The 2011 Food Report, Dear Lord We Are Fat


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Okay so being that we did this trip 3 less days that last years Food Report (that can be found here if you missed it) we still almost surpassed our total of money NOT spent on food.

I'm doing this one a LITTLE different. I am gonna do the Counter and Table Service meals as we did them in the order we did them. All the random stuff we grabbed along the way or stuff I took pictures of will be inserted at the end of the report.

Let's dig in, shall we?

First stop was at...

Planet Hollywood.

Our wonderful friend Nick, through some dork we know (Won't name names because WDWFigment lurks here) and the awesome Karen (Millerpoppins) all met up for some Crunch Chicken. We somehow MISSED out on going to Planet Hollywood last trip to get the Crunch Chicken. We could not skip it again. Here are the photos to prove it!

My first Coke of the year in Disney World. Disney World has THE best fountain coke. It is the only place where I drink soda or as us people in Pittsburgh call it...Pop!

Here is the chicken...

Total $69.93 but all my extra Planet Hollywood Vouchers covered it. I think we owed like $5 after they were all redeemed.

Sunshine Seasons.
This place has for sure gone under a least on the grill side of things. I never got anything from the other 2 or 3 stands they have here. I used to crush the salmon with double mashed potatoes and the Au Jus Sauce that came seperate from one of the other items there. Now it's the catch of the day, with some chunky sauce/topping. It's good...but the catch, and the sauce are not what they were.

Here is my Catch Of The Day...

Here is Colleen's Seared Tuna, which she loved. I hate that cold fish...

And we both got...

Total $35.73

Don't get me wrong by my description of SG...It's still great. The items I used to get are just gone and the new stuff is not as good.


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Up next is Via Napoli. LOVE this place. Last year our service was just okay and the girl barebly spoke understandable English. This year we have two guys. One was about to leave cause his program was up and the other was in training. They were both VERY good and some other guy was walking around and filled our Cokes about 32 times in 1 hour. Staff was VERY alert and very good.

Via Napoli.

Here is my Pepperoni Pizza with Extra Cheese!!!

Colleen's Margherita Pizza.

Colleen's special Birthday Dessert.

Colleen's Tiramisu.

My Gelato Frizzante. Did not really know if I was gonna enjoy this one but it was GREAT!

Total $54.32


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Our first of four...yes FOUR trips to Le Cellier Steakhouse. I always tell people that it is the best steak or food that I have ever ate. This visit would top even that somehow? One bite in and Colleen and I both looked at each other in shock. Not only was just the beef itself amazing, but the sauce, mushrooms...just to die for.

Le Cellier Steakhouse

The amazing Pretzel Breads first apperance in this report...

My Mushroom Filet with Roasted Potatoes.

Colleen's still moo'ing Musroom Filet with Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes.

And for the disturbing factor of the trip. They changed the chocolate cake to this little bar style cake. You used to get an elaborate slice of cake. No idea why the messed with it at all. Still very good...just VERY small now.

Here is our desserts.

Chocolate "Moose" and Chocolate-on-Chocolate Whiskey Cake.

Here are some pictures from the dessert viewing table...

The Maple Creme Brulee.

The No Sugar Chocolate Mousse.

Errrrr can't remember what this was called.

The Seasonal Sorbet.


Total $78.11


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Something new today! Beaches and Cream. Nothing too fancy or crazy here. However. I am a huge hamburger person. I can tolerate and eat the burgers at the resorts with enough fixins, and at Pecos Bills which is better than resort burgers. Beaches and Cream hands down has the best burger on property.

Beaches And Cream

Here she is, The Double Burger!

Here is where you REALLY get your worth from this place. My goodness was The No Way Jose GREAT!

This thing don't look to scary from the top though...

Colleen had the Milky Way Sundae.

Again...not so tough from up here...

The remains of my No Way Jose...

Total $43.18


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Next up is Narcoossee's Take I. This is for sure my 1.5 most fav place to eat in Disney World. LOVE the food and dessert.


Awesome Bread and Butter.

My Surf and Turf...AMAZING work here. Both items are SO good I can't decide which I love more.

Colleen had Seared Tuna with some kind of Fried Shrimp.

As some of you may have saw I ordered Colleen a special birthday cake from The GF Bakery to have delivered here for this reservation. It was basically a wedding cake I saw in google images and had them transform it into a birthday cake! It had chocolate cake inside with white icing and Penn State Blue Mickey's all over it. The cake was AMAZING. The chocolate inside was more of a mousse texture and was just SO good. I normally don't like chocolate cake with white icing but this was really really good. PM me for the price. I don't want her to see or know what it cost!



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Narcoossee's continued...

For our regular desserts...

Nick had the Cheese Plate.

I had the AMAZING Strawberry Tart. ALMOST as good as the Old Strawberry Shortcake. VERY VERY VERY good though! Be jealous if you have not had it.

Colleen had The Warm Chocolate-Almond Gateau.

From the inside...

Total $210.94


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One of our favorite places to grease in Disney is 50's Prime Time Cafe. I LOVE the Fried Chicken and the Gravy. I am a fan of the greens too but I LOVE Mashed Potatoes and Chicken Gravy more so I am going to risk getting yelled at to get double Mashed Potatoes!

50's Prime Time Cafe.

Here is my Aunt Liz's Fried Chicken. I actually said to our server "If I HAVE to eat greens to get dessert I have no issue with that. I LOVE the potatoes and gravy so I want double". He just laughed and said he's never heard anyone put it like that before and not to worry about eating the greens!

Nick had Mom's Old-Fashioned Pot Roast.

Colleen had A sampling of Mom's favorite recipes.

Colleen and I had Dad's Brownie Sundae.

Nick had a Hot Fudge Sundae.

Total $85.21


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Counter Service from All Star Sports Interruption!

All Star Cafe

I had a Mushroom, Bacon and Swiss Burger.

And my Chocolate Cake!

Total $12.96

Now here is the interesting part of the report and some that I am sure will get most of the males panties in a knot around here, and some of you women as well. This part starts a new day. A new day with my most FAVORITE place to eat for round 2, and a new place. A place that people say Le Cellier can't compare to. Well we are doing both is the same day for that reason so...let's see what happens.

Le Cellier Steakhouse

This time Colleen got The Maple Creme Brulee. It was OKAY. Way too syrup tasting for me...

I got my trusted Moose!

Side pose for the Little Guy!

As I said in my report of our first trip to Le Cellier THIS vacation that it was the best that we have had so far there in our 6-8 experiences here. This trip was no different. The steaks were amazing again.

Total $78.11


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Now for all the ranting and raving I heard about The Yachtsman Steakhouse...

Rolls and Butter with Garlic. The onion roll = Amazing. It is JUST as good as The Pretzel Bread at Le Cellier, if not better.

Colleen had the NY Strip.

I had the Porterhouse.

Here is Colleen's little birthday surprise...

Her actual dessert was Signature Banana Napoleon (I THINK )

I had Trio of Valrhona Chocolate.

This is either pretty gross or pretty cool...I have not decided yet. You guys can be the judge.

Colleen said her Steak was pretty good. She said that it was not good enough that it would make her want to spend 2 credits on it again. We both LOVED my Porterhouse though and agreed that it IS worth going back for by far. However we both agreed it was not The Le Cellier Filet by any means. I purposely booked both places in the same day to have a fresh opinion on both. It just did not measure up to Le Cellier. Did I want it to? Yes. I would LOVE to have a better feeling of what is going on in my mouth when I eat at Le Cellier. Am I being biased? Absolutely not. Like I said I would LOVE to find something better so I can eat even better and more next trip. Will I go back? 100% yes.

Total $119.69


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Another boring resort meal!

All Star Cafe.

We both had the Hot Italian Sandwich

Our desserts were a Strawberry Sundae (Mine) and a Chocolate Sundae (Colleen's)

Total $33.32

Sunshine Seasons

We met up with Monty and his son here. I owed Monty a "drink" that somehow turned into a whole meal for Morgan and two snacks for Monty!!! Hahaha just kidding. All my offer and I had the credits. For as much as Monty has helped me and answered questions of mine that was a meager "payback"

I again had the Catch of the Day, with Strawberry Shortcake.

Colleen tried out The Reuben with some Apple Dessert. She said the dessert was bad.

Total $61.03


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Now we come to California Grill. After my last review of this place I was obviously not happy with it at all. After some strong urging from a few members here I agreed that everyone can get a "bad" meal thrown in here and there. To make a long stupid story short I agreed to give it another shot and boy am I glad I did!

California Grill

Bread and Butter.

I had the Filet again. It was SO good. I am REALLY glad I went back and gave it another shot!

Colleen had Grilled Pork Tenderloin. She LOVED this.

For dessert I had the Strawberry Cobbler with homemade Strawberry Ice Cream...Come on they must have knew they ****ed me off last time!!!


Waitress even brought me an extra side of Ice Cream!

Colleen had The Valrhona Chocolate Cake


As I said this time I was really happy with all of our food. I would definitely go back! Especially with all of that Strawberry goodness!

Total $115.43


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Off to the Reef of Coral now. We ALWAYS eat here. Pretty good food...REALLY incredible atmosphere. Last trip Colleen had Grilled Swordfish and it was a grand slam to say the least. I ALMOST asked them to take back my half eaten steak to get that instead. So naturally that fish was on our minds from the time we left until the time we got to the booth to check in. So naturally they would not have it. I was not surprised or upset. I just knew they would not have it. They changed a few things here as well. I could not get my Polenta anymore because it's off the menu now. I used to get roasted potatoes with my meal and they do not have those either somehow. Oh well. A window seat with sharks, turtles, and stingray SORT of make up for all that...

Coral Reef

Bread and Butter.

I'd rather have some creamy Polenta than a plastic dolphin on my glass.

Colleen had Lobster Ravioli.

My NY Strip.

Colleen's birthday dessert.

Colleen's Baileys and Jack Daniel's Mousse.

My Chocolate Wave.

Total $85.03


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4 entrees for this post!

All Star Cafe

I had the Baked Chicken Meal with Double Mashed Potatoes. This was not good. The chicken had some "Southwest" spices on it that just made it disgusting.

Colleen had a pizza. No picture!

Total $32.68

Pecos Bills

We both had burgers. This was much better than our first trip to Pecos Bills this trip!

My burger.

Total $33.05

Teppan Edo

Colleens Scallops.

I had Steak and Shrimp.

We both had Green Tea Pudding. We also got in some good laughs at the girl seated with us who ordered the Ginger Cake. EVERYONE at our table was staring at her when she started to eat it and her face looked like someone sucked it in from the back of her head...AMAZING.

Colleen's BIRTHDAY Green Tea Pudding!

Total $84.89

Le Cellier Steakhouse

I decided to try to do something a little different here today. No I am not, not going to order The Filet. But my curiosity had me wondering how this steak is so good and I was pretty convinced that it was The Sauce. So I asked for my sauce and mushrooms on the side so I could try it without it, as well as with it. Also I wanted more to grease my potatoes up with! Well the steak was STILL VERY good "naked" but the sauce for sure it was does it. The steak plain was as good as the steak I had at Yachtsman. Even my potatoes were the best potatoes I have ever had as well. Colleen has made this sauce at home. The sauce at Le Cellier is a 10...hers was an 8 at least. So for those who have come here and did not like it. Try it plain. You might really like it.

Also Brian (SeaCastle) joined us for lunch. Long story that I am sure he will enjoy telling, but we ended up meeting him and inviting him along with us. Great dude right there!



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New place today and on a whim as well. We ended up checking into Jiko! We were at AK and needed to catch a bus back to The Poly for our ADR at Kona. Well I decided we have the credits lets do something nicer and just take the short trip to AKL and cancel Kona for Jiko. (Sorry Tom).

Not a food picture but I am just really happy with my "work" here...hahaha

I had the Filet

Colleen had The Filet as well.

We BOTH got the Chocolate - "One Last Cup"

Our thoughts here...Our server was AMAZING. Really good guy from Brooklyn. Haha. But we talked a lot just about how from NY you pick who you like, Yankees or Mets. Rangers or Islanders. Giants or Jets. Good times there hearing his stories. Anyway...I really did not like my food here at all. I am not going to say it was bad...just not my style. The best way I can describe my steak is like this. When I was little we had this little Indian kid in our neighborhood named Bibuti. When we wanted to play baseball we would argue over who had to go get him because the hallway in his house smelled SO bad. We would gag upon opening his front door to go inside to knock on his main door. That is pretty much what my steak tasted like. I could smell it going into my mouth. I think it's that curry stuff? I don't know but for me it was just not a good combo. Sorry Bibuti if you ever read this...but we all felt that way. Not just me buddy. Colleen "enjoyed" hers. But it was nothing she would go back for.

Now that dessert. AMAZING. Possibly the best dessert I have had in Disney World. It is that good that I almost want to go back next trip and just get that. Wow...

Total $116.49

Sunshine Seasons

We met up with Colleen's friend from work today who was visiting someone they USED to work with who since moved to Orlando. Got that? Okay...Nick came along as well...

Here is his meal...can't remember what it is though...

Hey had the Key Lime Pie.

I had The Catch of the Day AGAIN...

I am also fat so I had both The Smores Brownie and Strawberry Shortcake.

Total $95.90


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I would say a walk from Sunshine Seasons to Tangerine is enough time to work up a small appetite right? That is normal right? Either way Nick agreed with me and we headed to Tangerine Cafe to get some Lamb Wraps! (Gyros)

They were decent. Nothing special but I really wanted to try one from there since like July. Haha. I don't know why. There is a place here in Pittsburgh called Mike & Tony's that have the best gyros ever...I guess I am just an idiot.

Next stop for us that night was Tony's. Nick was along for the ride again!


Some AWESOME rolls with Oil, and Butter.

My NY Strip.

Colleen and Nick both had the Seafood Diavolo.

For dessert even though I HATE Pistachio's I tried the Pistachio Creme Brulee because I did not want just plain ice cream. It was GREAT! So glad I fount something for dessert here that I like!

Colleen and Nick both had Tiramsu.

Total $108.64


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I had asked Nick a few places he has not ate at or some places he wanted to try and Chefs de France was one. We wanted to give this place another try try The Duck.

Chefs de France

The Bread and Butter was the best part of the meal and even that was annoying because they had the butter in that stupid foil wrapper. I HATE THAT.

We ALLLLLLLLLLLL had The Duck. Very very average. Just like the Steak I had here 2 years ago. Not impressive at all.

For dessert I had the Creme. It was decent. A little propane tasting though.

Colleen and Nick had Crepe a la pomme et cannelle, glace vanille, caramel jus de pommes.

I do not know what it is about this place but I have never met anyone who really liked it. When we ate here 2 years ago there were 4 of us. 3 got the steak and 1 got the half chicken. Not one of us said we wanted to go back. The only reason we did go back was for Nick and we wanted to try duck.

Total $140.49

Bad news day for us...Last trip to Le Cellier. Interesting trip here though...

Le Cellier Steakhouse

It was just WAY to dark where we were so I had to use my flash!

I was told by the server they were out of Roasted Potatoes, so I got Fries instead. However when he brought out my plate....this is what was on it!

Today's meal was a little off. I don't know if it had to do with the fact I really was not hungry at all. I woke up at 10:40 and our ADR was at 11:30. Either way I am going to chalk it up to that because Colleen said hers was good. Not the first 2 trips there this vacation but still very good. I did my same get the sauce and mushrooms on the side as well. I really did not care for my coke, pretzel bread, or dessert either. So I am pretty sure it was just me. Oh well there is always 4 more tries next year! Maybe 5 or 6? Haha

Total $67.68


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Our final Table Service destinations. The rest of this report will be random pictures of food we got as snacks, a few Counter Service Meals, and some stuff from Typhoon Lagoon that I forgot about. So lastly, and sadly...


The Bread and Butter.

My Surf and Turf.

Colleen's Seared Tuna and Shrimp. She LOVES this meal.

Colleen's Cheese Dessert.

My Strawberry Tart...SO GOOOOOOOOD!!!! This now is my fav strawberry item in all of Disney World.

Total $135.66


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There is somewhere in WDW that I RARELY see people on this board talking about going. I see pics of this place ALL the time on another forum that I look at food ****. But if you have never been here and get the chance or are debating...GO TO.....

Earl Of A Sandwich.

The Earls Club.

The Italian

Strawberry Shortcake

The WDW Figment aka Fruit Cup



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Typhoon Lagoon

Hot Italian Sandwich.

Turkey Pesto Sandwich

Pepperoni Pizza.

Shrimp Basket

Cheesecake and half a Chocolate Cake.

One of my many Strawberry Sundaes from All Star Cafe.

Strawberry Banana Peach Primivera from Italy

Some Alcohol Slush Colleen gets from France all the time.

Random Japanese Soda's...Stuff is pretty good.

Chocolate Brownie Mousse from Liberty Inn.

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