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Today I officially cancelled, what was supposed to be, my November trip to WDW. My travel agent had emailed me, and I figured it was a good opportunity to take care of the cancellation. I was going to wait until it got closer, but it sure does not look like much will change before now and then.

Too many reasons for me not to go. Wishing I was younger, and in better physical condition.

Cesar R M

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I was so proud of the protestors in Cincinnati yesterday.. they were not destructive, they marched, once blocked the highway, but it was relatively peaceful. Then, shortly after 11pm, more people came out, and that’s when the crowd started getting destructive. I think 12 businesses had their windows broken, a few looted. Luckily no fires, other than in a dumpster.
Peaceful protestors are out again today, hopefully the bad element doesn’t come back tonight.

However, Columbus crowds have been a lot more destructive.
There are some photos that did show that some of these "violent looters" were actually covert police.

Cesar R M

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Hubs and I went to the Minnesota Arboretum today. It was a beau morning there and it was nice to enjoy nature for awhile. I thought I would share some pictures.

Some more of the peonies were in bloom and some will be in full bloom next weekend.
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gorgeous photos!


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We’re supposed to drive to Indiana National Seashore tomorrow around 4am, only staying 1 night.. Sunday an Monday at the dunes and beach. Quick end-of-school-year celebration.., I just checked the weather-

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Now I’m considering cancelling the hotel. 63 degrees isn’t beach weather. :(.
Those temps look good to me, but I suppose if you want to go in the water it might be too chilly.


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Those temps look good to me, but I suppose if you want to go in the water it might be too chilly.
It’s about 9 hours round trip.. so I don’t know if it’s worth it without the water. I’m also thinking that the winds off of Lake Michigan will make the weather feel colder than it is.
Im searching for an alternative now.. but I haven’t cancelled yet.


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An old “Covid Boy”, there’s no song/album in that, just hair I haven’t had this long in decades...!!!!! :D:hilarious:

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That is more hair in the front than I have since most of the 1990s.

My haircut was for the sides and the back part of my head mostly. My sides had hair covering up my ears. My back part of my head was getting long.


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:happy: Like I mentioned to hubs, "Today is Christmas Day for geeks!"

(I got a kick out of NASA TV, hearing the all the guys whooping it up in the background, when things were going right during the spaceship flight. ) That's why I enjoyed CSPAN carrying the NASA TV coverage, as it's not as censured as the regular TV stations' coverage.
I watched it on a YouTube live feed on my iPhone and also on the Weather Channel on our living room TV...I was not gonna’ miss this today...!!!!!!! :hilarious:
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