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Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios


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That's kind of a bummer, I feel like a tunnel/roof helps with the transition and suspension of belief.

Have we had any hints towards if the "saber" shop will be anything more than the standard build-a-lightsaber stands we've got currently? I wonder if they'll create an additional, more premium version of that experience where you could build a saber using more realistic parts and the removable LED blades like the park exclusive sabers.


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We’ll all be suspending belief when we have our heat strokes from lack of shade. Same with the gondalas.


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That is if we have a heart after we're attacked by alligators
I'll bet that those towers will attract aliens from Galaxies Far Far Away. I'll bet you thought the SWL was just an amusement park attraction didn't you. No, it will be a rendezvous point for the aliens poised to take over our planet.
As far as I am concerned right at this point... they can have the damn place. I'll even give them the keys.


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Classic. Anaheim gets two tunnels from that end, Orlando gets zero.

We'll probably never hear the end of this!
They probably figured that since anyone the rode the slinky coaster had already seen what was just to the south of it, so why bother with the tunnel... the secret is already out of the bag. Now from the other end there is a reason to and ability to hide everything until you actually enter.
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