The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 2: International Edition


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- Part 1 -

Here at Team Sea we have decided to bring back the long forgotten and mysterious Victorian Library to Universal’s Islands of Adventure Amusement Park. Not only does it fit exceptionally well with the theme of literature that the Islands of Adventure currently has (Cartoon Strips, Novels, Mythology, Etc.), but it ties everything about this park together as well. So with ought further ado The Library –

The Library's History :

Nobody quite knows where The Library came from. It’s always just sort of been there. Through its years, however, it has delighted and inspired its visitors in new and incredible ways. For this library is magic. In here, you don’t read the books; you live and experience them, as the books are quite literally alive, living and co-existing among each other. Of course, such an important and magical building needs some sort of protection. The Gargoyles, The Library’s loyal protectors have also always been there; perched high, always keeping a watchful eye on the goings-on below. But tread carefully, as if you disturb these sacred beings, you will be their next target.

Now, The Library has sprung up at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, welcoming you to tour its wondrous halls, and experience some of the most important pieces of literature firsthand. Come, let’s explore.

Attractions :

Advertisement(s) - Gargoyle sightings like NFL dragon rumors &

Queue -
Your journey begins before you enter the new indoor queue where you see a part of the Library guarded by new, intimidating gargoyles.

You enter the queue where you go into a dark part of the library, only to be lit by torches leading you to the attraction. These torches also light up murals on the walls where you see images that depict Gargoyles from the Library come to life and attacking library visitor's who awaken them. And murals of Gargoyles freezing back to a statue phase when they are engulfed in flames. As you walk through the queue, at the top of these murals you will see fierce-looking Gargoyle Statues on pedestals, as you walk away, those statues seem like it's head is slowly turning the direction your walking. Could the Gargoyles be coming alive once again?

When you exit the queue, the new loading area seems to be lit more, torches lighting stand walls surrounding the coaster track. As you look to the top corners of the room, you see more statues of gargoyles, but as opposed to looking frightening, they look more drowsy or almost like they are asleep. Soon, you hear the noise of your vehicle coming through, it's covered in a sleek grey color, similar to the coaster track.

Ride -
After you have loaded your vehicle, you approach and go up a lift slowly, that leads to, what looks like the outside of the library. You keep going slowly up the lift, seeing statues of sleeping gargoyles on either side of you vehicle. Soon, you hear the sound of cackling and movement of rock, and you see projections of Gargoyles awakening and moving. The heads of the sleeping gargoyle statues start moving as well.

Your vehicle soon reacts to these events by shooting you out of the library. You soon go upside-down and plum it down to the lagoon, where you encounter another moving gargoyle, a giant sea-monster type, guarding the lake. You shoot up, escaping the gargoyles again, going through another loop, and plummeting down into lake again, where you encounter more menacing gargoyles, with their wings moving. As you shoot up into the sky again, going into another loop.

As soon as you go down that loop you enter under a gargoyle though a misty lair. you see eyes blinked for a slit second in the lair while you see mist, but you soon escape.

You go through another corkscrew and loop and plummet down again, this time, the Gargoyles trying to lean in and attack. But they miss, again. The vehicle goes through more fast paced action with loops and corkscrews. Until we come to the final corkscrew of the attraction, which then leads to a brand new, indoor sequence to the, what was, The Incredible Hulk Coaster.

Guests are taken on a fast paced ending through a the dark catacombs of the Gargoyles, with fog effects and projections of Gargoyles taking over the attraction.

This attraction ends in flames. It seems one of the gargoyles had accidentally set the library on fire with a torch. Just like the murals from the queue, the gargoyles soon seem to turn back into stone, you barely escape out of a hole, passing a library shelf in flames that was going to fall an second.

You go back to the Unloading.

As you continue to explore the library, you come upon what looks like a spinner, like the Mad Tea Party at Magic Kingdom. In front of the ride sits a very strange contraption, with one single seat, a bunch of knobs and levers, and a strange large disk seated upright at the back. Above this contraption sits a very large sign that reads “The Time Machine.” As you work your way through the queue, you read a few signs that have been placed by the Time Machine’s mysterious inventor, known only as The Time Traveller. Reading these signs, you learn that The Time Traveller has not only perfected the art of time travel, but has also been able to mass produce an updated vehicle able to fit multiple passengers. All you need to do is spin.

Eventually, you work your way up to the front of the line and get your first glimpse at these time machines. They’re done in a similar style as the time machine that sits out front; there’s a lot of brass built into it, and a few buttons and levers are placed on the outside. The seats are actually a comfortable red leather. Eventually, you get on the ride and it plays out like any other spinner. Once the ride stops, you continue about your day.
Advertisements - A wagon full of books that's 4-5 feet high, at the Orlando Library. A sign reads "Matilda's Book Returns" is tied to the wagon with a string. And billboards will also promote the attraction.

Information -
  • Attraction Type : Trackless Dark Ride
  • Ride Vehicle : The Family Couch(Automated guided vehicle mixed in with Kuka Arm Elements)
  • Theme : Maltida Universe
  • Number of Vehicles : 15
  • Amount of riders per vehicle: 6
  • Rows : 2
  • Riders per Row : 3
  • Duration : 3 Minutes + 2 minutes for loading and unloading. Or 5 minutes in total.
  • Riders per Hour : 1080Riders per day : About 12960 - 15120
  • Height Restriction : None
  • Ride Hosts : Maltida
  • Handicap Vehicles : 10 and 15
  • Amount of vehicles always 3 per room minus Room 5
Queue –

Starts off like all the other queues through the library it soon starts to turn into the Wormwood’s Home were you see right before the loading area(Family Room) Mrs. Wormwood and Mr. Wormwood talking to each other and you:

Mrs : That Maltida! She’s done it again she Superglued the Kitchen Door this time!

Mr : That’s not all she invited guests! Look!

Mrs : You there in the Hat! Yes you! When you see Maltida give her a piece of my mind!

Mr : While you are here can I interest you with a car? Maybe a whole new TV for just 19.99?

Chimney (Parrot) : Dishonest Man! Dishonest Man! Squawk!

Mr & Mrs : That parrot is going to ruin us. Now get going all of you!

You soon enter the Family room to see the The Family Couch awaiting you once you sit down on the couch the lap bar comes over lap and secures you in for the the Adventure.

Safety Speil : Por favor, mantenga los brazos, las piernas y pertenencias en el interior del sofá La familia en todo momento. Gracias.

Please keep your arms, legs and belongings inside the family couch at all times. Thank you.

Ride -
  • Room 1 – Meet Maltida
You will see a 4 side (2 forward, 2 backwards) street, the driveway, the exterior of the house, as well as an Oak Tree where under Maltida is sitting, Mr Wormwood’s Car will be sitting outside as well on the driveway.

Maltida is waiting outside and begins to talk.

Maltida : Ready to visit Miss Honey? Let’s go!

Vehicles start to pick up speed and start to get higher into the air (2 feet max just enough to give a sense of flight)

Maltida : Don’t worry I have you covered! Here we go!

The ride vehicles start to race down the street.
  • Room 2 – Near Collision
You are now on a highway with an unfinished exit into a Scots Pine forest and a tractor coming from the other exit. Once the Family Couch lies in the tractor appears to be lifted but in reality it’s a screen on the side of the highway bridge much like the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

A Truck nearly crashes with riders and Maltida luckily she stopped it and now the riders are off road.

Maltida : Watch Out!

The truck is in midair.

Maltida : That was close! Oh no be careful with the trees and rocks!

Vehicles start to tilt slightly to the left and right missing the trees and rocks.
  • Room 3 & 4 – Return of Agatha Trunchbull
Room 3 :

The trees are deeper and there is now a dirt road along the river (screen much like FJ). Once the vehicles get closer Agatha’s Car shoots forward which in turn makes a lot of crunching noises and then the sofas go into the next room which will have the river scene.

Agatha : I’m back Maltida!

Maltida : Oh no! Guys looks like I might have to handle Agatha alone!

Family Couch rushes into the next room.

Room 4 :

It will be the same as the previous room accept you are in the river. Sprayers will spray when it is needed to get wet. Car will come from the right hand side. Family Couch will fly to the left back onto the highway. River will be projected onto the floor. River will be lined by rocks.Guests “splash” into a river getting wet and the couch’s start to simulate the movement of water.

Couch lands in river and guests get splashed

Agatha : Take that!

Dumbbell splashes into the river and guest get splashed and couches start to simulate the waves.

Maltida : Guys watch out!

Agatha : Ahh! My car!

Agatha and her car fall into the river and guest get wet once again and start to go backwards while simulating the waves.

Maltida : I got you guys let’s go!

Agatha : I’ll be back!

Guests start to get the sense of flight again.

Maltida : Here we go guys!

Guests leave the water and start to get back to the path to Miss Honey’s Home.
  • Rooms 5&6 – Miss Honey’s House
Room 5 –

Not Necessarily a room, but more of a passage way with doors that open inwards through forced Perspective you will see Miss Honey’s Home(The one she ended up with as this is a sequel to the book)

Maltida : Look Guys we’re here!

Doors open up to reveal the inside of the House.

Family Couches fly in.

Room 6 –

This room will have a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, a table with cake on it and Maltida’s own Family Couch. It will also be the widest room as 3 vehicles will be bouncing and spinning here.

You see Miss Honey and Maltida sitting together.

Miss Honey : Hello Maltida! Oh and hello there! You must be Maltida’s Friends.

Maltida : Yes Miss Honey where here for your birthday!

Miss Honey : Why thank you Maltida! Let’s Celebrate!

Family Couches start to bounce and spin to the song of Happy Birthday!

Unload : It will look like Miss Honey’s porch . The room will slowly turn back into the library.

Exit Spiel :

Maltida : Thank you all for coming to Miss Honey’s Birthday! Keep your arms, legs, and belongings in the couch until I lift you down.

Gracias por venir al cumpleaños de la Miss Honey todos ustedes! Mantenga los brazos, las piernas y pertenencias en el sofá hasta que me levanto hacia abajo.
Advertisement - At the Orlando airport, you see tons of bags piled near the Universal Orlando store, the have beakers and test tubes and things looking splashed around. All large tags read Dr. Jekyll. There is an exact copy of this at Universal Orlando hotels..., but with the name Dr. Jekyll scratched out and Mr Hyde in its place. There will also be billboards.

Queue -

Walking down the main stretch of the hallway, you eventually come to a break in the never-ending line of bookshelves. This break leads to a rather large room. Etched into the wood above the room’s large, wide-open doorway in gold lettering are the words “Dufrenoy Exhibition Hall”. On each side of the doorway hang a pair of rather large deep red banners reading in gold lettering:

“The Marvels of Man:

A Journey Through the Medical and Scientific

Curiosities of our Time”

At the bottom of banner is one final note:

“Featuring Keynote Speaker

Dr. Henry Jekyll: The Split Man

Speaking Today Only!”

Curious, you enter.

The exhibition hall is quite nice, featuring beautiful wall to wall carpeting. The dark wood walls are rather plain, but still nice looking. Hanging in the center of the room is a very large, and ornate chandelier, which provides most of the room’s light as the room does not actually have windows. At the back wall are two large sets of doors, seeming to lead into a theatre or two. That is where Dr. Jekyll is, no doubt. There are multiple exhibits scattered about the room so, seeing that the doors into Dr. Jekyll’s lecture have not yet opened, you decide to look around.

Queue Exhibits:

.The Portrait of Dorian Gray - The Picture of Dorian Gray

On the side wall closest to the exhibits entrance hangs a rather large portrait of a man. A beautiful man of fair complexion, with glistening blonde hair and a look of young naievete in his ice blue eyes. In the bottom lefthand corner of this beautiful masterpiece, you can faintly make out the artist’s signature: Basil Hallward. At the bottom of the frame is a very small plaque with the name “Dorian Gray” etched into it. Hanging next to the portrait is a smaller frame describing the significance of the portrait:

“The Portrait of Dorian Gray"

The story of Dorian Gray is a rather peculiar one. The young aristocrat was found dead in his home nearly a decade ago, succumbing to a knife wound. His body, when found, looked like that of a man’s triple his age, his body emaciated and almost indiscernible from how this portrait portrayed him. The details surrounding both the deaths of the portrait’s subject and painter, Basil Hallward, are unknown to us even today. Rumours spread through London at the time have suggested that the painting was cursed, causing the enigmatic socialite to be physically scarred by his various sins committed, ending with him taking his own life. With most details left unknown, this portrait is the only remaining piece of this peculiar case.”

.The Mask of the Phantom - The Phantom of the Opera

Towards the center of the room sits a small glass case. In this case, propped up by a small stand is a plain, white mask which would cover half of the wearer’s face and nose. Next to the mask sits a small, framed drawing of a man. The right side of this man’s face is horribly disfigured. His nose is upturned and scarred, his right eye is drooped and out of place, and the right half of his jaw seems half formed, making the right half of his face seem slightly smaller than the other. This side of his face also seems to be covered in small scars, and various skin tags. Imbedded in the wood below the glass case is a plaque reading:

“The Phantom of the Opera - Suspected Mask and Rendering

In the early 1860s, a strange story began to make its way from Paris. Startled Parisians spread a story of a deformed being living and somehow surviving in the catacombs below the city’s famous Opera Populaire. This wretched soul became obsessed with one of the opera’s young starlets, Christine Daae, and began terrorizing the opera and its patrons, dropping a chandelier on the audience, and attempting to murder Ms. Daae’s lover out of jealousy. The “Phantom of the Opera” as he is known, has since become a legendary figure in Paris, spawning a slew of rumoured sightings and stories. Despite numerous claims of the Phantom’s existence, only this mask was recovered from the catacombs during the first search as well as this rendering based off of Ms. Daae’s account of the Phantom’s unmasked face. Though other searches have occurred in the years following the incident, no other evidence has been recovered supporting the existence of the Phantom. For now, this strange story remains in the halls of Parisian legend, along with another of the city’s famously deformed citizens: The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

.Parts of the Frankenstein Monster - Frankenstein

Towards the center of the room, near the case that houses the Phantom of the Opera’s mask stands another small case. In this case sits a very large hand and forearm. It looks burnt and charred, but the grayish-black arm also looks like it was frozen and somehow mummified. Like with the other exhibits, the arm is accompanied by a plaque which is attached to the wood pedestal the arm’s case stands on:

“The Arm of the Frankenstein Monster"

In 1890, the American Barbicane & Co. settled the North Pole to begin their farcical endeavour to reach Jupiter. Early on in their expedition, workers discovered a small cluster of preserved body parts. Curious, as the North Pole is uninhabited, the remains were sent to New York City for examination. Amazingly, it was found that these parts were all from different men from a small part of eastern Germany, all who died in the very early 19th century. When news broke, the world’s top scientists began searching for a reason as to why and how the body parts were in the North Pole. Soon after, an elderly gentleman, whose name was withheld, came to say that the body parts were, in fact, those of the famous lost creation of Dr. Victor Frankenstein. After Dr. Frankenstein’s death at the North Pole searching for this creation, the creature, distraught, willingly drifted off into the arctic circle, proclaiming that he would set his own funeral pyre. 80 years later, the body of one of science’s most frightening breakthroughs was finally uncovered. In the case above sits One of the few body parts revealed to the public: a hand and forearm. Perhaps we will one day unlock the secret that Dr. Frankenstein unlocked all those years ago.”

Among other things to be found there would Dr. Jekyll's Journal, renderings of the animal hybrids from The Island of Doctor Moreau, and The Invisible Man himself will also be featured.

The Experience -

Eventually, both doors at the back of the room open, with guests exiting from the right door, and you and a large group of guests enter the left door and are ushered down a short hallway and into a theatre. The theatre is half-circle-shaped. Two rows of wooden bench seats, the backmost raised from the frontmost, encompass this room, stopping at the sets of doors that stand at either end of the room. Two small aisles towards the back of the room, create a break in the rows of seats, leading towards the stage area of the theatre. Behind these rows are five very large windows that rest in the back curved wall of the room, looking out onto a very cloudy London just after sunset. In between each window hang a few small crude lighting fixtures, wires very visible. These small lights provide all of the rooms illumination, occasionally subtly surging. In the center of the room, about 5 feet below the first row of seats, is a rather nice stage area. A large table covered in notes, and various lab equipment sits on a beautiful black and white marble floor. At the front of the room, between the two doors you and the other guests entered through, is another rather large set of wooden doors, above which hangs a small set of speakers, again with their wires very visible as they were set up in a very crude manner. As everyone sits down, the doors from the Exposition Hall’s exhibit area closes. As the doors close, you hear a voice, spoken in a very proper English dialect, come over the speakers.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to welcome you to tonight’s very special presentation. What you will witness tonight may very well frighten both men and women alike. We kindly request that guests stay in their seats, and refrain from smoking, and taking flash pictures. We also kindly request that guests do not disturb Dr. Jekyll as he recounts his disturbing tale. Thank you.”

As the voice’s echo fade, the large wooden doors that lead out into the stage area swing open, and Dr. Henry Jekyll (a live actor) makes his way towards the table of strange test tubes and notes. He’s a rather small man. Not exactly frail-looking, but also not at peak physical condition. He looks tired; worn out. Despite his pallid demeanor, he speaks with such a vibrant voice, that he almost seems perfectly normal.

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,” says Dr. Jekyll. “I have been asked here tonight to recount a strange and frightening tale; one that might change the way we view life as we know it. A tale that, sadly, has left me cursed for a number of years. About 12 years ago, I developed a serum that was able to turn me into an entirely different being; a vile monster of a man named Mr. Edward Hyde. This serum caused me to change my form and personality completely against my will. Frightened that I would forever be Hyde, I went into exile to await my apparent fate. However, as the years passed I was able to regain control of this vile beast inside me, and I am happy to say that Edward Hyde is no more! In recent years - cough- ohexcuseme, I and a small team of scientists have been working to harness and hone the powers that I’ve discovered in the hopes of helping the lives of others, both mentally and physically.”

As Dr. Jekyll continues, you notice his cough worsen almost to the point of stalling his presentation. He apologizes profusely, his voice weakening. He begins to lean on the large wooden table at the center of the room as you can see his eyes widen. He’s worried. Through the persistent coughing, Jekyll assures you and the audience that everything is fine, and he will continue with his presentation once his coughing fit has passed. As this occurs, you can hear the faint sounds of a thunderstorm coming from outside the windows. Suddenly, Jekyll lets out a sound of intense pain as he collapses over the table. As this happens, a large clap of thunder is heard and the dim lights suddenly brighten, and go out just as quickly.

It’s blown a fuse. You can’t see anything. You can only hear a some strange and frightening sounds coming from Jekyll. Suddenly, the sounds subside and are replaced by a horrifyingly loud, bellowing growl of a yell accompanied by a crash. A large thunderclap is again heard, this time accompanied by lightning. The lightning illuminates the room, and you see it. Him, rather. The frightening image of Mr. Hyde can be seen for a split second as the lightning flashes. He is absolutely terrifying. He’s about double the height of Dr. Jekyll, and is extremely well-built. His clothes are tattered. The table has been tipped and the floor is now covered with strange liquids and papers. You can see him staring directly at you through his wide. Through his angry, heavy breathing he begins to talk in a large, booming voice through a rather thick cockney accent.

“Eh. What’s this now? People? Come to see me? Ahahaha! You bloody people won’t be seeing much of me. No. I’ll rip your heads off if you think you can watch me like a sodding zoo animal.”

Again, Hyde lets out a yell, and jumps away. Another flash of lightning reveals that he’s no longer in the center stage area of the room. Through the loud rain, you can hear Hyde shuffling about...somewhere. You can sometimes hear his very loud breathing around the room. Suddenly, you can hear a strange hissing sound. He’s in the walls. Suddenly, a gigantic stream of mist shoots through the wall, shrouding the entire room in a thick mist. Again, Hyde can be heard. He’s moving about the room through the mist.

“Hah! What now? You’ve nowhere to go! Yes. Now the fun begins.”

You can hear Hyde as he jumps about the room. You can hear sounds of a struggle. Screams, the sounds of flesh being beaten and ripped. Is Hyde...attacking people? The sounds of his laughter and light swearing confirms this fact. Hyde is most certainly enjoying himself with these innocent people.

The steam begins to subside a little bit. Hyde can be heard again.

“There we are. Now, I’ve missed that, haha!”

Suddenly, you feel a small rumble. It sounds and feels as though he’s directly behind you.

“Had I the time, I’d stay and have a go at all of you, but I’ve more important places to visit than waste energy on you bloody idiots.”

You can hear him jump away again. Suddenly, you hear a sound of crashing glass. Hyde has escaped into London. With the window now forcibly opened, the steam subsides completely. The lights then flicker back on as well. That same proper English voice can be heard again.

“Our apologies, ladies and gentlemen, but Dr. Jekyll will not be able to finish his presentation this evening. We kindly ask you all to leave the theatre due to safety concerns. We again apologize for this inconvenience. Please enjoy the rest of your evening.”

You and the rest of the group quickly leave the room through the opposite door. You continue about your day.
Advertisement(s) - Something related to James Bond at the Orlando Mall. And billboards.

Queue -

The line starts off as a library hallway off of the main hallways, on the corner of the hallway two signs stating "Action/Adventure" can be seen by the approaching guest. Underneath this sign a more subtle sign can be seen with the attraction name "Name here", towards the middle of the hallways, hanging from the ceiling a old Victorian clock can be seen showing off the time of day and the standby time.

Walking down the standby line, guest will be line by the titles of great novels around the world Asimov, Cussler, and Brown to name a few. At first it would seem like a tradition library hallway, but the closer guest get to "F" for Ian Fleming small changes and off putting things will be seen. First they will be small like a bullet hole next to a Dan Brown book, or books slowly being replaced by books in the "D" section. Finally as the are within feet of the "Fleming" location the hallway finally has completed it transition into a underground tunnel, turning around a corner guest will approach a steel door guarded by two MI6 soldiers standing at attention. There movements will be subtle and slowly the will allow groups into the their "Staging Room".

A group will walk through the steel door and into the underground MI6 bases where they will see agents working on computers and screens changing images showing "world renown" criminals. Passing through this area, guest will be shuffled into the first show room which will use Holograms to introduce Q. Q will welcome the new recruits and show off the latest of MI6 technologies. After a short introduction, Q will be interrupted by M stating that their is an Emergency, that Bond is in trouble, and all help is available.

The message ends with Q telling the guest to move on, stating the M is waiting and won't take tardiness. Guess will leave the technology lab and move towards the left where the technology lab will move into an office like room. A collection of knick knacks can be seen on the corner of the desk, along with a dozen small details. With the use of holograms agains, M will make here appearance by turning around her chair and facing the guest. M will explain that while this is not to protocol, MI6 needs all the help they can get. M will tell guest that she has prepared a car in the garage for the guest and that they will need to follow hallway where they will find their car awaiting.

Walking down the hallways, guest will hear alarms going off and the voices of various agents yelling and rushing about trying to get ready for the mission. Turning at the last door, guest will find theme selves in the MI6 garage, around them some of the famous bond cars can be seen including the one seen below. Finally guest will board their vehicle.

Ride Technology -

The ride vehicle for this attraction is a heavily modified variant of the ride system used in Test Track (Epcot), Radiator Springs(California Adventures), and Journey to the Center of the Earth(DisneySea). LIke theses vehicles, each car holds six passenger, three in the front row and three in the back row. Likewise, the Bond car can travel to speeds up to 65 miles per hour and provide a realistic driving experience that guest are sure to remember.

This is where the similarities end, underneath the chassis the bond car has four-wheel steering that will be use to emulate drifting, spin outs, and other technical maneuvers that are not available to previous vehicles. To accommodate for this technical improvement the guiding

Ride -

1) Once guest board the vehicle, the voice of Q (Voiced by the most recent Q Ben Winshaw) informing guest the standard safety protocol. At this time, Q will describe button in-front of each of the six passengers, stating that when the button lights up hit it. Q will continue to inform them that if they don't hit it, he will over ride the command from his remote location. While this spiel is occurring the car will move forwards slightly, turning left and stoping before a closed metal door and an MI6 safety agent who will precede to do a safety check

2) Once the safety check is approved, Q will stated that the first passenger needs to open the door by pressing the button in front of them. (The button will be random for each ride-through, so no two rides hypothetically will have the same quest pressing each activity) Once pressed, the doors in-front of them will open and the car will speed through the tunnels. The car will wind thorough the tunnels before popping out into the city scape of a London.

3) Entering into London, the car will slow down as they start driving down the road. The voice of Q comes over the air "Give me a second, I am triangulating the last known position of 007, .. Found him" The car will accelerating and turn left down an alley where the car will stop.

4) The voice of Q will come along the radio "Okay looks like we have found his last known location, run the built and scanner and see if we can get any trace of where they went". Once again another button will light up, having a guest press it. With this "evidence" will appear showing tire marks leaving out, Q: "They look fresh, follow them". The vehicle accelerates out following the glowing tire tracks.

5)The car will race through the back alley's following the tire tracks when they encounter the vehicle that matches tire prints, A fright full Q comes over the radio, "that must be the car that kidnaped Bond, Tag it). Another button lights up, after pressing the button a flare will shoot from the car and a tracker will attach itself Seconds after the tracker lands on the enemy vehicle they speed of into the shadows.

6)Q comes on the radio "After them they are getting away" The car floors it and drive off with Q saying directions, finally the ride drifts left and the car runs up the ramp and exits the show building and lands on top of the roof.

7)"They are right behind you" The button will light up allow a guest to activate the guns which shoot a oil container on the roof, but the ride vehicle and the chase car hit the oil slick. The sounds and vibrations chase vehicle rolling of the road and exploding near by, at this time the vehicle is spinning out. Q regains control of the vehicle, causing it to drift on the edge allowing guest to look down at the court yard.

8)Q: "It looks like Agent 007 didn't make it, Wait what is this, camera spotted a truck carrying bombs heading towards Headquarters, this was a distraction, You need to stop them now." The button lights up initiating the turbo mode, the car screams forwards and "jumps" off the roof and back into the London Streets.

9)The car will barrel down the streets, drifting into turns and hitting 65 mphs when in the distance a freight truck can be seen. Q: "That's it, stop it at all cost"

10) The final scene will have the riders screaming towards the MI6 entrance trying to stop the enemy car in front of them, when James Bond comes roaring in front of them and "ramming" the enemy car off of the road. His voice on the radio; "Thank you for the help" At this point Q's voice will come over the radio scream for them to hit the emergency brake, at which the car will screech to a halt as the tail swerves from the sudden braking.

11)The vehicle enters the garage and they unload.
Advertisement(s) - Billboards:

Stop the Book Thief! (Not to be confused with the actual novel or movie)

The Book Thief is a Thief like no other he speaks in rhymes and steals famous books he was able to fool the Gargoyles as well. He wears a black top hat, a monocle, a black tie, curly mustache, his shoes are purple as well to match his undershirt, and a black suit with a purple undershirt.

You can sign up in any store by buying a bookmark. They will then tell you your next location.

Near The Marvels of Man -

The Book Thief will start off by stealing the story Rikki Tikki Tavi he will release Nagina and Nag from the story they will exit the screen and cause ruckus around the library. (Shoot water from different points of the hallway, launch themselves shooting air at people, and hissing people) The Book Thief will leave leaving a clue to where he shall strike next.

“This girl with her mind of magic. She will leave you wowed by her flight. She could make your life quite tragic. Take my advice quite light. Or she will shall try. To get you high.”

Near Maltida’s Adventure -

This time he will steal the Phantom of the Opera. Releasing Erik (Phantom of the Opera) without his mask as it is in the expo. Erik will make the lights flicker and go out, shoot very cold air at guests, and nearby chandeliers will shake. The next clue left behind.

“The guardians are so close. Follow me if you dare. I should have a toast. To the demon’s layer.”

Near The Gargoyles -

He will steal his biggest mistake Frankenstein. Once he steals the book Frankenstein escapes and starts to moan and groan and alerts the gargoyles. Frankenstein flips a switch and the electricity goes crazy the light bulbs flicker on and off, you hear light bulbs exploding, thunder can be heard, and finally an alarm will go off triggering the gargoyles awakening sending a strong gust of wind will be felt and seen sending the book characters back to their respective books. The Book Thief will be captured by the Gargoyles. Behind you a secret room opens up to reveal the Book Thief in a jail cell.
-End of Part 1-


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-Part 2-

Stores :
Advertisement(s) - Billboards:

Themed to Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Book) the store will feature attraction specific merchandise for The Marvels of Man . Will have a special line of items called Sanity. Some items will be Sane(Jekyll) and Insane(Hyde).

Merchandise Found -

Apparel -
The Marvels of Man Cap, The Marvels of Man Shirt, The Marvels of Man Sweater, Insane Cap, Insane Shirt, Insane Sweater, Insane Pajamas, Sane Cap, Sane Shirt, Sane Sweater, Sane Pajamas

Misc Items -
Sane Notebook, Sane Mug, Insane Notebook, Insane Mug, Sanity Mug, Sanity Notebook, Sanity Candy

Sanity Candy Flavors -
Sweet Tart & Sour Tart (Jelly Taste), Green Apple & Red Apple (Appley Taste), Sourberry & Sweetberry (Juicy Taste), Citrus (Orange, Lemon, Lime, Tangerine (Sweet)) (Juicy Taste), and Sugar&Salt (Grainy Taste)
Merchandise Offerings:

Books -
The Phantom of the Opera, Maltida, James Bond Series, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Hercule Poirot Series, Miss Marple Series, Frankenstein, H.G. Wells The Time Machine, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Invisible Man, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Series,The Island of Doctor Moreau, and Heart of Darkness.

Apparel -
Jekyll and Hyde Attraction Cap, Jekyll and Hyde Attraction Shirt, Jekyll and Hyde Attraction Sweater, Maltida’s Adventures Cap, Maltida’s Adventures Shirt, Maltida’s Adventures Sweater, Bond Cap, Bond Shirt, Bond Sweater, Bond Sunglasses, Bond Fedora, Time Cycle Cap, Time Cycle Shirt, and Time Cycle Sweater, Simply Victorian Gemstone Necklace, Simply Victorian Gemstone Bracelet, Simply Victorian Necklace, Simply Victorian Bracelet, Simply Victorian Gemstone Earrings, Simply Victorian Earrings, Simply Victorian Pocket Watch, Simply Victorian Top Hat, Simply Victorian Headdress, Simply Victorian Parasol, Simply Victorian Pocket Book, Simply Victorian Wallet, Simply Victorian Ring

Miscellaneous -
Bond Mug, Bond Action Figures, Bond Notebook, Time Cycle Mug, Time Cycle Notebook, Maltida’s Adventures Mug, Maltida’s Adventures Notebook
Themed to the Gargoyles attraction. You can buy merchandise themed to the Gargoyles.

Apparel - Gargoyles Cap, Gargoyles Shirt, Gargoyles Sweater, Gargoyles Sweater, Gargoyles Wings, Gargoyles Winged Sun Glasses

Restaurants :

The exterior of the restaurant will be none other than the famed train the Orient Express.

Based on Agatha's Christies famous book (later turned into a film), this dining experience will place guest into a rail car sized dining hall themed after the dining all from the famous Orient Express. A mahogany wood lines the walls and furniture with a white cloth covering each of the tables. To the side of each table, a pink topped lambs will lightly reflect against the window. While not the roomies of dining halls, the carriage will provide a realistic environment. The car will rattle and shimming back and forth during the greeting of guest and hostess, while the snowy landscape complete with falling snow rolls by the window. The cast of actresses and Actor will be seen walking in with the guest and walked towards the end of the carriage as if they are walking through the train to reach the next carriage.

Dinning will start when the drama of the night begins, a scream will come from the carriage as the body of Mr. Rachett is found stabbed to death in his locked carriage with the window open. The night will continue as the other 13 passengers convene in the dinning car, sitting amongst the guest as they discuss the murder and attempt to discover which one among the was the killer. To provide a varying experience for the guest one key thing will be changed from the original plot line, the Killer. The killer will change from show to show, allowing guest a new plot twist each time. To compensate for this, the cast will make changes to the script and make it up as they go at certain points as long as they follow the plot. Another elements to bring in guest involvement, the cast will treat the dining guest as fellow passenger's. So watch out, or you might find yourself among the accused.


All tables include a Great British Cheese board feature a college of British cheeses such as West Country Farmhouse Cheddar, Mozzarella, Double Gloucester and Red Leicester for all guest to enjoy and experience. Includes a side of bread.

Main Course:

Seared salmon:

A pan seared Salmon accompanied by a lemon and mustard dressing, with a side of Crayfish and Steamed Vegetables.

Chicken Tarragon:

Sautéed chicken with broccoli cooked in a light garlic, white wine and tarragon sauce.

Seasonal Soup:

Ask your server what the season soup is.

Slow Cooked Beef:

A slow cook organic beef with roasted winter vegetables and potatoes.

Baked Eggplant Parmesan ~ Sliced eggplant breaded, baked and layered

with provolone cheese and marinara sauce.

Orecchiette with Rapini and Goat Cheese~ Slightly bitter rapini (also known as broccoli rabe), marries well with tangy goat cheese in a pasta recipe


Triple Chocolate Mouse cake ~ Three luxurious layers of solid Mousse-Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Mocha Mousse atop a fudgy base of flourless chocolate cake and piled high with chocolate shavings.

Tempura Cheesecake ~ Cheesecake Tempura battered and friend, topped with chocolate ganache

White Chocolate Mouse ~ Two thick and lusty layers of satiny White Chocolate Mousse with a thin layer of moist yellow cake in between. Piled high with White Chocolate shavings.

Raspberries N’ Cream ~ A thick layer of intensely flavored pink Raspberry Mousse with center layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream and fresh raspberries. Finished with a Raspberry Glaze


Sleeping Car

Apricot infused Cognac, Calvados, Lemon Juice, Mint and Bitters

Irish Coffee

A vanilla coffee mixed with an Traditional Irish Creme.

The Agatha

Old Tom Gin, lemon with house-made strawberry-sage soda

Orient Express

Smirnoff® Vanilla Twist vodka, with Frangelico® hazelnut liqueur, Bailey's® Irish cream, and espresso with a pinch of cream, cinnamon and sugar

Traditional Red and White wine list.

Looking out over the Islands of Adventures lake, the Bound Book Cafe will reflect the qualities of small town and library cafes. Across the walls posters of famous book covers will hang as patrons walk in and out or sit around on of the many nooks in the cafe. This cafe will be a perfect hideaway from the hustle and bustle of Island's of Adventures. A full Starbucks menu is available for guest with a few recipes from the secret menu

For breakfast, the cafe will provide a series of pastries such as raspberry-swirl sweet rolls, chocolate chip and banana muffins and croissant. Lunch and Dinner will provide a series of made to order sandwiches and paninis.

From everyone at Team Sea we thank you for reading our submission to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Season 2 Challenge 4. We hope the rest of your day is filled with hope, excitement, and fun!
-End of Part 2-


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Challenge 4 - It's Elementary, my Dear Watson

Team Air


In this challenge, three words immediately sprung off the page, and instantly and throughout as we work this three guidelines acted as pillars for what we would need to accomplish: distinct, function, and intent. In order to succeed, our team would have create a land that when being Imagineering, were apparent and were put into place.

As the challenge began, distinct was our first goal. After searching through the great library of international literature, the works of J. R. R. Tolkien and the movies that they are associated with we feel could be nicely translated into a well-defined and one-of-a-kind experience.

Once we decided, our next aim had two parts: the first was to take the immense collection of material we had to work with, and narrow it down to a selective and powerful mix of great stories that guests would be excited to experience while still utilizing some of the existing creations; the second was taking this mix and making sure that flowed and had solid infrastructure.

Middle Earth takes the best moments from the franchises and lets guests experience them in a way with such beauty and excitement, as well as making sure they have access to all the amenities they need, they will be certainly want to be there and come back again. Whether they are dining in Laketown, journeying through the treacherous tower of Barad Dur, or simply exploring the sights and sounds of the realm, guests are simply caught in the wonder of Middle Earth and can easily and conveniently take in this wonderful franchise.

The third and final of the key terms we followed was intent. Every area is its’ own story, and deserves the best treatment and should be justice to what fans and even guests who are not familiar with the worlds of Tolkien would come to expect.

This means proper cuisine, authentic merchandise, and quality design of every aspect of an attraction, restaurant, or even restroom. This is a staple for all Imagineering, but is especially important with the alluring characters, plots, and scenes of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. With all of these in mind, we hope that you enjoy Middle Earth, a crowning land full of laughter, adventure, and thrills only at Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios Orlando!



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Challenge 4 - Results

The winners are Team Air. Your presentation was really neat and well-thought out this week, but all of you lose 1 Vacation Day since your PM didn't post.
The runners-up are Team Land. I really liked where you went with this concept, but some decisions just didn't click with me (Die Londoner, the Dracula ride story, etc.).
The losers are Team Sea. Your idea was clever and had some really nice ideas, but it just wasn't strong enough to top the other entries this week.

@JokersWild Who will you be bringing with you to the Board Room?


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Challenge 4 - Results

The winners are Team Air. Your presentation was really neat and well-thought out this week, but all of you lose 1 Vacation Day since your PM didn't post.
The runners-up are Team Land. I really liked where you went with this concept, but some decisions just didn't click with me (Die Londoner, the Dracula ride story, etc.).
The losers are Team Sea. Your idea was clever and had some really nice ideas, but it just wasn't strong enough to top the other entries this week.

@JokersWild Who will you be bringing with you to the Board Room?
Sadly, I will be taking @MonorailRed, and @tcool to the boardroom with me tonight.


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Vacation Day Levels and New Teams - Challenge 5

Team Land - 21
IDInstitute - 5
RMichael21 - 5
Zweiland - 5
Sam4D23 - 4
MA Screamin' - 2

Team Sea - 21
MonorailRed - 4
Voxel - 5
tcool - 5
JokersWild - 4
englanddg - 3​


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Challenge 5: Another Convincing Campaign
We're heading back to France in a commercial fashion. Through advertisements, that is. Our two remaining teams are required to create a campaign advertising the Disneyland Paris Resort, specifically highlighting the additional attractions your teams thought up back in Challenges 1 & 2. Some of you may recognize this Challenge. Like the domestic counterpart contestants completed last season, you are required to include the following; an original slogan, a 2:00 commercial reel/presentation, a series of 4 posters, and a single testimonial from someone on this forum about what a great campaign this is. Remember to tie everything together with an overarching theme, and you'll do just fine!


This weeks Project Managers are;


There is no holder of the immunity idol this week, as the winning Project Manager in Challenge 4 didn't actually post.

This week, as usual, @BryceM will be acting as an adviser along with @Matt7187, like Trump's children and associates on the show.

Please provide exactly 5 photos, including the 4 promotional posters and 1 screen-capture of the testimonial. You guys may communicate amongst your teams in a PM I will create and watch over. Ask me any questions there. Due date is Wednesday, August 20th, at 9 PM EST. After you post your ideas please do not get into personal conflicts with the other team about concepts, or actions of punishment will take place.

Good Luck! :)
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Challenge 5: Another Convincing Campaign
We're heading back to France in a commercial fashion. Through advertisements, that is. Our two remaining teams are required to create a campaign advertising the Disneyland Paris Resort, specifically highlighting the additional attractions your teams thought up back in Challenges 1 & 2. Some of you may recognize this Challenge. Like the domestic counterpart contestants completed last season, you are required to include the following; an original slogan, a 2:00 commercial reel/presentation, a series of 4 posters, and a single testimonial from someone on this forum about what a great campaign this is. Remember to tie everything together with an overarching theme, and you'll do just fine!


This weeks Project Managers are;


There is no holder of the immunity idol this week, as the winning Project Manager in Challenge 4 didn't actually post.

This week, as usual, @BryceM will be acting as an adviser along with @Matt7187, like Trump's children and associates on the show.

Please provide exactly 5 photos, including the 4 promotional posters and 1 screen-capture of the testimonial. You guys may communicate amongst your teams in a PM I will create and watch over. Ask me any questions there. Due date is to be determined below. After you post your ideas please do not get into personal conflicts with the other team about concepts, or actions of punishment will take place.

Good Luck! :)
Why is there no holder of the Immunity Idol? As you said, it doesn't HAVE to be the Project Manager.
The Eighth Amendment -
There is an immunity idol which gives its holder (usually the winning Project Manager) immunity from elimination. The winning Project Manager every week receives this honor (unless decided otherwise) and is safe from elimination the next week.

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