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Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios


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Would it even be possible to re theme ST into a muppets ride? Is Muppets courtyard close enough to even to pull that off.
Hopefully we will start to get some video footage of the SWL area like the video coming in showing the DLR worksite.
Is that even a possibility for Star Tours to be Muppets?

Princess Leia

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So it's confirmed, Star Tours will be rethemed to The Muppets and it will include random sequences and be inspired by the fake Muppets movie posters.

OK, I know we're joking here, but that would be awesome.
That's honestly probably the next best thing since we're never getting the Great Muppet Movie ride. Too bad it won't happen though.
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Coaster Lover

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art nouvou tunnel entrance will take the path through a berm in an S shape into SWL.
If they're keeping that "wall" of Streets of America, I'd personally love to see the street "dead end" in the facade of a movie theater. The movie theater has a marquise edged in chaser lights with the words "Now Playing: Star Wars" on the marquise. The front of the theater adorned with movie posters of current and former Star Wars movies and possibly a "Coming Soon" section with a poster of the next coming Star Wars movie. You enter through the "front doors of the theater", but once inside, it's a mostly plain, mostly dark tunnel except for one LED lit sign hanging from the ceiling in blue lettering that reads "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...". As you round the corner out of the tunnel, you are greeted with the grand site of the land with the Main Theme from Star Wars playing on a loop as the first music you hear... could be really awesome if they took that route...
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Nah, they put in The Matterhorn in DHS last week.
Gee thanks, I was so confused about how it got to Florida. OR, perhaps I was wondering why pictures of Disneyland were included in a thread about DHS with no identification of such. Do we want, what's his name, to be getting all excited because DHS is way ahead of Disneyland and it will be opening the middle of next week?
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