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Trip Report The Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue Trip Report *Complete*


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Excellent TR as always.

Perhaps we’ll cross paths in November. I have no idea where I’ll be 11/11 yet. 11/12 I have HS stuff booked.
I won’t be there then, wish I was, but not until May. :(


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We hurried up to our ADRs at Toledo. They were running a little behind so we had time to check out the views. It was still lightning but nothing like it had been when we were having our meet at 3 Bridges. I do not mind rain, but being on water with lightning terrifies me.
View attachment 406504View attachment 406505View attachment 406506View attachment 406507View attachment 406508View attachment 406509View attachment 406510

We were seated beside a very friendly couple and before I tell this story- I want to make it clear that I am in no way being mean or judgmental at all. They were again, very nice and talkative.

We ordered a drink and appetizer. B had a beer and I had the Tequila Daisy View attachment 406523

and we had the Pan Con Tomate Tomato Bread.

I adore tomatoes and this was outstanding.
View attachment 406522
I will note that I terribly cheated on my staying away from gluten this trip. I paid for it too. My stomach killed me after having all that I did. It was worth it though.

But back to the meal- I noticed that the lady beside me had begun to sway. She went to say something to me and her eyes could not stay open and her mouth could not get anything I could decipher out. B had gotten up to go to the bathroom and on his way back text me this.

View attachment 406533

I was starving to death but the entire time after they brought our food, all I could think was please don’t throw up on me, please. If she had I would have very quickly returned the favor because I can’t even stand to hear, much less see someone vomit. She took her shoes off and struggled to the bathroom where maybe she did throw up, I don’t know but was still so visibly out of it I don’t know how she made it out of the place. Also so visibly out of it that she vaped at the table, almost dropping it while doing so. It was so bad that I just felt really bad for her. I could not help but get tickled though when they left and the couple beside us immediately are like how did she not pass out or throw up?? One of them did a perfect dead on impression of her eyes crossing and I laughed but I still kind of felt bad for it because they were nice, she was just toasted beyond belief.
I wouldn't mind having enough money to get hammered like that at Disney. Not that I would do it, but that must have cost her a pretty penny......


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I wouldn't mind having enough money to get hammered like that at Disney. Not that I would do it, but that must have cost her a pretty penny......
I have quite a few drinks when I am there and got a terrible case of the giggles at Club Villain a few years ago but nothing like that. I still think she mixed something she shouldn’t have. 😑


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I have quite a few drinks when I am there and got a terrible case of the giggles at Club Villain a few years ago but nothing like that. I still think she mixed something she shouldn’t have. 😑
Yeah. Maybe some meds thrown in there. I've seen a couple people get in that condition after only a couple beers because they also took an anti-depressant that doesn't mix with alcohol.

I am glad she got home safe and had a "handler"


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And it was 3. I won’t post all of them but the It’s almost our 27th anniversary and we still like each other one.

We had some time to kill before Flame Tree opened so we stopped here. Breakfast of Champions.. Bob wasn’t working but Steve & Heather were. B965E57F-AEE1-4982-917E-55C252CA18D7.jpeg

Then off for some real grub!

I got my usual table, while B brought the food.

And of course I stopped to admire the birds.


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Love the picture of you and B kissing on EE! :inlove:

If Flame Tree Barbeque has B's seal of approval, then I guess Frank and I are on the right track. Must do for us too!
We used to mortify the kids when they were teens. They always said we were too mushy in public. 😂

Flame Tree is the closet to Carolina BBQ at Disney. I don’t think we have ever not eaten there since it opened. I have not tried Polite Pig yet but it gets good reviews.


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After we ate it was time to go on a Safari.

Out of order pics but you have to take and post them right? Even if you have a million times. 😂

Too hot for the Lions, of course.

It was HOT! 🔥 AK is always so hot but especially in August. The trees, plants and bushes I am assuming. Too hot to do the treks. I kinda was wishing it felt like this day again from last November. Actually, I take that back. It was frigid, hot is still better than cold any ole day.


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Before we left, I knew that I wanted to do something extra. I thought about Keys but did not wanna waste a day since it is 5 hours. I also pondered doing the After Hours at MK. In the end, I chose MNSSHP. Mostly for the parade. I love that parade.

I had sworn I would never attend it without my son- especially after working on completely handmade costumes for 2 months and getting totally rained out in 2017. We ordered some things to do HM bride & groom but in the end, we didn’t even bring them. It was better that way though. And since my boy couldn’t be there with me- I have to start with a few pictures of him. He made a ridiculously awesome Cap’n Jack. (Even though the accessories bag had been stolen from the box by the cat before we left)






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I made ADRs for Skipper Canteen, so we headed there.

I can’t believe it has been open so long and we just tried it. I have made ADRs several times but we always ended up canceling.




Guess this is for the Jingle Cruise? DF32E162-E225-4A89-B95B-610D2E2600D3.jpeg

I ordered the Iron Horse Fairy Tale- because, I mean you have to...right?


B got the Tastes like Chicken-


I got the Sustainable Fish-

B got another beer (I don’t know what he had) so I got a Rose’ Sparkling. 80F52140-0888-4ADA-ABC2-9BF3F6B8D798.jpeg

Right after the waiter brought it, a couple behind us, celebrating their anniversary saw our buttons and brought us two glasses they had been given because they do not drink. Very sweet moment and we made a toast with their non alcoholic drinks. Complimentary glasses are about half full, but that still put me at 3 full glasses of Iron Horse in just a few minutes. Champagne has always affected me a bit more than even hard liquor. The bubbles maybe, but I had a slight giggly feeling when I stood up lol.

I love guest to guest Pixie Dust. It is the best Pixie Dust there is. A pay it forward kind of thing. ❤

Both dishes were amazing, can’t believe we haven’t been there before now and I LOVED The Jungle Cruise humor. Our waiter and the guy that seated us were both a hoot!

When we finished, I was headed to my favorite MNSSHP attraction!

Any guesses? 😬



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We rode twice, then found a spot for Boo to You. I love this parade. If I just could have seen in in our 2017 rain out, I would have been happy.

See it this time, I would! No rain, just a few obnoxious people trying to get in front of you last minute. Maybe I am a bad person, I dunno, but- if I get there way ahead of time and you want to rush in front of me last minute, 5’4 of sweetness and smiles will stand her ground and tell ya why she is. 😈 Back up Buster. Kids, sure get in front of me, but sit. I am short. I paid 150 bucks just for the parade and I planned to be there to be in the front. Sorry you did not plan as well. I would not, try to get in front of you, if I poorly planned. Just sayin’

With that said, Boo to you! 🎃👻☠









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