Trip Report The Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue Trip Report *Complete*

The Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue - Trip Report

Back home and wanted to at least get a start on this report, before I start canning next week. (Plus Stinker is down for the moment)

I had the best intentions of taking notes, and even bought a journal to do such. (Ya, right, I never even opened it)

My pre- trip and semi live report can be found here.

My title explanation is as follows.

The Old- for our Anniversary (27) and at Coronado Springs.

The new- flying instead of the torture it is for me being in a car for 8 1/2 hours, or in the case of Irma 17 1/2. 😑

Also, meeting and getting to chat with some very sweet trip report forum members and their spouses.

That would have been so out of my comfort zone until I met @Tuvalu in May. Very glad that I had the opportunity it was a blast. :)

The borrowed, is my alternate title - The Last Chapter- because believe it or not, I did not renew APs or book a Bounceback. I really am not going back until earliest May of next year and I am totally fine with that.

We almost did bounce back because we love celebrating our Anniversary at the world but it is HOT!! Too Hot and the only way I like a Hurricane or threat of one is in a glass.

The Blue, was lack of rain, other than a horrid storm while having drinks at Coronado and a little bit during a day at AK. Also for the gorgeous blue skies we flew both down and back in.

So onto day 1- flying down.

15 trips to WDW and flew one time, the rest in a car. It is taxing, at best for me to be in the car for more than 30 minutes. I hate it. Always have. My mom still goes a little pale at the thought of our road trips when I was little. My dad had to take the scenic route and stop at every beach and then make us get back in the car to check out another one- in my defense. I just wanted to stay at the first one. I hated getting back in the car lol.

1 hour and there? Ya, I am in.

I was expecting to wait forever but better than a car right? (For me, anyway)
Got there 2 hours before, checked bag, did security, no line. Waited, boarded, took off, and an hour 30 minute flight, landed in a little over an hour.

And yes, I did have a Bloody Mary for breakfast. ;)


Made our way off and down to ME, straight into a line, and was on the bus maybe 5 minutes after getting in line.


Not very easy to get a pic of the gate in a bus.

And we are home! Love the new sign, it reminds me of the old room colors, though which is odd.


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We arrived and went to check in at the new Tower Lobby. Gail wasn’t there so we did not get a room ready. I wanted to stay in Cabanas and there were none ready. The Tower was gorgeous but I just prefer the more spread out original parts of the resort, especially the Cabanas.
While we waited for the room we strolled around the lobby. I think it is beautiful. There are many subtle and not so subtle Hidden Mickey’s.


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Then we headed to El Mercado. I think that is what it is called now- I still call it Pepper Market. B got the burger and I got the Veggie Burger.

We stopped by the old check in lobby and it felt so weird to see it empty. I don’t like change lol.

Bird nest in Cabanas

After we ate still no text so we had a drink and ding the phone went!
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We went and checked out our room and as we were leaving our luggage was being delivered. Yay! I was worried about that part of it. I did not take any room pics since I have a kazillion already.

We headed for the bus and only waited about 3 minutes.

We were sitting and B starts laughing and I turn around and apparently this squirrel was about to jump on my back!! I love most all furry animals but was not too keen on the idea of it jumping on me. @riverside I am sure you know what I mean!

On the bus!!!

Then we were here!!


A day in Hollywood coming up next!!


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I’m here 😃
Yay!! Thanks for joining. :)
I need to have that Mickey dandelion picture :inlove:
I know! They had two of them, one is smaller. Make a Wish! I just loved that.
The Coronado Tower looks so lovely! Looking forward to seeing more of your trip!
It is beautiful, thanks for reading.
Unfortunately all too well!!
Looking forward to more!!
I thought of you immediately when I jumped up lol.


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I was afraid I had made my first fastpass too early but we stopped to smoke and walked right in to head to Toy Story Mania exactly by my window opening!

On the smoking, so glad that you do not have to go through security at DHS to smoke again now but I still feel all areas except AK are in bad areas. People have to walk right by you. Before most places were more off the beaten path. Putting them where people are walking totally takes away from the point that they said they were doing it for.
Just my two cents. 😬

Still so thankful that stupid hat is gone!! Lol

So wish this had not been stripped. :(



I am highly competitive. Think Monica. I have not beaten B at this game in so long it completely irks me to no end. I started so strong and he killed me at the end. #soreloser

I did still smile for some exit selfies at the walls.


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After getting my hiney beat, we stopped at Brown Derby Lounge where we had a Margarita flight and small Cobb salad. B got a beer I think.

Then off to a really fast car...

An excellent ride on ToT! Tons of drops.

Some shopping then back to eat at 3 Bridges Grill- Coronado.


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I'm in!

It's so great to see so much of CSR again. 😁

We stopped by the old check in lobby and it felt so weird to see it empty. I don’t like change lol.

So I had stayed at CSR when the old lobby was the lobby, but my family had not. When we walked through it I told them it was the old lobby. My oldest said she wished it still was the lobby because she liked it better than the new one!


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I'm in!

It's so great to see so much of CSR again. 😁

So I had stayed at CSR when the old lobby was the lobby, but my family had not. When we walked through it I told them it was the old lobby. My oldest said she wished it still was the lobby because she liked it better than the new one!
Welcome!! :)
I am so going to miss the big Christmas tree in front of the Hidden Mickey now that the walkway opening is there. :(
Following along!
Thanks for joining in! :)
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