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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread


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Admittedly I buy a great deal of stuff online and I'm likely going to go to delivery for most food items minus things like produce and meats, those I want to see and pick myself. Just about anything that I can order online I do. My weakness is Target and Malls. I buy things I didn't know I needed. :rolleyes: Makes online my safety net. ;)

Clothing I have little luck with, sizes vary way too much. Most are free shipping back but that requires me taking rejects somewhere so I stopped trying for most clothing . Shoes I will at times try on at a brick & mortar or know my size like my Ascics or Under Armour. They run true to size in the styles I order and I can usually get a better price online as I do not require the very latest style release so their are bargains online.

Now if I can only find those pesky Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars. They are slow to come to this area.

I's still rather go to the store for my Crocs flip flops but at least I can get them on line if need be. As for clothes I have trouble finding them even in stores:rolleyes:


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Yep, a bit expensive (as shown) for a compact...

View attachment 358165

My folks paid $3,700 for this similar setup back in ‘71...

View attachment 358170

I also remember them paying $5,700 for a brand new full-sized Buick LeSabre back in ‘77.
Not sure since then, but, among a few other vehicles between them, they’ve bought 2 brand new Honda Pilots in the last 6 years.
To see the price increases of new cars over my years has been interesting... :cyclops:
The sticker price on a lot of the compacts is way too high. Your parents' experience and mine was far different. I don't recall how old I was at the time, but I do remember asking my father how much the new car cost. (They'd get a new car every 4 years.) It was a Ford (haven't a clue what name of model) and it was a 4-door, full sized car, bench seats front and back, and full-sized trunk. You could fit a boat in that trunk! ;)

So he tells me, "It was a lot of money--$4,000!" I nearly hit the floor -- $4,000!! For a kid, that seems like all the money in the world!


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Our Cash style for the New Millennium.

I'm far from a young Disney traveler, lol. Funny because I started my Disney Travels before Disney World existed, my first trip to Disneyland when I was not yet 2 years old and the addiction remained, no better place for families in my mind.

I go back to the days of Travelers Checks. It was a great system for cash. In our early days I allotted first $100 a day in travelers checks and up'd it to $150 when my kids hit school age and ate more or were no longer free to eat under 3, my kids are 5 years apart so I had wiggle room. Some days we used the $100, some not. We'd cash in the travelers check at lunch time. We often were allotted by Disney Travel Corp free breakfast CS or TS free for September October Travel as we always did.

We never held back on a dessert extra or stands for Dole Whips, Pretzels etc. We were on vacation. But the $100 guideline gave us parameters in our choices. If we did well a few days we'd go to a TS restaurant. One year the Dad had been eye'n an ESPN WDW jacket. He wasn't never a man of extravagant purchases. It was a black leather, the soft kind like well made gloves, jacket embroidered very tactfully with WDW also. He eyed it multiple times over the two weeks. $300. :jawdrop: The day before our trip ended we were well ahead of my projected expenses and I ripped out $300 from our travelers check booklet and handed it to him and said go for it. He wrestled with it, I insisted, he bought it and wore it for decades as it was a classic style and quality. Still has it, still timeless style.

Our new version of Travelers Checks now that we are all adults with income is we as an example throw in $300 for our long trip for Gift Cards from Sams Club. We opt for room discounts over Free Dining as dollar for dollar as annual passholders we are afforded a better value with the room discount and the discount on dining with the AP and Landry's members, I so love Yak & Yeti.

I have a kid in its mid 20's and one hitting 30. They are so about debit and credit, Venmo.
Still when we all vacation multiple times a year to WDW we fallback to yesteryear with a flexible 'cash' type budget with our Disney Gift Cards. We travel paid off before we arrive and the Gift Cards are pre-paid dining and snacks. It works for us. Our Cash style in the new millennium.
Oh man I hated travelers checks.... not every place took them... so I found them kind of a pita.... although, the one good thing about them is that if they were lost or stolen, they would replace them!


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Oh man I hated travelers checks.... not every place took them... so I found them kind of a pita.... although, the one good thing about them is that if they were lost or stolen, they would replace them!
That was the main point -- they were guaranteed, even if you lost them or if they were stolen. They took a bit of effort, but it was worth it to me.


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I'm now at 910am... getting there!

ps. I rewatched the FOP video and read some comments... everyone agrees with my memory.. very smooth.
That's definitely closer!!
They were made for what was my dads favorite evening snack. Crackers in Milk. Just like cereal, but, cheaper. Actually I used to eat it with him and I loved it. Still do, but, I very seldom eat any of it now. I would but I don't want to throw away that many calories. Sometimes when I am feeling very depressed, it is a handy comfort food.
My mom used to make homemade bread, and we'd put slices of it in the oven to brown it really crispy. Then break them apart and put them in a bowl with milk and cinnamon and sugar. It was a staple for us growing up. We also ate rice like that.
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