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'Star Wars' Han Solo spinoff in the works with 'Lego Movie' writers/directors

Princess Leia

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GotG and PotC do have some overlapping demos, but not as many as they would have if PotC5 came out in timely fashion. PotC doesn't seem to be pulling as much cross generational (or gender) traffic as it did last go around. I do think it's not the wisest decision to put them out so close together; Disney kind of scheduled themselves into a potential issue this year with the GotG2-PotC5-Cars3 trifecta. (Thinking PotC might be the weakest of the 3 I'd have moved it to mid/late July.)
August has literally nothing coming out (well, it does, but nothing big). That's probably what helped Guardians win the box office for so long last go around. While that wouldn't have worked this year (too close to Spider-Man and Thor 3), Disney should have scheduled Pirates 5 for August just so it has a chance to survive.
This is what's coming out in May (in terms of big pictures)
  • Guardians 2 [5th]
  • King Arthur [12th]
  • Snatched (Amy Schumer/Goldie Hawn comedy) [12th]
  • Alien: Covenant [19th]
  • Pirates 5 [26th]
  • Baywatch [26th]
Guardians should hold the top spot for at least 2 weekends, depending on the reviews of Covenant. Just my guess, but King Arthur is probably going to be the first flop of the year.

Here's what June holds:
  • Wonder Woman [2nd]
  • Captain Underpants [2nd] (will probably do okay for movie goers with kids until Cars comes out)
  • The Mummy [9th]
  • Cars 3 [16th]
  • Transformers 5 [23rd]
  • Despicable Me 3 [30th]
  • The House (Amy Poehler/Will Ferrell comedy) [30th]
Pirates has a week, if that, to be #1 at the box office. I don't think it will flop, but it definitely won't perform as well as other movies (like Guardians, Wonder Woman, and probably Transformers).


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Iger dropped some details about the events in the movie...

Iger said the Alden Ehrenreich-starring film will chronicle Solo's life between ages 18 to 24 and explore how the beloved smuggler went about "acquiring a certain vehicle and meeting a certain Wookie." Iger added, "You'll also discover how he got his name."

I am really hoping they build a good story for this film. There are just so many things we know are in Han's past I would hate the film to simply be a vehicle to bring these details to the screen without a good story to support it.


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As a huge SW fan, I'm not excited for this movie. This runs along the same lines with what the prequels did to Vader. Part of the excitement of characters like Vader and Han in the original trilogy was that they had a mysterious background. We don't necessarily need to see every detail of how they came to be.
But, I will still go to see it. I have to. SW is in my DNA.

Princess Leia

Well-Known Member

Princess Leia

Well-Known Member
After Rogue One, I'm just surprised that something like creative differences is bringing production to a halt (though I know that it also had some reshoots). Edwards had control over the plot of that film, and from what I gathered, he was the one who suggested that
that the entire main cast of the film die

It was a bit more in the production/writing phase, rather than the filming stage, but a parallel that I'm thinking of is Ant-Man. Edgar Wright had his own vision for the film, but Disney didn't think it tonally fit, so they parted ways with him, but kept parts of his script.

It will be interesting to see what remains from Miller and Lord in this film.


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Im sorry but this film is shaping up to be a mess. I have yet to see a film change directors more than midway shoot end up to be anything more than a tonal mess.


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That's different. Snyder's daughter committed suicide, and he wanted to be with his family. This is sounding like Lucasfilm didn't approve of the directors' vision and approach to filming.

Update towards the bottom of the article:
I was thinking more about the effect of replacing a director, but not the cause. Here is an article about 17 films that changed directors after shooting had started. The list includes Pixar's Brave.



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Ron Howard got the job. I'm not mad, just disappointed that the movie's still happening and that Arrested Development's season 5 will probably get delayed (again).
"Help us Opie-Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope." .... Someone had to do it. :)

Seriously, I think he is a good choice. I often forget how impressive his directing credits actually are.

Princess Leia

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"Help us Opie-Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope." .... Someone had to do it. :)

Seriously, I think he is a good choice. I often forget how impressive his directing credits actually are.
Impressive directing credits, and a background with George Lucas (American Graffiti) and Lucasfilm (Willow).

I am really relieved about Alden though. It sounds like he has the integrity of the film in mind, when the former directors maybe didn't understand the material as well as they should have.


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Wow! These guys just blew their chance of ever making a Star Wars film again in their lifetime! Just the fact that they were bickering like a bunch of little girls to Lucasfilm (who knows the material better than anyone because they are Lucasfilm!) proves that these guys were unfit to direct a Star Wars standalone.

That's a shame. I'm sure now they'll get on to make that lame 21 Jump Street/Men in Black crossover.. if they're still feeling frisky over space aliens... :cautious: