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The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 2: International Edition


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This challenge will have another interesting feature. The judges have discussed it, and we are going to take another element from the TV series into our Imagineering community. In every Apprentice episode, the Advisers visit the team workshops when they have started developing ideas, and they give the teams a so-called "nudge". They tell them something that might lead them on a better path to success. We will be doing that this challenge. After teams have formed the basic concept, we will pop in with something we would do in the situation. 1 image is our nudge. Take it or leave it. Maybe you have a different style. It's just something new, and it's going to be fun.

Sam Magic

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Welcome friends, it seems as though you have lost your way.

What is that you tell me? You’re going on a ‘vacation’? Well I know the perfect place for a group such as yourselves, but I must ask you; Are you up for it?.

Some call this place dangerous, me? I prefer Adventurous. This place is called Monster Gorge, a terrifying village on the border of death and fright.

Still want to know more, then go on and go…it just might scare you to death.
[ http://monstergorge.com ]

[Coders note: The maps appearance will differ depending on your screens size, we apologize for this incovience.]
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