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The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Season 3


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Team Mickey Critiques -
I am in love with the idea of London as a land in Hong Kong. It's historically and culturally fitting. Good choice there. Your Shakespearean area was my favorite element, executed to a near perfect degree. The Mary Poppins ride seemed very long, considering the number of full size animatronics (or are they animated figures?). Otherwise, it was a decent, heartwarming ride. The Peter Pan ride was a good fit and a nice choice considering the lack of dark rides in Hong Kong, as you mentioned. Everything else, from merchandise, to eateries, to Admiral Boom, really made for a clever proposal. Well done.


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Team Goofy Critiques -
I love the way this land hardens back to the Arctic Bay Area they almost build, but with slight changes in focus to differentiate it from Ocean Park. I am a sucker for synergy and SEA fits into that niche. Great concept with the Schloss, but I feel more could have been done with that creatively. Avalanche! seemed like a fun ride, even if very simplistic and, at times, dark (ie FROZEN BODIES). The shop was a nice spot to connect the SeA story some more as well, though perhaps an original character would have been better than HHIII. Overall, good job.


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Apologies for the late post here, I just got around to reading Team Goofy's submission more thoroughly.

Don't know if anyone noticed (or if I missed it), but they didn't include the one-minute promotional video.
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Sam Magic

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Personally I thought the video didn't make much sense in a challenge like this weeks...and we didn't nearly have enough time to complete it all.


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Sorry for the delay have been extremely busy. Critiques are going to be short and sweet

Like JDM I really like the idea of London from a cultural standpoint in Hong Kong. The land was really well rounded and complete. Everything works well and support the other things in the land. The one complaint i have is there isnt really a huge attention grabbing ride here to pull people in and to HKDL. Fantastic project guys.

Love the concept here and really wish you had the time to develop it further. This concept is full of Unique ideas and reminds me a lot of the glacier point expansion concept. I know your team had schedule issues but as pointed out there is no promotional video. The concept also still has a lot of room to develop and grow. Great project.


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Challenge 9 Results

The Winners is: Team Mickey
The Losers are: Team Goofy

Score Sheet C9.jpg

@JokersWild who will you be taking into the boardroom?


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Challenge 10: Welcome To Your New Home

We are down to the last 2 challenges now. This week the two teams have to design a new resort hotel for the Walt Disney World resort. The resort can be a Deluxe, Moderate or Value resort but is expected to have a fully immersive theme. At least one restaurant and a pool area are required for the resort. Get creative and do something that hasn't been done before.


This week project managers are
Team Goofy: @Sam4D23
Team Mickey: @RMichael21

@tcool has immunity for this challenge. There is no more immunity for the winning project manager after this challenge.

This week, as usual, @Vipraa and @TheOriginalTiki will be acting as advisers, like Donald Trump's children and associates on the show.

Scoring Card for Challenge 10
Creativity - 15 pts
Detail - 15 pts
Realism - 10 pts
Presentation - 5 pts
Group Work - 5 pts

Please provide at least 3 photos and no more than 15, in order to give a good sense of your land and its place at Walt Disney World. You may communicate amongst your teams in a PM I will create and watch over. Ask me any questions there. Due date is Saturday September 19th at 8pm EST. After you post your ideas please do not get into personal conflicts with the other team about concepts, or actions of punishment will take place. Good Luck! :)


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Disney's San Francisco Bay Resort

One of the best parts about a magical vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort is staying inside the "magic bubble" and spending your days, and nights at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel. From free transportation to a relaxing pool retreat and five-star customer service, there are countless reasons why guests continue to return to Walt Disney World Resort Hotels.

More than 2 dozen of these resorts make up the Walt Disney Resort, with three levels of price, theme and amount of amenities offering various experiences and price levels for Walt Disney World guests. Within the past several years, Disney has introduce new or upgraded their Value and Deluxe level resorts. However, the moderate level at Walt Disney World hasn't really seen any major updates for the past several years. For this reason, Team Mickey has decided to introduce the Moderate level Resort Hotel, Disney's San Francisco Bay Resort. Enjoy your stay!


Located in the rural, yet peaceful area of the Magic Kingdom Resort Area, Disney's San Francisco Bay Resort will enchant guests with it's close proximity to Magic Kingdom and other Disney Resorts such as Disney's Wilderness Lodge. We at Team Mickey chose this location because we feel that a beautiful moderate resort will help round-out and develop this back corner of the resort, while also being close (or being a short bus ride away) to the parks, other resorts, Disney's water parks and Disney Springs.

Disney's San Francisco Bay Resort
will be themed to traditional San Francisco style architecture.

The lobby of a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel makes the first impression on guests as they arrive on their magical vacation and the last impression as they travel home to reality. Here at Disney's San Francisco Bay Resort, the lobby will feature a homey, yet grand experience inspired by one of California's most famous cities.


Here in the lobby, guest will find Guest Services, Bell Service, the front desk, the Concierge Desk as well as plenty of guest sitting room and areas for relaxation while family members check in or out.

In addition to the lobby, Disney's San Francisco Bay Resort has countless guest areas available for guest use. From quiet areas in a grove of trees to the hustle and bustle of the boat dock. All of these areas help this all new resort be one of the most relaxing and exciting Resort Hotels on property.

  • Standard View Room - A pleasant room themed to San Francisco.
    • A View of the Courtyard, or the Parking Lots
    • 2 Queen Sized Beds
    • 1 Bathroom
    • 1 Mini Fridge
    • 1 Coffee Maker
    • 1 Bathroom
  • Sans Fransokyo Room - Stay inside the Sans Fransokyo Institute of Technology where the headquarters of the Big Hero 6 is located. This room will be themed all around the enviroment from the hit film.
    • A View of the Courtyard, or the Parking Lots
    • 2 Queen Sized Beds
    • 1 Bathroom
    • 1 Mini Fridge
    • 1 Coffee Maker
    • 1 Bathroom

  • Pool View Room - A pleasant room themed to San Francisco.
    • A View of Baker Beach Pool, or close proximity to Sutro Indoor Pool
    • 2 Queen Sized Beds
    • 1 Bathroom
    • 1 Mini Fridge
    • 1 Coffee Maker
    • 1 Bathroom

  • Garden View Room - A pleasant room themed to San Francisco.
    • A View of the Golden Botanical Gardens
    • 2 Queen Sized Beds
    • 1 Bathroom
    • 1 Mini Fridge
    • 1 Coffee Maker
    • 1 Bathroom

  • Preferred Room - A pleasant room themed to San Francisco.
    • A View of Baker Beach Pool, Golden Botanical Gardens, or the Courtyard
    • 2 Queen Sized Beds
    • 1 Bathroom
    • 1 Mini Fridge
    • 1 Coffee Maker
    • 1 Bathroom
One of the most important part of any operational Walt Disney World Resort Hotel besides it's rooms and theme is amenities. From a relaxing retreat to the pool to a serene day at the spa, all of these amenities help make up a perfect stay at Disney's San Francisco Bay Resort. Here's a summary of the resort's many ammenities.

Pools and Water Activites
Bay Pool Area

Themed to the waterfront area of the San Francisco Bay, this pool lets guests either unwind or play hard in this state of the art pool. Featuring a Golden Gate bridge themed water slide, zero-degree entry, an interactive water splash pad to two spectacular hot tubs, the Bay Pool Area will be a place for resort guests to take some time away from the parks and enjoy themselves.

Lombard Street Slides

A short walk away from the Bay Pool Area are the Lombard Street Slides. Themed after the world-famous, winding road that is Lombard Street, guests can slide down two water slides, one mild and one wild that lets them experience a fun, San Francisco Adventure!

Spa and Relaxation
Bay Breeze Spa
Providing a relaxing retreat for resort guests, spa customers can purchase one of several treatments ranging from a deep-tissue massage to a manicure and pedicure.

San Francisco Retreat Corner

Away from the hustle and bustle of the main areas of the resort, this tree covered grove can give guests a quiet, serene or even romantic place to go.

  • Disney's Magical Express - With transportation to and from from Orlando International Airport you and your luggage shan't need to worry about renting a vehicle for your stay at The Most Magical Place on Earth!
  • Disney's Bus Transportation - With complimentary transportation to and from every ideal locale at Walt Disney World you can sit back and enjoy the ride. We have travel to ESPN Wide World of Sports, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Disney Springs, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and the Magic Kingdom!
  • Disney's Boat Service - Connected to Bay Lake by a somewhat narrow waterway, guests can take a complimentary boat service to Magic Kingdom or one of the other Magic Kingdom Resort Hotels.
  • Complimentary Parking at all Walt Disney World Properties during your stay!
  • Resort Concierge
    • Ticket Purchasing
    • Walt Disney World Resort Information
    • Booking Restaurant Reservations
    • Booking Fastpass+ Reservations
    • Childcare Arrangements
    • Foreign Currency Exchange
    • Lost & Found
  • Online Check-In
  • Resort Airline Check-In
  • 24/7 ATM
  • 24/7 Self Service Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services
  • Poolside Lockers
  • Mail Services
  • Merchandise Delivery & Pickup
  • Childcare Services
    • Lost & Found Children
    • In-Room Babysitting
    • San Fransokyo Institute of Technology Activity Center
      • A fun location for children 3 - 12 to come and have fun while you have some alone time. Open from 10 AM - 10 PM.
  • Would you like to have a nice relaxing walk or even jog? Well, if so we have the perfect place with the mile long scenic jogging trial!
  • Located near the Bay Pool Area guests encounter the Hero's Playground. Here you get to play in a playground themed to the world of Big Hero 6. If you were to study the structure closely it seems to be made of Hiro's Micro Bots, and there's even a hidden Baymax.
  • Star Light Movies by the Bay allows you to chill and watch a film near the Bay Pool Area at 9 PM. Here's a sample schedule -
    • The Little Mermaid (Monday)
    • Mary Poppins (Tuesday)
    • Big Hero 6 (Wednesday)
    • Inside Out (Thursday)
    • Guest Vote! Enchanted or Into the Woods (Friday)
    • Frozen (Saturday)
    • Peter Pan(Sunday)
    • Film lineup changes weekly, and special films play on Holidays.
On behalf of Team Mickey (Project Manager @RMichael21, @tcool and @Zweiland ), see you real soon!

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