Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios


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Small. Right.

Keep telling yourself that. It’s only a small group of people that prefer more of what Star Wars has to offer than just the Disney Trilogy. The declining BO numbers and difficult to sell merchandise tells a different story.
my go to has been to basically ignore anyone who uses the terminology "Disney Trilogy" or "DT"


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Most people could care less, so long as its good. I've been on RoTR 6 times now and yet to hear anyone say "Oh, thats was ok, but it would be soooo much better with Darth Vader".
I have.. atleast while in line after being detained.. same as Millennium Falcon, in line listening to the over head announcement and this lady says "is that Luke Skywalker??"
I get what your saying though.. however I do believe Disney should do something cause I don't believe this land has a shelf life like Harry Potter's world land thingy does.


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@mikejs78 is correct though - many on these boards complain when Disney ignores proper storytelling and placemaking in their efforts to increase IP exposure and usage. Then other want them to just blow up the setting of GE just to see some different characters. Granted they aren't necessarily the same people, but there seems to be some overlap from what I've seen.

Personally, I firmly believe that having SW:GE exist in a particular location and time is the right thing to do with the IP. The better debate IMHO is whether they choice the "best" setting, not whether having a specific one was a good idea. I can see the benefit of using the ST timeframe though since it allows for references to the entire story of Star Wars.

That said, I'm surprised that they didn't incorporate OT elements into the land more in ways that would make sense in the timeframe. Like having 3P0 and R2-D2 in the land (why wouldn't they?) Or using a "Force sensitive" area and featuring Force Ghosts of Luke/Obi-Wan/Yoda or "dark side cave" manifestations of Vader/Maul/etc. Or, quite honestly, have plans for a second land to be build soon which would be centered on the timeframe of the OT. Those would be the proper theme park ways to incorporate other (more popular) Star wars elements without just "throwing the baby out with the bathwater" and ignoring proper placemaking.
Problem with setting the land in a particular time frame is, you have or could have more well recieved story treatments out that could have been in implemented into the land if not for the time frame. I.E Mandalorian and baby Yoda.. future movies or shows like Kenobi which I'm sure people will love.

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You know they don't pay nearly that much for them - they should have just tacked on $1 or so to each meal. Not everyone takes them.
$1.00 and they’d never keep up with stock, let alone people that would start selling them online for 10-20 bucks. Also, are they not metal? I think $10 for a specialty fork that is metal isn’t crazy for a theme park.


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$1.00 and they’d never keep up with stock, let alone people that would start selling them online for 10-20 bucks. Also, are they not metal? I think $10 for a specialty fork that is metal isn’t crazy for a theme park.
Maybe not, but I don't know many people that will buy them at that price point. Maybe at $5, but definitely not $10.


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I know that when we went to Batuu opening weekend we loved that we got to use the spork. We did not steal ours, but left them on the tray. When we went back 2 weeks later, they were gone. Last month, when we returned, we missed them greatly. Next time, we will be purchasing them.


Just got back from a trip to Galaxy's Edge. I absolutely loved Rise of the Resistance. Smuggler's Run wasn't my favorite... I just wanted to ride the ride instead of having to keep pressing buttons and take my eyes off the screen. The land is very beautiful, but it felt like some things were missing... like aliens and roaming droids to feel like I was on a different planet. The DJ droid in Oga's Cantina was a really nice touch, though. At the end of the day, it was a nice land but I didn't feel the same connection to it like I did when I visited the Harry Potter world at Universal. Still excited about going back, though, and hopefully they continue to make it even more immersive. :)

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Interesting permit filed today by Coastal Steel for the address of Rise of the Resistance with an expiration date of 5/29/2021. The contractor and date point to some fairly significant steel work. Not sure what this could be for.
Isn’t Rise near where the entrance to Batuu for Star Wars Hotel guests will be? Maybe it’s that.
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