The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Season 3

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Look, I don't want to complain, but for like the past few challenges we've been going to the same exact parks. Can we please got somewhere different?

*UPDATE* went and ran through the past challenges since the Kerfuffle. Two have been at Uni and now three at DAK. Please bring us somewhere different.


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Sorry for the repetition. This is the last one at DAK but im following the schedule put forward by JDM earlier this season. There is a lot of free reign on this challenge as well due to the fact we have been here a lot.

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Sorry for the repetition. This is the last one at DAK but im following the schedule put forward by JDM earlier this season. There is a lot of free reign on this challenge as well due to the fact we have been here a lot.
But we had literally the exact same challenge last year. The only difference is that we can do whatever we want, but still how different can we be?


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Challenge 9 : New Land to Impress Hong Kong

Welcome to London! This all new area opening at Hong Kong Disneyland in 2020 will feature a romanticized version of the city that we all know and love. Featured in this highly themed area will be attractions and experiences that are inspired by our favorite stories and tales set in London.

Because of Hong Kong Disneyland's lack of Fantasyland style dark rides (Mystic Manor and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh are the only ones with "it's a small world" there as well), our main focus this week at Team Mickey was to introduce three, high capacity C or D ticket attractions for the whole family to enjoy based on the timeless tales of Mary Poppins, Peter Pan and the famous stories of Shakespeare.

In addition, guests can also find a variety of dining and merchandise locations from a table service restaurant, to a gift shop and even an English bakery!

This all new land will be located near Toy Story Land and Fantasyland and will be divided into three sections and each section will be the host of one of the land's attractions. The first area (moving from left to right on the map below), is Cherry Tree Lane. Based on the 1964 film Mary Poppins, guests will feel completely transported into the magical world of the nanny with the flying umbrella and magic bag. Located in this section is the D-Ticket Dark Ride A Day With Mary Poppins, Meet Mary Poppins, Uncle Albert's Tea Corner and the merchandise location Jolly Holiday Gifts. Next, guests can visit City Square. Themed to the beautiful streets of London, guests can find Peter Pan's Flight, Meet Peter and Wendy, Lady Abbot's Table and Merchants of London. Finally, the third themed area is Monarch's Village. In the outskirts of London is a more rural, quaint area that features All the World's A Stage and England Bakery and Co,



All the World's a Stage
As odd as it may seem, the works of Shakespeare have gained substantial popularity in China. There is a universal appeal to his plays, which have been translated into Chinese while retaining their prose and cadence. Shakespeare was introduced to the country in the years of Mao Zedong, and were first performed after his death in 1976. However, due to the British rule of Hong Kong, Shakespeare was performed in the colony almost a century earlier. That makes a Shakespeare attraction a natural fit in a London area of Hong Kong Disneyland, continuing a theatrical tradition that dates back to the nineteenth century.

Ride Stats & Info -
Attraction Type: Trackless Carousel
Ride Vehicle: Moving Theater
Ticket: D-Ticket
Theme: Shakespeare
Amount of Riders per Vehicle: 35
Rows: 5
Riders per Row: 7
Duration: 8 minutes
Riders per Hour: 2,100
Height Restriction: None

Ride Experience -
The ride will be located on its own street, where the architectural style of the buildings seems to get older and more traditional. The pavement turns from cobblestone into a dirty brown concrete that evokes mud. At the end of the street is a small garden, and behind it, the Globe Theater towers over the other buildings. On the other side of the garden is a smaller version of Shakespeare's wife Anne Hathaway's cottage. This is the entrance to the queue.


As we proceed into the cottage, we hear a background soundtrack of classical music based on the works of the Bard. Shakespeare was an inspiration for many composers of the Romantic era. The path winds back out out of the cottage and through a grove of trees, placed to provide shade. Eventually, we end up at the entrance to the Globe Theater, where promotional posters adorn the outer walls, announcing new plays.


The inside of the actual Globe Theater is open to the elements, but in this version, it is perpetually nighttime. The ceiling is painted with clouds and stars that twinkle throughout the night sky. Every so often, a meteor shoots across the sky. The stage is lit by candlelight, and he balconies are filled with animatronic lords and ladies ready to watch the production. Guests proceed through the queue right up to the stage, where they are loaded into a "moving theater" ride system, not unlike a trackless Carousel of Progress.

The show will simply consist of trademark scenes from Shakespeare's most popular plays, but brought to a whole new level like the audience is in the production themselves. The show will be presented in Mandarin or English, though the two languages will use the same ride track.

The vehicle moves slowly to the right and out of the main theater building, where a set of doors open and we move through a layer of fog. We hear a deep voice reciting a monologue:

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.

Just as the "seven ages" described in As You Like It, the ride consists of seven acts-- the monologue being the first. The vehicle continues moving into the next scene, Hamlet. The stage is bare and Hamlet himself appears, delivering one of the most famous monologues of all time:

To be, or not to be, that is the question:
Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune,
Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them: to die, to sleep
No more...

After this somber speech, by contrast the next scene is a comedy. We move into another theater where the setting is Illyria, the region where Twelfth Night takes place. In this scene is a special effect where the stage "expands", the animatronics come closer to the audience, and the sets around us become lit, meaning that instead of watching the plays, we are now inside them. We see Viola, disguised as Cesario, clumsily dueling Sir Andrew until Antonio intervenes. Even for those who have never seen or read the play, this should be a funny and dramatic scene.

We move into the next room, where lightning flashes and thunder booms. We can feel the wind blowing, swirling into an intense storm. We see the Three Witches hunched over their cauldrons, chanting:


Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the cauldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder's fork and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg and owlet's wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

Double, Double, toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

The darker mood continues into the next two scenes, beginning with a short scene from The Tempest. The thunder and lightning continue, and projections on the ground make it seem as if we are in the sea, riding the waves of a huge storm. Next, we move into the crypt from Romeo and Juliet, where the two lovers tragically end their lives to dramatic music. The music slows to an end, and we find ourselves in darkness until our surroundings are illuminated and we find ourselves in...

A Midsummer Night's Dream. By all appearances, we are now back in a theater, but the curtains open and using a combination of projections on the walls and practical effects, vines begin to grow until we are immersed in a deep forest. Fiber-optic fairies flit above us, and we see the King and Queen of the fairies, as well as Puck, who begins to sing.

If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumber’d here
While these visions did appear.
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding but a dream,
Gentles, do not reprehend:
if you pardon, we will mend:
And, as I am an honest Puck,
If we have unearned luck
Now to ‘scape the serpent’s tongue,
We will make amends ere long;
Else the Puck a liar call;
So, good night unto you all.
Give me your hands, if we be friends,
And Robin shall restore amends.

Surprisingly, our car begins to move backwards until the stage grows smaller and smaller, moving farther into the distance. Then the lights fade to black and we move into the unloading area.
Peter Pan's Flight

Using a mixture of technologies used at various Disney Resorts around the world, this popular dark ride has flown it's way to Hong Kong Disneyland! As many Fantasyland dark rides do, this old favorite will tell the story of the 1953 film, Peter Pan in the form of a C-Ticket dark ride.

Ride Stats & Info -
Attraction Type: Suspended Dark Ride
Ride Vehicle: Pirate Ship
Theme: Peter Pan (1953)
Amount of Riders per Vehicle: 4
Rows: 2
Riders per Row: 2
Duration: 5 Minutes
Riders per Hour: 1,440
Riders per Day: 11,520 - 20,160
Height Restriction: None


Queue and Facade
As guests approach a large, facade along the streets of London, they will realize that they have just approached the front door of the Darling's household. Guests will wander throughout the home, including the backyard, kitchen, dining room and, of course, the nursery. Interactive elements will be found all throughout the house. These include more realistic effects such as the heater producing a big blast of air or a rabbit popping out of the bushes in the backyard. Once guests have explored the downstairs of the house, they'll rise the stairs (there is an elevator themed to old-time lifts for guests with mobility issues), walk down the hall and into the nursery. Here, the same interactive elements found at Walt Disney World will be used. Once guests have passed through the nursery, they'll "climb" through the window and out onto the roof, overlooking London. The ceiling of the show building, along with a gentle breeze produced by hidden fans will create the illusion that it is nighttime in London. It is here, that guests will board their pirate ships as they travel to Neverland.

The vehicles will feature two rows of two, all hung from a vertical track that gives guests the illusion of flight. Similar to Shanghai's attraction, the ride system will allow the ship to travel a different speeds, tilt and rotate to control the guest's line of sight. At the loading area, guests will board under an overhand produced by the rooftop garden that Mrs. Darling has started. After guests have boarded their pirate ships, they'll be off on their adventure!

Ride Experience
Guests will follow a very similar ride experience to that of the original Disneyland Resort version of the attraction. However, all scenes will be enlarged, enhanced and use new technology along with the new ride system. Some examples of large changes will be...​

  • Only flying by the window of the nursery as the action happens, allowing for larger effects to be concealed while providing a larger amount of "wow" for the guests.
  • Animated water, lights, lava, greenery and stars to give the attraction a more "alive" feel
  • An animated London in the city scene
  • Additional scenes to include lost pieces of the plot like the Lost Boys, the Indians, etc.

All of these additions to the already popular attraction will bring Hong Kong Disneyland a welcomed addition to it's dark ride lineup.

As guests walk down Cherry Tree Lane, they'll pass Cherry Tree Lane Park. Jolly Holiday Gifts, one of London's merchandise locations in Admiral Boom’s Home. The home of the Banks Family plays host to A Day with Mary Poppins. At the end of Cherry Tree Lane, guests can find Uncle Albert’s Tea Corner located in Uncle Albert’s Home.


A Day with Mary Poppins -
As guests enter the gardens of the Bank’s Home they pass by an animatronic Andrew yapping at guests. They well then see a newspaper near the front door of the Bank’s home advertising the spot for a new nanny for the Banks. The queue will continue to wind around the lavish first floor of the Banks Home. Every half hour or so the queue music stops as guests will here “Places!” Being screamed by Mrs. Banks. As soon as this is aid some Cast Members run to several locations and grab some of the paintings or vases as a loud canon goes off from Admiral Boom’s home. As various things move around due to the canon fire, and eventually everything is put back where it was once. Once guests get to the stairway they must go up the stars and into the final portion of the queue. For the handicap there will be a themed elevator from each floor. Once on the second floor guests will enter the children's bedroom where the loading area is.

Ride Stats & Info -
Attraction Type: Dark Ride
Ride Vehicle: Carousel Chariot
Ticket: D-Ticket
Theme: Mary Poppins (1964)
Amount of Riders per Vehicle: 4
Rows: 2
Riders per Row: 2
Duration: 4 Minutes
Riders per Hour: 1,440
Riders per Day: 11,520 - 20,160
Height Restriction: None

Ride Experience -

Scene 1 – Spoonful of Sugar

As guests enter the room they can hear Mary Poppins singing Spoonful of Sugar. They can see her singing to the bird, and it singing back to her. While the kids are cleaning the room or at least attempting to. Guests will see everything has taken a life of its own opening and closing, bouncing up and down, rolling around the room. Guests will see Michael is stuck on a wagon going in and out of the closet and Jane being dressed by the wardrobe in ridiculous and outrageous clothing. Turn into the Nanny’s room they will see the singing mirror capturing Mary’s reflection and an open window. Suddenly guests can hear Mary Poppins saying “I know a man who can take us the most wondrous of places, let’s go!” and out of the window into the English Countryside.

Scene 2 – Supercalifragexpiladocius
Guests will be transported into this musical number where Mary and Bert will be dancing and singing while Jane and Michael enjoy an ice cream. You can also see a group of musicians playing their instruments in unique clothing. As guests come near the exit of the room they hear “time to return home children”.

Scene 3 – Feed the Birds
Guests fly back into the nursery to see that they have taken their medicine, and are ready for bed well except for Mary who is knitting in the rocking chair.

“Mary Poppins may you sing us a lullaby for how ever may we fall to sleep?”
“Very well then I will sing about the woman on the steps of St Paul.”


Guests soon fly into a dome like room with birds flying around the room while you can see the woman on the steps of St Paul next to her is a basket full of bags of crumbs to feed the birds. She will look at each vehicle and ask them to feed the birds, topins a bag. While flying around her you will hear Mary Poppins singing the song lowly. So you may hear the powerful and moving chorus from the cathedral and hear the old woman much more clearly. While leaving this room guests will see the silhouette of Mary and Mr. Banks saying how they will go to bank with him to see the real world tomorrow.

Scene 4 - Run Away
Guests will enter an alleyway with Jane and Michael crying and having their discussion with Bert about how their father doesn’t love them/does.

Jane and Michael: Father doesn’t love us. We got him fired from his job.
Bert: Why of coarse he does. He just doesn’t show it well. Listen here how about I take you home so you can all make things better?
Jane and Michael: Okay

Guests continue in the alley to see the steps of St Paul. The old woman is gone although she is there daily. Mr. Banks will now be on the steps of St Paul he occasionally look to where the old woman use to sit with a look of sadness. He will then call out for Jane and Michael. Guests continue as they enter the Banks Home.

Scene 5 – Chim Chimeree
Guests enter the Banks home with covers on the furniture as Bert leans the chimney and Jane and Michael listen while he sings some of Chim Chimere. Soon guests enter a black swirling cloud tunnel and come out to the top of the roof tops of London to see Mary Poppins and the children with Bert singing Chim Cheree floating on clouds of smoke from the chimneys.

Scene 6 – Step in Time on the Rooftop
Guests come to the rooftop to see plenty of chimney sweeps, Mary Poppins, and Bert dancing all in time. Michael and Jane will be watching gleefully. In the distance fireworks from Admbiral Boom’s will be going off.


Scene 7 – Fly a Kite
Guests make their descent down to ground level as they see everyone flying a kite. While Bert sells kites they all sing joyously along to Fly a Kite. As guests near the doorway of the Bank’s Home they see and hear Mary Poppins having a heart to heart conversation with her umbrella parrot of how it feels to leave the children. Once guests enter the Bank’s home once more they are escorted off the ride, and into the gift shop.

English Bakery and Co.
In the city section of London sits a small bakery. Here, at this Counter Service location, guests can purchase several traditional English pastries such as scones, tarts and pies.


Lady Abbot's Table

The main Table Service venue of London will be Lady Abbot's Table. This sit down restaurant will feature traditional English cuisine such as Toad in the Hole, Scotch Eggs, Welsh Rarebit, Cornish Pasties, Steak and Ale Pie and Fish and Chips.
The restaurant will be themed to a typical London pub, which will immerse guests in the rich cuisine and culture of the United Kingdom.



Uncle Albert’s Tea Corner -
At the end of Cherry Tree Lane lies Uncle Albert’s Tea Corner. When guests enter this quick service they are met with the relaxing smell of tea and crumpets being made. At the entrance if guests choose to look up they will see Uncle Albert hanging onto the light fixture floating and laughing. On the stairs to the second floor will be an animatronic Mary Poppins. She will be there trying to help Uncle Albert down, but to her dismay he just can’t stop laughing and telling jokes. Once guests go down the hallway they enter the Tea Room where they can order they’re tea and snacks that are appropriate to Tea Time.


Drinks –
Cherry Tea Lane – A sweet and refreshing Cherry Tea
Chim Chim Chetea – A classic black tea served two sugar cubes
Spoonful of Sugar Tea – A white tea that seems to had sugar added to it due to its milky white completion.
Jolly Holiday Tea - A relaxing green tea blend that one would take on a relaxing Jolly Holiday.

Snacks –
Finger Sandwiches – A small plate of three different tea sandwiches. Yorkshire Roast Ham, Chicken Sandwich, and a Watercress Sandwich. (Can be Gluten Free)
Vegetarian Finger Sandwiches – A small plate of three different tea sandwiches. Watercress Sandwich, Cucumber Tea Sandwiches, and an Egg Salad Sandwich. (Can be Gluten Free)
Fruit Jam Tart Platter – A small plate of three different tarts. A Strawberry Jelly, Grape Jelly, and Lemon Jelly tart are all present on this platter.


The Merchant of London
Here, at Merchants of London, guests can purchase any and all London themed merchandise. However this store will pride itself in selling mainly merchandise based off the works of Shakespeare. There will not be any general "Hong Kong Disneyland" merchandise here, in order to be consistent with the theme of the area.


Jolly Holiday Gifts -
After guests exit A Day with Mary Poppins they enter Jolly Holiday Gifts. Here guests can buy merchandise to do with Mary Poppins the movie, ride, book, and stage musical. You can also find merchandise based off the great city of London. This gift shop will be located in Admiral Boom’s Home, and if you were too look at it from the outside you would see that every half hour his canon goes off.

Apparel -
Mary Poppins’s Scarf, Mary Poppins’s Parrot Umbrella, Mary Poppins’s Parasol, Supercalifragelixpiladocius Spelling Tee, Mary Poppins Flying Tee, Mary Poppins’s Carpet Bag, Penguin Waiters Tee

Misc -
Mary Poppins Snow Globe, Mary Poppins DVD, Saving Mr.Banks DVD, Mary Poppins Book, Mary Poppins Comes Back Book, Mary Poppins Opens the Door Book, Mary Poppins in the Park Book, Mary Poppins from A to Z, Mary Poppins in the Kitchen Book, Mary Poppins in Cherry Tree Lane Book, Mary Poppins and the House Next Door Book


Meet and Greets

Throughout the land there will be several opportunities for meeting characters. First, in the park area of Cherry-Tree Lane, Mary Poppins characters will be present roaming around. Guests will be able to meet Mary, Bert, Penguins, and the Bird Woman. Also, at certain times during the day, chimney sweeps will perform a dancing show and Bert will perform his one-man-band act in the park.

Near Peter Pan's Flight will be a dedicated outdoor courtyard accessible through an indoor line for meet-and-greets with Peter and Wendy.


Near the Shakespeare area, characters dressed in period attire will roam the area to provide streetmosphere and pose for pictures. Sometimes, characters from the plays will also be present, though these can rotate.

Thank you for visiting London. Brought to you by @RMichael21, @Zweiland, and @tcool .


See you real soon!

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My Teams Proposal will be up soon. Both I and other teammates had personal conflicts that kept us from being able to have it finished at 8PM, but it will all be up by 9PM at the latest.

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I am posting on behalf of JokersWild who was unfortunately not available to post for us. Judges please excuse us for that and for it not being on time, for reasons stated in a previous post.




Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland's newest land, Avalanche Peak. Avalanche Peak is a land that invites guests to explore the magic of the Swiss Alps through exciting attractions and a truly unique story. Surrounded by snow blanketed castles and mountains guests will be drawn into this new and mysterious land. Here they will discover new stories, and new opportunities to have fun. Avalanche Peak will be a truly unique experience, unmatched by anything ever constructed by Disney.

SEA Schloss

Beckoning guests from far a wide with its towering facade and bright colors the SEA Schloss will be the lands true centerpiece. Within its walls will be the story of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers as told through the restaurant and show, The Grand European Express.
Guests journey will begin upon entering the grand estate, this stately mansion, guests will soon learn is home to an international organization known as the Society of Adventurers and Explorers. After entering guests will be able to explore elaborate rooms that the organization has used for almost two hundred years. In these various room artifacts, games, and videos will help entertain guests and tell them more about the Society. Guests will then be fed into the observatory, here guests will get stunning views of the French Alps before Barnabas T. Bullion invites them to join him on the organizations train, on a magical train ride through the Alps.
The train ride will consist of a three course meal and all of the windows will utilize similar technology as the Hogwarts Train to give you the feeling of traveling through the Alps. The real excitement though will come in the dinner show guests have signed up for.

Throughout the dinner guests will be visited by members of the Society. The members will tell them elaborate, funny, and sometimes sad stories. Some will even sing, dance, and of course play with guests. It will all be done in a way that is typically Disney, but distinctly Chinese.

Also located in the SEA Schloss will be bathrooms and shops. These will be located in the palaces central plaza.


The Centerpiece of this new land though will be set inside a lovely recreation of the Matterhorn Mountain, but bring guests on a new thrill packed adventure.


The queue is themed to a small cave near the SEA Schloss. As guests walk through, they can spot many mining tools along the cavern walls. Surrounding them are beautiful and massive crystals that are as mysterious as they are peaceful. The cave then leads into the ride loading area, with sled themed ride vehicles that fit 8 people. As guests board, they can notice that the coaster leads out of the cave.

Ride Vehicle:

Scene 1:

As the coaster leaves the station, out of the cave on an incline up to a small mountain, they stop just before the mountain. On the right is a view of a small part of an ocean. On the left are some frozen bodies, with one of them alive. Guests hear rumbling, the man screams "Avalanche!", and the coaster goes speeding down the small mountain.

Scene 2:

The coaster speeds down the mountain. To their right, some snow and ice (Animatronics) appear as if they will crush the coaster. The ride speeds by just missing it. The ride then banks to the right, towards the ocean with a small boat in the distance (using forced perspective). After some hills, turns, and helixs, the coaster arrives in a second cave. In this one, there are some miners from Base BETA trying to steal from SEA. This ties in with the story of (INSERT SECOND RIDE NAME). You hear another rumble as the snow closes in the cave. The miners talk about how they can no longer go back across the water and scream for help as the track the coaster is on begins to turn around. The track is on a different route now.

Scene 3:

The coaster exits the cave and slowly heads back towards the loading area, but only after going over an even larger mountain then before. The speeding coaster slows down and arrives at the loading dock.

Exit queue:

The exit queue is themed to a maze of caves that lead guests to the gift shop, Hightower Gifts or back to the SEA Schloss.

This unique gift shop was created by the later Harrison Hightower III, it was where he kept all of his exotic findings before he constructed the Hightower Hotel in New York. The store is designed in an elegant and elaborate Art Nouveau style. Panels on the walls depict the story and history of the organization in elegant Art Nouveau style.
Here guests will not only be able to observe his unique and fascinating collection, but they will also be able to purchase their own fun souvenirs. Items like mittens, coats, mugs, jewelry, and even french pastries and candy can all be found here.

We here at Team Goofy hoped you enjoyed this trip at Hong Kong Disneyland's newest land. It combined all of our teams loves and talents and we are so happy we got to share this exciting story with you all.

Avalanche Peak will be an ambitious land, a land that will bring the Disney theme park experience to new heights and offer guests of Hong Kong Disneyland unique opportunities to meet new characters and new stories. It will be a land of immense awe and beauty, but above all it will be an icon for the stories only Disney can tell. So from Team Goofy to you, thank you.

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