium style pre-show depicts the history of Krypton.

Patents and Design

1. Centroid Application - the IMAX 3D projection screen has the ability to pinpoint 2D locations and project them on screen. This will come in handy for the augmented reality portions of the experience.
2. Cross-Section Rotation - the Kryptonian arm that the guests are attached to has the ability for more enhanced motion techniques than ever before, tilting guests up and down almost from a standing position, into a flying position, as well as forward and back and other circuitous rotations.
3. Augmented Motion - at one point in the experience, you have the capability to punch and motion with your arms and eyes towards objects on screen. The augmented reality then blasts laser beams out of your eyes, just like Superman, as well as the screen and visceral effects reacting if you punch General Zod.
4. Integrated Boundaries - as mentioned before in the cross-section rotations segment, this attraction has more enhanced motion than any simulator attraction Disney has ever done. With more motion calculations and maneuvers than even a KUKA arm, this is truly a unique and wholesome endeavor for guests of Six Flags Great America.

Attraction Experience

Timestamp Descriptions
0:00 - 0:26: The Death of Krypton and the Birth of Superman (from Pre-Show finale)
0:27 - 1:03: Loading Music; guests board in their Kryptonian armor which enables them to take in the rays of the earth's younger sun, and fly with Superman. The seating arrangement is as such. You are locked in to two harnesses, one lap restraint and another over the shoulder restraint, and as the experience begins, the arm rotates into a flying position and ready for liftoff.
1:04 - 1:39: You lift off sending shock waves around the arctic and launch off into the atmosphere. The augmented motion enables the guests to feel the sensation of flying through the centroid IMAX screen technology combined with the 3D effects of wind and clouds that make for an incredibly immersive experience.
1:40 - 1:50: Approximated from actual length, General Zod of the fallen Krypton is called to earth after you activated the Kryptonian ship in the Arctic, and begins to terraform the earth into Krypton with the World Engine.
1:51 - 2:13: Flying around low earth orbit, you head towards the World Engine over the Indian Ocean, and swoop down through the clouds only to be suffocated by the World Engine's gravitational pull, and smoky block of the sun, sending you twirling down to the ground.
2:14 - 2:53: Tentacles launch out of the World Engine and chase you around the terraforming smog, as you gasp for air and energy, the tentacles latch onto you and hurl you towards the ocean.
2:54 - 3:33: Using all of your might, you and Superman fly up the World Engine's beam and destroy it, before flying halfway around the world back to Metropolis to the opposing ship, and saving Lois before she falls from the ship.
3:34 - 4:07: Angered, General Zod zooms towards you and Superman in an epic battle through Metropolis, until you take Zod, along with Superman's help, and fly him into outer-space and towards the earth's moon, and directly into the phantom zone. This scene heavily involves the augmented reality where you can punch your way to Zod while flying in the air alongside Superman and beam him to Superman who takes him into outer space.
4:08 - 4:52: Having saved the day, you fly around the earth with the booming Hans Zimmer score in the background, and return to the Arctic Kryptonian ship.
4:53 - 5:15: Unload/Exit Music. The arms retreat to their original standing positions and you are able to

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Project Conclusion

With 4 Parks and 8 main attraction additions throughout Cedar Fair and Six Flags venues after the Disney buyout, the next few years look very promising and instill the Disney storytelling traditions and magic. Additional tidbits and information regarding the project posted below.

Thank you for reading Team Omega's proposal!

Roller-Coaster Attraction Statistics

Programs Used
Adobe Illustrator, Planet Coaster, Blender, Paint.NET, Canva, Thisissand, Logopit Plus,
Banditcam, PicsArt, Yamaha Piano, Windows Movie Maker.

Wyandot People

Classic Baseball Stadium Designs/History
Ebbets Field -
Polo Grounds -
Yankee Stadium I -
Fenway Park -
Wrigley Field -

El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha
By Miguel de Cervantes

Music Used
Ride To Fort Hays
by John Barry (Dances With Wolves)
Flitterin' - Main Street U.S.A. Loop
Frontierland Area Music - Frontierland
Bear Band Serenade by George Burns (Country Bears)
Don Quixote/Spanish Rain by Coldplay
Man of Steel Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

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Stanza V: The Infinity Suite

Gifted four Cedar Fair and Six Flags parks - Discovery Kingdom, Magic Mountain, Kings Dominion and Carowinds - as well as $1 billion apiece, the creative teams at Brava and Castle resolved to bring these parks up to immersive Disney standards. Their aim? To create new attractions unique to these parks, attractions which cannot be created at Walt Disney World due to IP, thrill levels or distinct local factors. In all things, balance is key, and efforts were made to blend theming, thrills and family-friendly appeal.

Beyond simply adding great attractions to under-themed amusement parks, our team worked hard to improve overall park functions as well. Be it in-park transportation, improved services and aesthetics, or even a new entrance. Each park has gained a new cohesive purpose. Brava and Castle hope you enjoy our improvements...


DISNEY'S DISCOVERY KINGDOM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DISNEY'S CAROWINDS

DISNEY'S KINGS DOMINION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DISNEY'S MAGIC MOUNTAIN


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Thank you for the projects! - This was a really fun Stanza, and as a special surprise, I'll be providing a review for Team Brava/Castle coming soon, within an hour or so. And as of right now, going to do something a bit different, and give you the next Stanza -- right now! No need to dive right into it after the hard work, but it allows you to get back into the groove of your teams after this epic Infinity Suite if you're online tonight or tomorrow morning/afternoon before the Stanza V results. So check your PM boxes for that, and hope you enjoy!


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Thank you for the projects! - This was a really fun Stanza, and as a special surprise, I'll be providing a review for Team Brava/Castle coming soon, within an hour or so. And as of right now, going to do something a bit different, and give you the next Stanza -- right now! No need to dive right into it after the hard work, but it allows you to get back into the groove of your teams after this epic Infinity Suite if you're online tonight or tomorrow morning/afternoon before the Stanza V results. So check your PM boxes for that, and hope you enjoy!
You just read my mind! I was wondering if you were going to give us a review or not! :p

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