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The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Season 3


One Little Spark...
So this is the first time I've been able to sit down to write something on this forum for over a week. I apologize for my inactivity. Sadly, my job has pushed me to work full time and I am applying to a serious research position. Both cases are physically and emotionally draining, so I haven't had much time and energy to be able to focus on the competition.

Thanks for being worried, Tiki. I am completely okay, just drained through work and job duties. The kayak/canoeing business is quite tiresome. Good luck to everyone in the competition and I will be as active as possible to view everyone's projects :)
Depending on how this goes, know you always have a home on our team if you change your mind!

We missed your input! (come on, me, you and IDI, we can kick some major butt!) I hope everything works out for you. Keep us posted please?


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Uh, question... What does the "board room" mean?
Like in the Apprentice TV show, several members from the losing team go to the "Board Room" (a different thread in this forum), where they defend themselves. One of them is then eliminated/fired from the competition. You, tcool, and Sam4D23 are up for elimination right now in that thread.
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Challenge 2: Fifty Years Deserves...A Convincing Campaign
This week, each team must create a captivating marketing campaign to honor and celebrate the coming 50th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort. What makes it special? What makes it different from other Disney parks? Why has it been so successful? Some of you may recognize this Challenge. Like the counterparts contestants completed in the past two seasons, you are required to include the following; an original slogan, a 2:00 commercial reel/presentation, a series of 4 posters, and a single testimonial from someone on this forum about what a great campaign this is. Just remember that memories are golden...


This weeks Project Managers are;


@JokersWild has the immunity idol, as he was Project Manager of the winning team last challenge.

This week, as usual, @Vipraa and @TheOriginalTiki will be acting as advisers, like Donald Trump's children and associates on the show.

Please provide at least 3 photos, but no more than 15, in order to give a good sense of your campaign and how it represents Walt Disney World's golden anniversary. You guys may communicate amongst your teams in a PM I will create and watch over. Ask me any questions there. Due date is Friday, July 17th, at 8 PM EST. After you post your ideas please do not get into personal conflicts with the other team about concepts, or actions of punishment will take place. Good Luck! :)
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