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Rumor The EPCOT Hotel


I'm Just A Tourist!
Premium Member
I'd love to have more hotels with park entrances. I don't get why Magic (which is one of the most popular in the world) doesn't have any.

Come on Disney, there is money to be had. Picture watching fireworks from a balcony that's almost in the park.
It's coming. Why else open the Northern Exposure? ;)


I'm Just A Tourist!
Premium Member
Right, but imagine the idea of a hotel anywhere that close to the borders of MK. It would be like your neighbors' kids building a fort in your yard. I can't be the only one that feels that the MK is sacred ground. This is exactly what Walt disliked about Disneyland. Businesses (albeit in this case, Disney's own) popping up right outside the borders of his magic kingdom. Even as big as MK is, sight lines are still important.
Then Walt surely would be spinning in his grave/cryo box over Paris' Disneyland Hotel as well as all of Anaheim's Disney-owned hotel properties.


Well-Known Member
I was hoping to see any kind of update about this, but I'm guessing there have been no changes or noteworthy bits for people to discuss.

Fun to look back to 2017 though when people thought one of these hotels might ruin sightlines in WS. I'd say that barge has anchored

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