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Streets of America Development Watch (no longer DEMO)


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If we're talking between muppets bathrooms and star tours it's a fire lane. Big gates.

Yep, that's the one...



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It definitely looks like incremental steps that would make it easy to eventually remove Muppets from that area.

There are things that make it seem that they're making it easy to jettison Muppets at a moment's notice. But the thing that speaks against that is theming of Grand Ave to match Muppet Courtyard (and vice versa). They doubled down on the urban street motif. So, if there's something in the wings to replace Muppets, what could it be that would fit with the Grand Ave theme? Certainly not an expansion of Indy.


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Shouldn't this thread be renamed as it isn't Streets of America anymore :p

But on a more serious note it seems Disney are trying to make this whole area inc The Muppet's into 1 cohesive whole.


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If they wanted to do that they would have bulldozed Muppet's theater months ago and not converted Mama Melrose's in Pizza Rizzo.

Why would you bulldoze a theatre you want to re-use? You would just take away the permanent signage... Like what has happened...

Mama Melrose still exists as a non-Muppet themed restaurant.

Pizza Planet retheme had more to do with the upcoming toy story land than anything else I think.

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