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@King Racoon 77 (per a recent photo I saw), I'm assuming there might be either a motorcycle or car race, on Guernsey (or on the Isle of Man) today, (or a day very soon coming up)? :)

Last night, I was watching a show about the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race, and that was really exciting!!

It appears to me that citizens of both the Isle of Man, and Guernsey, (both Crown Dependencies in the Channel Islands), share in their enthusiasm for racing! :cool: (Plus, it looks like many visitors arrive on race days as well, to join in the fun.) :happy:
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B and I are at Hershey today. I have decided on my second guest behavior pet peeve (#1 is line jumpers): groups (especially large groups) who freak out when they're not allowed on the same train.

Y'all are spending the entire day together... possibly multiple days together, and you're not going to be chatting on a roller coaster launching you in the air at 70 mph. I think you can be separated for five minutes. Sheesh.
I encounter this type of immature behaviour in Six Flags much more than at WDW. Different type of customer base for sure.


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I dont blame ya, I wouldnt go until the crowds died down a little
If I'd thought about it earlier, I would have asked off work and gone on Friday since it was a passholder preview day. Some of our international offices were closed and a bunch of people in the US offices took off, so it wouldn't have been an issue. May just take off on a random Wednesday in July.


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I'm new to the forums, and have been discussing stuff on the Rumors and News pages but I also have a matter I am seeking advice on. Is there an advice thread?

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