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The Smells of the World


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OMG it's so true, scents bring back such great memories, my two fav's are the lobby's at the GF and AKL heavenly!


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For the water rides at Disney, such as Pirates, I have heard they use Bromine, instead of chlorine. That might be part of what you are smelling in there!


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The musty old house smell of HM.

Smell of coffee and breakfast stuff on main in HS and MK. Reminds me of the wife and I abandoning the kids to enjoy a morning at the parks just the two of us. Ahhh.


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Whatever I'm smelling when I walk into the lobby of the Wilderness Lodge. It's a very subtle scent that I can only describe as "clean and airy". It gives me a very comfortable, "welcome home" feeling. I assume that's the intention.

Big Phil

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Definitely the ones with water. Pirates has a unique smell.

I also think Country Bear Jamboree, at least in the waiting area, has a musky outdoorsy type smell. Might be the wood. But I find it unmistakable as well.


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I saw on another thread posters saying how much they love the smell of the (old :() Poly resort waterfalls.

Got me thinking about all the wonderful smells of WDW. A scent can be such a priceless memory and can bring you back to a moment so quickly. As a kid, whenever I would smell a campfire, I would always say "smells like EPCOT" (SSE's Rome burning scene)

Now as an adult, Disney popcorn smells like no other. And I'd love to bottle up the smell of the Caramel store in Germany.

What are your favorite scents of WDW?

and let's get all of the Stitch jokes out of the way quickly :hilarious:
The smell inside Space Mountain.
I'm sure it's the grease to lubricate the wheels on the carts.
So awesome......
And the smell in Pirates and Small world.......mmmmmm bromide water.


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This isn't a smell, but rather a sensation that at least for me, is forever linked to memories of Disney World. The unique hand-feel of powdered borax soap.

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