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'Star Wars' Han Solo spinoff in the works with 'Lego Movie' writers/directors

Tony Perkis

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Wow! These guys just blew their chance of ever making a Star Wars film again in their lifetime! Just the fact that they were bickering like a bunch of little girls to Lucasfilm (who knows the material better than anyone because they are Lucasfilm!) proves that these guys were unfit to direct a Star Wars standalone.

That's a shame. I'm sure now they'll get on to make that lame 21 Jump Street/Men in Black crossover.. if they're still feeling frisky over space aliens... :cautious:
This is dumb.


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This is also ill informed.

Star Wars should continually be an experiment, not a mathematical equation.
Well, perhaps Lord and Miller should create and finance their own Star Wars-like movie. Lucas tried to make a Flash Gordon film and when he couldn't, Star Wars was born. Financed by Lucas so he could make the movie he wanted. I recommend they do the same.


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This is also ill informed.

Star Wars should continually be an experiment, not a mathematical equation.
I agree that filmmakers should take a certain amount of creative liberties with Star Wars movies but the integrity of our favorite characters need to be upheld. According to set reports the performance that lord & miller got out of alden was comparable to ace ventura pet detective. As much as I like ace ventura I think we can all agree that is not the desired result we want. I don't mind lord & miller's encouragement of improvisation on set. But I would side with the kasdan father-son writing duo over lord & miller. This isn't lawrence kasdan's first rodeo with writing a Star Wars movie. I also believe he is one of the 3 people that know the han solo character best (lucas and ford being the other obvious two).


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I'll admit that when Lord & Miller were announced as directors, I cringed. Yes, I enjoyed The Lego Movie and Cloudy, but goofiness and foolishness does not a good Star Wars flick make. I despised Ace Ventura. So glad to see they chose someone who appreciates not only Lucasfilm, but the franchise and the fans as well. I think Howard was a good choice.


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Just heard through the grapevine that there might be a plan to attach the Solo trailer exclusively to The Last Jedi for it's first weekend as part of that movies "see it one more time" push. May come to nothing, but caught bits of the idea from separate sources.
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