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The Miscellaneous Thought Thread

1LE McQueen

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In honor of Haunted Mansion Holiday closing to transform back into Haunted Mansion: The Other 2/3 of the Year, and in honor of my 999th post (and my first post since early November!), here’s my Mansion wish list:

• Rip out front yard pet cemetery and hearse
• Upgraded traveling light effect that won’t break and go unfixed for years
• Resurfaced stretching rooms
• A solution for the load area light problem
• a Leota face without oversaturated colors
• a darker and spookier attic
• Bride upgraded to at least WDW’s design
• Ideally, a bride that doesn’t talk
• Ditch the attic piano and its audio track
• Bat-mobiles! Attic blast up!
• Desaturate Hat Box Ghost’s color scheme
• Darken and de-clutter HBG’s tableau
• Replace all graveyard pop-ups with snappier models and restore their screams
• Projection mapped singing busts replace the spotlight-and-gobo method
• New lighting throughout
• Upgraded sound system throughout
• Keep regular Mansion open at least through Halloween, close for adequate refurbishment every year after HMH
• Or ditch HMH altogether 🤷‍♂️

And squishy doom buggy seats like in Florida!
Love it. Except the ditch HMH idea ;)


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This castle refurb, if Kim Irvine's concept art is at all accurate- seems to be a huge win, bringing back more subdued and classy coloring that will be appreciated by the fans, plus it costs a relatively low $300,000.
What concept art? Am I missing something?


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Carowinds has a full Chick-Fil-A in the park, Kings Dominion has a small one, and so do some other Cedar Fair parks. Plus they are on the Season Pass meal plan. An entree and a side. So a Sandwich and waffle fries!
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