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The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4: Homecoming Edition

Disney Dad 3000

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Stanza IV: Rhapsody in Blueprint

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proudly presents it's proposal to complete one of the finest competition built parks on the forum....​

It seems the Infinity War claimed a victim in the form of our server/website. The following google doc contains the majority of the presentation minus the ropes course and Africa shopping, though in not as attractive detail.



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Adventure Bay

Where to begin with this team. I don't think I've ever seen more hardships fall onto a team within one challenge, ever. And I don't say that lightly. While not divulging the specifics (you all can do that if you want to) we'll just say that if I'm mentioning it at the beginning of the review...it's a lot to deal with. But as Kelly Clarkson once said "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Pop lyrics have never been more true - I really believe each of you grew as imagineers and got closer as teammates on this turbulent journey through Stanza IV.

Adventure Bay, like the logo and additions to the map, also appreciate the intro specifics. Understanding that the typical Adventureland would not work in Brazil, given the surroundings, and using that as the template for the entire land! Way to figure out the point of the project!

I will say I was a bit mixed throughout the week on the choices of in particular the mysterious tropical island...I think you were on a good path with both Africa and Mexico, part of me didn't see the connection but we'll see how it works in full - because sometimes things scattered throughout a PM sound better once they come together.

P.S. nice touch with the Brazilian Real in the budget. I do think the budget is a tad excessive, probably in the real world one or two of these things would be cut for opening day, but nonetheless this is a very well thought out land as a whole. While I'm viewing this on the site for the majority of this review...YMMV if not viewing the site though. I think the site really did a great job of organizing everything (I'm getting exhausted of google docs tbh...62 pages, Thanos is the 'Mad' Titan and that did not help his adjective descriptor.) So just note 90% of this review is based on the site that, to nobody's fault, not going to go into detail because I don't know computer talk, but it's something bigger than usual. Anyways...

Puerto Escondido
In general the Volanco Bat ride (ie Fire Mountain) was a very nice addition. For as comical of a running gag it is on the forum and in the comp, it could very easily be swapped for any sort of mythical volcano dwelling creature title and be equally as effective as driving the story of the attraction. What I mean by that is, taking something meant as a joke and turning it into Camazotz turned that joke into something meaningful. Nice touch on the mine coaster, good clue that Big Thunder was missing, so glad you caught that (was on purpose). And feels in a way very similar to Big Thunder except with a Volcano/Mexican mythology - how cool would that be! Like the attraction info as well (ie the green boxes) I'll say it here but having them for each attraction added another layer of detail to the project that made it feel real. The ride-through description was excellent as a whole. Believable and fun!

Coco: Un Musical Poco Loco I could tell this was a passion project and it showed in spades! That being said, despite many of the positives, I will focus on something minor, yet very significant to improve on for next time. It's not a dealbreaker...but in the theater description - don't say it "looks like a regular Disney Parks Theater" -- what does that mean? Does it resemble Country Bears? Monsters Inc? Hall of Presidents? American Adventure? Beauty and the Beast? Disney has a wide variety of different theaters. And considering this was tagged as an evolution of the Enchanted Tiki Room, I'm picturing a smaller theater, but this feels like a bigger theater. Being specific on the theater...allows the reader to be able to visualize sitting in the theater while reading the descrition...without the theater to go off of...I'm just reading about AAs and productions and I have no idea how it's handled from a spacing perspective. Another thing could just be to draw the theater yourself -- maybe next project that is something to try! I know it sounds like I went in hard on one small detail...but it's honestly just to help for the future and as a show itself it sounded really great! La Cocina de Panchito and Mercado del Raton were both exquisite small scale additions to complete the village.

A Selva Incomum (The Unusual Jungle)
Surprised based on who headed up this section that the title did not have some sort of alliteration akin to A Series of Unfortunate Events titles. The Juxtaposed Jungle maybe? C'mon now. :p I like the general backstory to this land, it makes me understand the connection a bit more, and adds a bit of mysticism to Adventureland (tying in with mythology of both Coco and Volcano Bat) It does become a bit heavy on exposition at times though, like at one point or another...I get it as a reader, it's a magical weird island. Not a fan of the name Hightower Hunt, or the inclusion of Harrison Hightower III, mostly because he already has an attraction. It's a personal preference, but I'd rather see new S.E.A. characters than reusing old ones into the plot, other than a small easter egg here or there to others in a queue or something to show the connective tissue of the ongoing S.E.A. mythology.

Julia Neeson and her husband Liam (kidding) I mean Peter, had a great story arc evolving S.E.A. to the present day and overall I thought the attraction was really a spectacular combo of Dinosaur and Indy. Fit Adventureland like a glove. And the S.E.A. Outpost is also very nice. Indiana Jones and the Lost Temple this one loses me a bit (and this is also reviewed on the doc) we didn't need a whole other elaborate backstory really to keep the flow going. Either cut down the backstory for Hightower Hunt or just keep it simple because mostly everyone knows Indiana Jones. It's Indy on an adventure...can be told in 2-3 sentences not 3 paragraphs.

I am a little worried also at this point about attraction overload. Especially with a whole other miniland still to go, it feels like the S.E.A. one could have definitely been cut down in post-production phases. Yes, I know everyone had a tough week, but I have say that is definitely somewhere to improve. While a great individual attraction - connected with the others it is a bit overwhelming, even as a D-Ticket bus essentially. It drains me by the time I get to Quest for the Forbidden Artifacts, Cartindale Cargo, Dr. Albert Falls' The Broken Chandelier, and Jock Lindsay's Hangar Bar.

Knocking Castle in Stanza I for this type of thing...I have to remain consistent...this should have been edited down. This team knows better! Not saying any component of it is bad (it certainly isn't) but it's a chore to read. It doesn't even mean anything in the land needs to be cut, just know when/where to put detail...again while cliche, a picture is worth 1000 words never has been more true. Last round for gift shops and restaurants you did photoshop t-shirts and pictures of food...that should have taken up the majority of the restaurants/shops rather than more description considering the amount that went into the attractions.

Hazina ya Pwani (Treasure Coast)
I very much liked the African angle you took with this area - out of all the lands this one was probably my favorite from a narrative perspective, tying in Brazil's rich eclectic heritage. Pirates of the Barbary Coast was bold! I was very worried about that at first given the rough history of Pirates in that region, but I think the care and devotion to not only the artwork but the attraction itself, it paid off. It's simpler than some of the other Pirate attractions but also feels a bit darker which is an interesting take. I also like the new song too! Black Panther: Trials for the Crown...a good way to cash in on a lucrative film for sure. The Bobs would be all over this and Coco. My one concern would be I feel BP can be its own land...and the description elicited US box office numbers, (not touching on Brazil?) So I was a little confused there. But overall a strong show. Barbary Bistro sounds great! And Lava-Palooza is the quirky kind of title I like for the nighttime show. While I'm not 100% sure on an individual land having a nighttime show...it does make sense given the grandeur of the land.

Overall, I think the team would agree too, that there were many obstacles that faced this team during the week, really there should have been no project given the circumstances, but the fact that you were able to pull this out as a team despite all of the setbacks (and some of the constrictive criticism pieces I had with it) you all should be very proud and it should be commended!



Presentation wise I think this is the best the team has done by far - well done! While Weebly is kind of straight-forward to design, sometimes that is all it takes to mix it up a bit. In terms of teamwork I am personally impressed with a few people who stepped up out of the shadows to become more active contributors, leading discussion to your longest PM yet (yes while length only means so much, as mentioned before it means a lot to me) Continual discussion is good...but there could be more of it. This was a team effort in one respect, but others just didn't show up, after ample opportunities throughout the first four Stanzas to shine. There comes a point where it isn't fair to people who continue to contribute if there aren't any consequences when you don't, and Thanos will take action.

Okay tonal shift back to the project - I really like the island idea, and I like the addition of the backstory poem (I believe RM pulled that one out of his bank of tricks). Also the RCT3 is amazing! But what the heck am I looking at? I don't see any descriptions for what any area is on the RCT3 map. I see a waterfall, and islands, but no descriptions. Also, small nitpick, but dangerous secrets? If it's a secret how do you know it's dangerous?:p I'm just kidding around.

Discovery Island
Could have probably gone with a more unique name (I will say this with probably all 3 of the names) the islands are great, naming was not the great part). Not only does Discovery Island already exist in DAK, but it was in Bay Lake too. While I also like the waterfall as the weenie and know it's named after Jason Chandler, I can't help but think of...

Pirates of Discovery Island: The Key to Chaos - a great name for this attraction given the chaotic brainstorming that went into it, because this attraction changed hands many times before being submitted in the final hours, not knowing what it would actually be about. This is where better teamwork needs to come in and communication. Small tangent, but if you're online and you see someone asking a question...give it a shot? Chime in? Because as was mentioned nobody knew what was happening with this ride because nobody could decide. There was a summary of a Pirates film ride (because Brazilians like the Pirates films) then there was a S.E.A. ride with Pirates, but not film Pirates, then that got cancelled, then yada yada yada, we are here. And we can see that this is a rushed effort because Sign up at --- Island, 'Expedidition', among other instances that make it feel a bit rushed. Given that though, I do think this is a solid effort and there was definitely some passion behind this idea. I don't know how to try and offer advice for this though...other than saying, better team communication.

Adventureland Tours - I like this as a peoplemover concept, my fear is what will you see? If the land (presumably) is above the water-line, wouldn't you only be able to see the edges of the lands, and not the intricacies of them like the peoplemover can from above? It's a great idea on paper, I just wonder how this would be different (aside from the Skippers themselves) from the extinct Discovery River Tours. Shopping and Dining section was good (nice job with the Brazilian Real too) Wilderness Explorer Adventure I liked because it traveled throughout the land and really felt immersive for some reason, that being said the lack of images here is an issue for me as a visual person. I would have liked to see some pictures but that also comes from rushing at the last minute. Adventure Awakens honestly seemed a bit unnecessary given that it was tossed in last minute. There's a song described, but no music or even a reference to the music to get an idea what you're talking about - also attributing this to rushing.

Desert Island
The description says it's unique from Arabian Coast yet the reference photo is of Arabian Coast. I understand there was supposed to be more RCT3 involved from a few, but still. You can't do a 5 min search for a more unique Arabian reference photo to go along with the 'unique' designation for the land? It's not an end all be all negative just...I know you have more creative talent than that. Aladdin's Whole New World I thought was a very well made D-Ticket, simplistic yet got the job done in a way that made it feel 'real' - I know DisneyMan did this one too - you have quite a talent for dark rides. And speaking of talent the 1001 Nights: An Enchanted Experience walk-through, along with the adjacent dining/shopping experiences by mickeyfan - wonderful job! While the name of the island is a bit generic, and it does take a lot from pre-existing area the content and quality stand out - great job with the menu and pricing as well!

Tiki Island
A nice intro description, but again the pictures do not match, they are just of random tikis in Adventureland and a mountain which I'm assuming is Chandler Falls? I love the concept of The Enchanted Tiki Journey, this might be the best attraction of the project as a whole, with the traveling theater concept. I wasn't a huge fan of the Moana tie-in, I think the Tiki Room mythology could stand on its own, that being said, Polynesian mythology is a perfect tie for Moana (and it is has been rumored to be entering the Tiki Room, though nothing official) That being said it was one of those weird things where if you're going to include Maui, little girls would probably be asking where is Moana? And why basically the whole attraction isn't Moana themed, so to me that would be my one hesitation to include that, but as an attraction it stands on its own.

The entertainment options were solid though, not much more to say on them. Insert Shopping and Dining sounds amazing! Oh spectacular! :p I have one question - you bring me to Tiki Island and don't have Dole Whip?:oops: All you had to say was Dole Whip for Shopping/Dining. (Well, not really, but it would have helped) Leaving that to me shows a lack of attention to detail.

Overall, I do think there were some definite highlights to this project - some new people stepping up, the three island connections with Mother Nature in the poem, the Enchanted Tiki Journey, among most of Desert Island. That being said - it really comes down again to communication and time-management. No other way to say it, this could have gone from good to great to epic very quickly with a few minor adjustments, but nonetheless, a very solid project indeed!​
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I think six attractions would be fine Frontierland having seven and Fantasyland having at least 10. But I can see how for a competition presentation it might be a bit much
Attraction overload being the amount of time it takes to read through it. As i continued to say in the review, it wasn't the number of attractions, but that they could have been described a bit more concisely. That section felt a bit run on which makes it hard for the reader on top of everything else.



- I like how you addressed the exotic jungle issue of Brazil, since very exotic jungles are in their backyard. Really sold me to read more – Great job!

- Thank you for finishing the map! It gives me a great idea how your Adventureland fits with Disneyland Brazil.

- Nice day/night concept art! I did notice the water and sky jpgs in them though @D Hindley …. I am a huge fan of your art, but with that comes expectations to step it up each time and I was a little sad not to see a sketched up sky and water. (I blame the bears)


This Adventureland seems very unique! It sort of reminds me of Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland mish mash, but a bit better, though it doesn't reach the level of coheasion of a Shanghai connective Pirate Cove/Adventure Isle identity (Even though they both identify as “island tropical” they’re still their own stories.)

Adventure Bay
The Budget sounds good to me.

Puerto Escondido
- Great theme, great concept. I love this in place of a Caribbean section in Adventureland.

Fire Mountain

- Joking of Volcano Bat aside - Great storyline and concept of the queue going through the old temple and the Mesoamerican catacombs. I like that you include the mining operation – though I think it copies a little of what Frontierland has to offer up north on that side of the park with Western Tram, rather than bringing some variety. Stats sounded realistic.

- Overall, good job – A Trolling Vocano Bat in the background – but a good attraction none the less.

Coco: Un Musical Poco Loco
- This was a great addition to Disneyland Brazil. I think it desperately needed a coaster on the left side of the park, and a musical in the park period.

- I love the preshow! Great nod to Frida’s Workshop in the movie. This place seemed heavily immersive. The pre-show and stage setting sound highly immersive.

- I don’t know if this show needed AAs. I think it would’ve been just as great with actors. I think it was highly immersive, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see the how it could really tip the scale enough to get more people to see the show, or be make the show better than highly trained actors.

La Cocina de Panchito
- Sounds like a great restaurant, I like the idea of Mexican gastronomy – I wish a menu was provided so I could see those elements implemented. It seemed the ones mentioned were more classic dishes.
- Adding The Three Caballeros as characters was nice, though I think the show may be a little too much to the environment.

Mercado del Ratón
- Did not provide a picture of a Volcano Bat Plush. 0 points. :p

A Selva Incomum

Hightower Hunt
I really thought this attraction was a fantastic SEA exploration. It has its own unique storyline, but at the same time, the patterns in the storyline of the “Something goes wrong, and now we have to fix it” is very familiar to guests from with other EMV attractions such as Dinosaur or Indiana Jones attractions.

I am confused about having another attraction devoted to Harrison Hightower, when there are so many other S.E.A members to dive into story-wise that don't already have their own attraction.

I wish there was a visual for the characters to see what they would look like would’ve been helpful towards immersion.

The queue sounded like a nice introduction, and the pre-show reminded me of Dinosaur or Indiana Jones at DLR. Very typical for EMV, so it was fine. Attraction Details looked good.

The attraction seemed nice, very present day. I loved the artwork of the creature!

As for Georgina Remi….

Just Kidding. I think Georgina Remi had a great explanation and storyline. Awesome background story. I actually liked her more that the Neelsons. I feel like all I got out of a Neelsons were that they were an couple who liked adventuring. In my opinion, they really didn’t have much connecting personalities to resonate with guests enough to hold a heavy EMV attraction.

Indiana Jones and the Lost Temple
The introduction to the attraction seems more of a forced land via current Disney lore than a cohesive story. I like the idea of clearing a temple for a jungle resort – but I also think the backstory has a lot of mixing of different Disney themed content. It seems more of a mish-mash of a SEA prequel and a Indiana Jones movie land, than a cohesive story, when you add in the SEA artifacts, Indy, Jock Lindsay’s, and Doctor J.L. Baterista. I feel like it’s a “too many cooks in the kitchen” scenario. :bookworm:

The Danger Skull (I loved this story, I think it kept true to the classic “Indy ride” story WDI does) and Indiana, or even Doctor J.L. Baterista’s resort – would’ve been enough meat to develop the story. I love the idea you were going for, but I think the background story was too heavy in characters and crossovers.

I loved the play on words for “Investors” for Standby, Single, and Fastness! :D I can’t express how much that little detail added to telling the story for me. Excellent work on that. It’s a small thing, but it makes a great impact.

The Office in the queue layout oddly reminded me of going into the office for Kilimanjaro Safaris or the Yeti Museum. Probably not planned that way, but I think it was cool touch for Disney-style tropical cohesion.

I like that the buses have a live tour guide rather than an audio one. Great immersion in the storyline again!

Attraction details sound good.

The ride through itself is Fantastic. I like this take on a Disney Indy ride – It’s familiar in the “Indy Warns you, but you get into trouble anyway” philosophy, but with outdoor sections and live tour guide. The tour guide really seems like the MVP of the attraction, such as the actor in Poseidon’s Fury, or the tour guide in the Great Movie Ride.

The Rhino Rally element is where the attraction truly becomes it’s own in my opinion. The A-100 Indiana Jones was a great element.

Overall, I wasn’t sold on the backstory, but the immersion throughout the attraction and the ride system concepts were spectacular!

Quest for the Forbidden Artifacts Interactive Game
Seems like a nice addition to the land. I would personally enjoy doing this more that Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, or Treasures of the Sevan Seas.

Mixing the stories seemed a bit forced though. The first paragraph sort of felt like a mad lib adding in all the elements of Adventureland, rather than a cohesive storyline.

The Society of Conquerors and Purists….

With this and the Neelsons from Hightower Hunt, this is a ton of new SEA content for this land. I mean, I know it’s a SEA/Indiana Jones based subland, but these are a ton of new elements to SEA that just haven’t been mentioned or discovered enough to truly be intertwined with classic SEA lore.

Adding in Doctor J.L. Baterista from Indy’s attraction. There’s way too many “main” characters for one place. Side S.E.A. characters are meant to be background, like Barnabus T. Bullion in the Big Thunder queue...you can ride that entire attraction and understand it without knowing who Bullion is. If you do, it'a great bonus. Maybe that was the intention with all these characters, but it just feels like I don't know who to focus on.

Cartindale Cargo Gift Shop
Good gift shop. I think the imports concept is nice. Another SEA character (Inigo Cartindale)

Dr. Albert Falls’ The Broken Chandelier
Expanding Dr. Fall’s Restaurant lore was very interesting. I like the direction you took with this.

Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar
Disney Springs copy. Good Drinks. Nuff’ said.

Africa Subland
Nice overview of the land. I like the integration of Africa in a Disneyland Brazil.

Pirates of the Barbary Coast
Being a sucker for classic attractions I really enjoyed what you did with this. It’s a fresh take on pirates, by integrating an African flair and Marc Davis style humor. (Scene 1’s Skeleton head has to be my favorite similar gag)

I like the classic song, I think it adds to the attraction.

The Bob Iger in me says this need Jack Sparrow – and if he’s not in it, don’t put it in Adventureland. – But the Marc Davis in me is reviewing this and is giving you a standing ovation.

Black Panther: Trials for the Crown
I think this is an awesome stage show idea. Great concept, theming, storytelling, immersion, and placement in the park. I really have nothing to critique. So I’ll just post a Wakanda gif.


Barbary Bistro
Sounds amazing and fitting. It works for me in this area because Adventureland usually has odd food for the culture.

I like the concept – Reminds me of the mismash of the name Skyleidoscope in Epcot back in the day.

Overall, I enjoyed key elements in this project. Amazing attractions such as Pirates and Indiana really spoke out to me. Black Panther was also great, and while I did have some problems with the S.E.A. sub-land, overall it was a nice package. And it goes without saying the teamwork pulling this project together was off the charts.

Despite the personal life troubles this challenge, I'm happy to this team dish out a great project!


Adventureland Post Introduction
- Great intro – seems like a classic introduction to a Adventureland area! Sold it enough to click the link.

The Website Layout and Presentation Format
- I enjoyed how you made the buttons themed toward Adventureland language with terms such as “explore” and “visit.”
- I thought the poem was nice in “A Story for the Ages” – Though I would’ve enjoyed a written backstory much more. This seemed a little more promotional video to me.

Adventure Awaits Home Page
- “Become One With The Jungle” was a good website intro - I enjoyed that. I think “Immersive Adventures” and “The Islands Call. Will you answer?” sold the guest to keep reading, though.
- The RCT3 map is great, but it doesn't help at all because there are no labels. I have to guess where everything is.

Tiki Island
- Great Intro description to the page.

The Enchanted Tiki Journey
- I really enjoy the idea of turning this into a traveling theater dark ride, though I wonder if the ride style has a place in today’s attractions. Removing both Universe of Energy and GMR, I just wonder if this type of system would be in use going forward.

Queue and Preshow
- I like how you handed the Preshow, because I love the Disneyland Tiki Gardens, and I think this is that on overload. This pretty much took everything that went right with both WDW and DLR’s Enchanted Tiki Room Preshow, and putting it into one. Add in it’s a walking trail and I think this is a phenomenal concept.

Theater and Ride System Set Up
- I would’ve loved to see some concept pictures of how the initial theater gimmick would have worked. I love the idea, it’s very cool! I just wish I could see how you did it with a bit more detail.
- Duplicating should make the attraction cheaper. - No problems from Bob there.
- Overall, I loved the ridethrough for this attraction. It’s a great twist on the Enchanted Tiki Room, with nods to expanding the story of all the Tiki gods. The Finale with Uh-Oah, Pele, and Tangaroa was phenomenal depiction of balance. Very immersive and I actually liked the Maui tie-in, though I think the Tiki Room as an IP has enough to stand on its own without Disney films needed. But enough of that

Shopping and Dining on Tiki Island
- Seems like classic Adventureland. Legends of the Island and Steel Drums? Sounds good. I couldn’t see any dining on that subpage though. Seems like a missed component. Moana Meet and greet was nice.

Desert Island
- Arabian themed area in Adventureland makes a ton of sense to me in Disneyland Brazil. That being said Adventurelands are usually a mashup of many different IPs, and I would of liked to know how the land transitions from Jungle to Desert more effectively than something like DLP. Part of the challenge was how to blend it into the surrounding area and I didn't feel there was enough focus on that. It just jumped into the island. Where is it located in relation to the rest of the park?

Aladdin's Whole New World
- Exterior and Queue sounds nice. I like the carpet effects implemented. I wish there was a bit of a small script to see what you were thinking Iago would say to guests. That really intrigued me.
- Overall, I really don’t have much other to say about the attraction. Ride system sounds nice, attraction seemed realistic and fun. Amazing work on this one, DisneyManOne!

1001 Nights: An Enchanted Experience
- Awesome!, Another mickeyfan5534 classic!

The Feast of Wonders
- Awesome mix of Brazilian and middle eastern themed food. I really enjoyed this element, and I think it goes well with Aladdin’s attraction.

Agrabah Marketplace
- Great Gift Shop! And the Character meet and greet was a excellent addition.

Discovery Island
- The weenie was nice, name was Jason Chandler, a nice touch given he only has a letter in the Big Thunder queue and in the comics. Given Jungle Cruise and 'Falls' I was hoping for it to be called the front side of water or something:hilarious:
- The name Discovery Island seems repetitive too.
- Though you also had a great land introduction, awesome job on that.

Pirates of Discovery Island: The Key to Chaos
- Some visuals would have been great to really pull who Professor Colorado really is, but the description for what it was will do.
- I think this is a refresh on Pirates, and I truly enjoyed this idea. It reminds me of Shanghai’s Pirates and Mystic Manor in a way.
- This ride had a lot of exchanges before it was finally written. Communicate better guys! No visuals it's tough to get invested in it. It's a great concept though despite that.

Adventureland Tours: Presented by the Jungle Navigation Co.
- The Jungle Cruise was an interesting choice for this park, since South America has the Amazon.
- I like this as a Peoplemover like attraction though. Oddly reminds me of the Tokyo DisneySea boats.
- I do wonder the logistic of smaller boats and a Peoplemover style attraction with the addition on onboard Skippers.

Wilderness Explorer
- Very nice interactive game, and like how it goes through the entire land and isn't just relegated to Discovery Island.

Shopping and Dining on Discovery Island
- Liked most of this and the Brazilian dollar translation. The nightshow was just okay, I couldn't really understand the point of it or why it needed to be there.

Overall, this was a step up for Castle from the previous project, but there's still some trouble coming together. Teamwork is definitely this team's weakness. It's not talent or skills, it's that you don't communicate in a timely fashion with each other.

This team didn't call for the Vacation Day but in the end it felt like the team that needed it the most because a majority of the work was posted on the extended day. While many components are good, as a whole, it reads as an excellent first draft, and a very good final draft, if that makes sense.

Meaning, if you didn't rush at the end, you might have picked up on some missed details, added more images, and brought the project up to its true potential. There's less to say about this one compared to Brava, which in a way, quantity is not always the best measure (this team found that out in Stanza I:cool:) but that being said you could definitely feel the rushed sections of the project, it's not brevity over quantity it's quality over quantity.

Despite that though, the project was nicely done!
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Team Brava Review:

I love the choices of Mexico, S.E.A. jungle base and African coast for this Adventureland. Having these 3 locations all within one "land" certainly makes it seem huge to me right off the bat (no Fire Mountain pun intended ;)) . Starting with Africa (Hazina ya Pawni), I love the new take on a traditional Pirates rides. I do think some aspects could be a little more unique but I understand the thoughts of using the originals as the basis throughout the scenes of this attraction. Still well done. I also, very much like the bistro overlooking a section of the ride path. That reminds me of Garden Grille & LwtL and I love that. The bistro food and looks great as well! As for Black Panther - Trails for the Crown... Please don't kill me here but I've gotta be honest... I haven't seen the movie yet so I didn't really get into this as much as I probably would have if having seen the movie. I love the concept of the queue and cave theater but I didn't read further about the show in order to avoid movie spoilers. We are going to see it this today or tomorrow.

Puerto Escondido really is my personal favorite mini-land of this project. Fire Mountain is a home run! I love the concept art, and also love how this is a spiritual successor to Big Thunder and Expedition Everest and I love the additon of the volcano bat story. How cool! As for more family geared attractions go, Coco Musical promises to be another fantastic experience. La Cocina de Panchito Loco is a great table service restaurant concept. I love the views of the lagoon, the Three Amigos with a focus on Panchito theme, and the performances. This would be another must-do for us. Lave Palooza looks to be a hit as well. You guys are proving you know WDI tricks and tactics and are deploying them flawlessly.

The Unusual Jungle / S.E.A. Base camp just simply sounds like a lot of fun. I appreciate the concept of an adventure coarse as I really like The Swiss Family Robinson Tree House and various AK walking trails at WDW. Attractions like this are fun, give you exercise and are not big hundred-million dollar expenditure like FoP etc.. The interactive game would definitely be hit, and sounds like a lot of fun. This is a gem at Pirates in WDW so I'm really glad you guy picked up on this game and incorporated it into this project. Indiana Jones and The Lost Temple is yet another slam dunk! I admit I'm a sucker for the IP, but that aside, I really like the new take here using safari style ride vehicles. Ride scenes are thoughtfully imagined here and overall this attraction is fantastic.

This was a really fun project to review and I very much enjoyed every part of it. This could potentially be the best Adventureland on Earth IMO. You have 3 headliner attractions, multiple other really really good attractions, great dining options, a Black Panther show, and a nighttime spectacular show. Well. done. Website was great, but there were a few broken links, no biggie. Great job team!


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Team Castle guest review:

Very cool proposal! Rich with detail, and impressively presented as well. The concept of three "micro-lands" in one larger land is intriguing. I'm a huge tiki culture fan, so I really like the Tiki Island idea. The ride sounds like a show-stopper, but if you are going to include Maui in it I think his larger-than-life personality demands to have a role in the finale at one point or another. The shows sound good, but no food and drink was listed... obviously some form of a Trader Sam's would be a great addition... perhaps with views of the island, etc.

Discovery Island... really like the adapted Pirates concept...sure to be a great attraction with the innovative combo of water and coaster tech; surely sounds like a great ride... right until the end, which needs some work. You can't have a finale where there's a ho-hum finish and the treasure is unclaimed. Seems too anti-climactic. The new iteration of the Jungle Cruise sounds like a must-ride. The night show sounds beautiful and fun, a great way to end your day. The interactive adventure is a strong concept to tie all of the three islands together.

Desert Island is also well-described. The Aladdin's Whole New World ride seems like a classic ride in the mold of many fantasyland classics. Well done. Love the walk-through of the 1001 Nights attraction; could be one of those cool "hidden gems" that guests will love to discover on their own. The Feast of Wonders is nicely detailed, and the Agrabah Marketplace fits very well on the island.

Overall, really nice work! Congrats!


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:: WowFactor's Team Castle Review - Stanza IV ::
Descobertas e diversão numa terra de aventuras
I was hooked!
I loved the presentation as a whole and I’d like to congratulate the great website. Easy to navigate with titles and buttons that invite engagement (eg Explore, Visit). The poem was a differentiated way of set the mood. I simply loved it!

The overall concept of areas defined by three islands with the rivers bypassing everywhere is very good. This give an idea that we are venturing and discovering something new at each bridge crossing. I believe it will be very well seen in Brazil.

The map in RCT3 is very well done but is useless because there is no info in it - this would be a HUGE help.

Since Brazil is a hot country, I felt a lack of one or two "mist zones" like the Hong Kong’s Liki Tikis.
Where are Aracuan and José Carioca? I expected to meet they in this part of the park.

About the islands: we need to improve the names for the next challenge, ok? ;)

Discovery Island
I lost myself during the description of the Pirates ride, I think the more adopt the pictures to exemplify the atmosphere and less text would help. It doesn’t need to be an original artwork, the web is full of images that can be accessed by few clicks...

Desert island
It plays the part, I felt like I was in the Morocco pavilion in Epcot.
I found very strange the combination of Arab and Brazilian food in the same place.

Tiki Island
To me the best part of Castle’s Adventureland.
I like the idea of the moving theater, IMO lacked an AA from Moana there.

Overall I was impressed by the dedication to the other details such as a conversion to a Brazilian currency, restaurant menus, and show themes. I think it was the coolest project this team has ever brought to us.

Muito legal!


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Stanza IV Results

Thank you very much to everyone for another fantastic Stanza - this has really been a pleasure so far with this whole competition and regardless of who wins this round -- everyone should be proud. With that said...

Team Brava
-A main aspect of the prompt was making sure Adventureland transitioned well into the surrounding areas. We read more of that (especially Mexico to Frontierland) in Brava than in Castle's project - which due to being done last minute, focused more on the Islands than on the surrounding areas. The map for instance had no boundary identifications with the surrounding area
- This (despite the ridiculous burdens the team faced) was much more of a team effort than Castle's. It felt odd that it seemed like Castle needed the Vacation Day more than Brava ultimately ended up needed it, even though they asked for it.
- This was not Brava's strongest outing by a long shot (just me speaking I think Stanza II was your highlight) that being said it captured details like the map symbols, the organization of the custom website, the concept art, the detailed attraction statistics, so many things that make it stand out from just a boiler plate Adventureland project. Despite some of the negatives we had with it, the positives shined through greater
- As mentioned though this was very close - it wasn't a runaway by any means. And @MonorailRed 's credit at the end of here review speaks volumes. This was an excellent first draft....a very good final draft, whereas Brava took the final day to yes add a few things here an there, but it was mostly touch up work and detailing...not the inclusion of big ticket items with little to no time to edit...just submit and go.
- Castle did not have the luxury of coming together during the final day to look through the first draft and add more customization, images, fill in details, etc...and that really was the different. That truly bumps teams over the edge in Sorcerer's Apprentice given the strong competivitve skills of everyone involved.

No need for @RMichael21 to go as the Project Manager. He did great. Some though have not been as active as of late and/or mentioned not being able to play after this challenge.

@MA Screamin' @TwilightZone @Poe Dameron you have been nominated by the judges to The Haunted Board Room - we will ask our questions over there. Remember the Board Room does not mean you are outright eliminated, you have the chance to make your case to stay in the game.

You made it through Stanza IV (and all of Act I)! -- Congratulations and let's move on to Stanza V (and Act II of Homecoming Edition)


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On the flight back to their hotels from Brazil, the teams were snatched in the upper atmosphere by Korg from the Planet Sakaar and given an urgent message.

"Hey guys! My name is Korg, big pile o' rocks waving at you. I'm gonna save you guys. A lot of freaky stuff happened while you were gone."

"Weren't we only gone for a little over a week?" suggested @Pionmycake

"Yea man, hey I like the name heh heh I very much do like Pie on my cake, a double dessert, my mum doesn't like me eating too much dessert, she says I'll get too soft, but I can't I'm made of rocks. Nothing to be afraid of though...unless you're made of scissors hah - just a little rock, paper, scissor joke for ya"

"Wait, back up...things changed? asked @mickeyfan5534

"Yeah man" Korg continued "This big purple guy and a girl with horns came down and were like, we're taking over and changing the universe, and I was like...I didn't print enough pamphlets for my Revolution ahh! And then...yeah they took over. We're going to need the Avengers to help stop them."

"What did they change?" asked @DisneyManOne

"Well they first went to this uh, wizard guy in the Magical Kingdom, and well---"
"They killed him?!?"

"Na, na, they just cast some sort of spell on him and now he's spinning on the teacups forever"

"Then they went to a finder of dreams or something and his pet ferret"

"Dragon" interrupted @Voxel
"Yeah man that's it..." Korg responded "yeah they killed them though"

"What's that Miek?" Korg asked his side-kick as he randomly appeared "Ah Miek's right...they didn't kill them, but they tricked them into retiring or something...now their attraction is called Journey into Your Imagination...oh! and they took their hat which apparently can be used to dictate the entire competition you all are in, crazy right?"

"So what happens now?"
"Welp, we're almost to Disney's Cosmicfornia Adventure, home to all of the Cosmic Universe, Sakaar, Knowhere, everything except Dark Elves" Korg announced. "This is where you'll meet the Grandmaster of Disney Parks"

"What happened to Disney California Adventure?" asked everyone.
"Well, it's frieken gone, man, some Reality Stone, nothing makes sense here. Marvel made too much money for them in DCA, and Disney has bought out a lot of new things...maybe your job will be to turn back time who knows, if you have the time hah." Korg ended.

As they stepped out past their hotels they entered a tunnel that took them to their destination. The guardian of the tunnel requested that @Disney Dad 3000 /Thor - who was one of the Project Managers in Stanza IV, be the first to meet The Grandmaster.

"Thank you for meeting me DD" The Grandmaster announced "it's...been a while since you first made fun of me in your SYWTBAI Season 16 finale...The Bobs"
"I didn't mean to-"

"Shh...doesn't matter" The Grandmaster interrupted "I was flattered, in fact that influenced me to step up my game...buying and investing into the parks more frequently"
"Well I'm glad-"

"We all are...that is why you will tell all your contenders that there is a special task I have for you today. Thanos and Hela, two of my closest advisers on pricing in the parks, have brought me the Sorcerer's Hat...and with it...I bought out Cedar Fair and Six Flags haha! Further monopolizing the theme park industry."
"You must be very proud-"

"Oh yes, I am, but you see I need special imagineers to accomplish this task, which is why I brought you all here, see...I'll write the check, but you need to cash it in with some great attractions. No longer are Cedar Fair or Six Flags burdened with budget cuts...you're designing attractions to fit in those parks...on a Disney budget. And bonus...you have all of their IP properties to work with"
"Wow that's fantastic" said Disney Dad 3000 "I'll go tell everyone"

"Oh there's just one more thing DD..."
"You'll all be battling Thanos and Hela in my tournament of champions to see which project wins...okay be gone! :D You know what day it is right?"



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Thanks to the power of the Infinity Stones, The SAU has been manipulated and changed, bending reality and reshaping the theme park industry. The Walt Disney Company has bought out two prominent amusement park chains, Cedar Fair and Six Flags, with the Board of Elders now assigning a special group of imagineers to implement a 'Disney' touch into these parks.

Planning on investing $8 Billion into 8 parks (approx $1 Billion per park), over the course of the next half-decade, infusing the parks with a 'Disney-level' of immersive attractions and story-telling. To not just make a thrilling bare-bones coaster or a cheap dark ride, but to invest in the level of detail and technology Disney attractions are known for. The Board of Elders have decided to make this challenge a bit more...interesting.

In this task, Team Brava and Team Castle will have to join forces and battle against the newly formed Team Omega, designing Disney-level attractions for Cedar Fair and/or Six Flags amusement parks in a WDWMagic Infinity War.

- Team Omega consists of only 2 players, Thanos and Hela (spacemt354 and MonorailRed) vs ....everyone else.
-The Elders are looking for 2 new attractions to each park on a Disney-level budget/theme/design/etc. The 'new attractions' can be roller-coasters, dark rides, kiddie coasters, flume rides, flat rides, kidzones (which can contain multiple smaller areas), and in any combination per park. They may also replace existing attractions if you so choose.
- Each Team (Brava/Castle and Omega) will choose 4 parks on the list below to work with. And as a token of good faith, Team Omega has decided to allow Team Brava/Castle to select their 4 parks first. Omega will take whatever is left.

Select from the list below:

Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH
Kings Dominion, Doswell, VA
Dorney Park, Allentown, PA
Carowinds, Charlotte, NC
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo, CA
Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, CA
Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington, TX
Six Flags Great America, Gurnee, IL

- A goal of this project is to offer the opportunity for people who have final exams coming up, to be able to balance studying in the upcoming week with these challenges. There will be plenty of help this round.
- Another goal is, new combinations of players! With this Infinity Suite, you have the opportunity to work with new people, or ....continue to hone the bonds between people from previous rounds you worked well with. Completely up to you!
- A helpful hint -- this project will be most effective if you break into small groups, either by park, by attraction style, etc. There's potentially 16 people, designing 8 attractions, for 4 parks. The Elders like math that divides evenly.:p Nobody should have to do too much. If you are...you are doing it wrong.
- Second to last note, there will be no team PMs, it's an open thread! Knowing we are crushing you all throughout the week...will put a smile on our faces muahaha.
- Last note - @tcool123 will be the main judge of this Stanza, determining the winner.

Project Managers
Brava/Castle - @D Hindley and @IDInstitute
Omega - Destiny

Individual Reviewers
Castle/Brava - v_k, P_Radden, WDW Guru, WED Imagineering, Fox&Hound
Omega - michmousefan, WowFactor, FireMountain, Sam4D23

This Project is due Sunday May 6th at 11:59PM EST

Time Zones
Pacific Standard Time - 8:59 PM
Eastern Standard Time - 11:59 PM
Greenwich Mean Time - 3:59 AM
Central European Time - 4:59 AM

Thank you, best of luck to everyone, have fun, and enjoy!
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