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The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Season 1


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The deadline has passed...


One Little Spark...
Premium Member
We lost our project manager, we have time zone difficulties, and one member had his internet knocked out for almost two weeks.

I'll be gone for two weeks as well...not sure how being 3 hours behind is a "difficulty"...but I'm sure once I tell my logical mind that it is stupid, I'll understand.


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Guys, I hate to say that we are not going to post anything, because we admit defeat. Our website will not work out, and we have had many difficulties. We think Dreamfinder should be eliminated because he quit on us and didn't do anything.

Sam Magic

Well-Known Member
As serving project manager of Team Magic, we have decided to forfeit this weeks challenge. We have faced many difficulties this week and it has come down to this decision. Jdm we hope you do not open a elimination as at this point we need all the members we can get. Thank you.


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Well done guys, you really did do amazing. Our work was just not up to the standard we would have liked because of so many problems with the team. Hopefully next challenge we can arrange the teams a bit better. Congratulations :)

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