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The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Season 3


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That's right, one person will be eliminated from each of the bottom two teams. The bottom team's Project Manager will select two others for the Board Room, while the third place Project Manager will select two other contestants as well.


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1) What are the limits of our growth? Are there any? Can we plop this anywhere?

2) Is this limited to a single attraction? As in, do you want a replacement for the 3D show there currently?

3) How do you feel about sidebar attractions and general ambiance? Is that part of what you are looking for?
1) No limits. This attraction can go anywhere in the Disney's Hollywood Studios park, be it the current Muppets area, or a new expansion area.

2) Yes, one attraction. However, Muppets 3D can stay or go, whichever you choose.

3) We're mainly looking for focus on the attraction itself. Anything outside of that can be mentioned and add to the presentation somewhat, but isn't needed.

Sam Magic

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Would it be inappropriate to ask for an extension due to wdwmagic being down. It's very hard to get work done today when teams had no means of communicating.
I second this request. The teams lost a full day of interaction.
Do you remember when the site went down?
I'm on European time, so for me I couldn't access the site from 11:25 AM to 4:29 AM so almost 24 hours. I was trying all day to get on , but couldn't.

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