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Trip Report The Holiday Humdinger *COMPLETED*


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Riding a coaster prior to a meal is wiser than riding after. Now my explorers were ready for dinner!

We had a hefty walk (that’s another thing about AK....all those hefty walks! 😂) to Hippie Blacklight Land Pandora. Trying to find Satu’li Canteen in the dark was quite comical, even though we’ve eaten there a few times. Explorer Em saved the day for us.



She deserved her Pandoran Sunrise!

All of us had chicken bowls. Em and I had the hearty salad side....

....and Woody had beans and rice as his side.

The food here is DELICIOUS. It’s almost worth a special trip to AK.......almost. :joyfull:


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SAME. I was traumatized as a child by It's Tough to be a Bug. And still won't do it. Luckily my husband is in the same generation as me and was also traumatized so he doesn't want to do it either.
I < liked > your post even though I don’t like that you guys were traumatized too. 😢


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We bypassed the Front Desk on our way to our room. The plan was to finish a small bit of packing and then we would haul our bags to the new room one floor below (once we received the room number).

However, my band failed to unlock the door. Ditto Woody’s. Ditto Em’s. Clearly we had a problem.

;) You've had your share of issues with room entry. Glad you eventually got it all resolved.

Happy to read that you were upgraded to Nature View. So nice that those rooms have a phone and did I see a clock?! :happy: And two side tables! #ShirleyStatus


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Even though AK was our 4th park day, we were unable to get FPs for Flight of Passage. But it was fine since we now had a reason FP to try Na’vi River Journey for a second time.

To say we were underwhelmed by NRJ on our first ride is an understatement. We had not seen Avatar and had no idea what was going on in the attraction. There were some projections, a weird chanting that grew louder and a creepy auto-animatronic.....and just like that, the ride was over.

We thought perhaps we’d been too critical. Em decided it might be fun to take pictures (she did not take any the first time.) We approached the tapstile with open minds.

NRJ through the lens of Em ~








Was my mind blown?

I wanted to like it. I really did.

But I still didn’t get it.

Woody’s take?

“Because it’s a boat ride, I was tempted to call it Pirates of Pandora.....but after riding a second time.....nope....it’s Living with Pandora.”


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Everything you mentioned plus a lack of things to do (an hour wait for a boat that went nowhere!); two of my kids traumatized by It’s Tough to Be a Bug (and still won’t do it even as adults); animals that were in hiding because it was brutally HOT, so there was nothing to look at; a long, boring, HOT walk to ride the train to Conservation Station and there was nothing to do once we got there; a 75 minute wait to eat at Rainforest Cafe, which was the only restaurant with air conditioning....then bad food and service.

I could go on, but I think you get the gist.....
It’s funny, my first trip was when AK opened, it was November, but Hot! AK was a nothing, we did the Safari, went to Conservation Station, pet some goats, much to my horror, they licked us. (Not a fan of goats) then left. I love it though, but I think it is because it opened when we went.
I had no idea the speedway and MPB (TM) 😉 were going to be down that long. So glad Eli went with us, we would not have probably done either, had he not!


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Add me to the list of traumatized kids by Its Tough to be a Bug! Ran out screaming. I was 10. Undecided if I want to take my four year old on it this year! Might make DH do it, he’s never experienced it before :devilish:


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On a scale of 0 to Stitch, how bad is Bug's Life really? I've never been.
I would go on Stitch again before Bugs Life. Stitch is just a horrible ride? attraction? Not sure quite what to call it. Bug’s Life is terrifying! I freaked out as a 9 year old, thought I’d be over it when I was 20 but nope had to leave halfway through before I had a full blown panic attack :hilarious:


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I experienced ITTBAB for the first time at 28 in DCA, and that was enough. I won't say I was traumatized or terrified, but I was definitely anxious the whole time and ready to get out of there!


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Regular readers of my TRs may recall that The Plaza was one of our go-to restaurants. Rarely did we skip it, and there was a trip or two when we actually went twice.

The food was good and very reasonably priced ~ only a few dollars more than a counter service restaurant.

The shakes were phenomenal.

We knew the servers by name (and a few recognized us.)

And we always looked forward to a visit by Mayor Christopher George Weaver who would enter the restaurant with a flourish and choose a child (the “100th” guest of the day) as the “Junior Mayor of the Day.” (Smokey Miller the Fire Chief would do the honors on the Mayor’s day off.). The ceremony was one of those special touches that made Disney, “Disney”.

A couple years ago The Plaza began to lose its luster. The crispy signature fat fries were replaced by generic shoestrings. Entree prices increased by $3-4. Worst of all, the $5 shake was replaced with an all-you-can-drink shake for nine dollars....a single serving was no longer allowed, nor was “sharing” the all-you-can-drink.

Then the Mayor died. :cry:

Dining there lost its value to us. But as I mentioned earlier, Em got to choose the restaurants and she wanted to give The Plaza another try.

View attachment 339844

View attachment 339845

We did not know any of the servers. The one assigned to us did not show up for a LONG time. She was a bit scattered and did not refill our water glasses. Em and Woody ordered shakes which took FOREVER and when she delivered them this was all they got:
View attachment 339849
Usually the stainless steel container (that the shake was mixed in) with the remaining shake was brought to the table as well. Em thought perhaps this had changed too, until she noticed that every other table that had shakes also had the stainless steel containers.

Still there were smiles on their faces.

View attachment 339848

View attachment 339846

I am happy to report the food was good.
Cheesesteak for Em.
View attachment 339850

Club sandwich for Woody.
View attachment 339852

Gourmet chicken sandwich for me.
View attachment 339851

While we were eating a Main Street Suffragette entered and (with a little less flourish than the Mayor) presented the 100th guest of the day with a chocolate covered gold Mickey bar. We were too far away to see if the gold Mickey bar was candy or ice cream.

It was nice to see that this “special touch” continues.

When our server brought the check she asked Woody and Em if they wanted to-go refills of their shakes. Woody declined, but Em said yes “because I feel like I never got a full shake to begin with!”

View attachment 339853

Lunch came to $82....about $30 higher than it used to be. Sigh.

I’m sorry...does that menu say add a soup for $8 or a salad for $9?!? :jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop:
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