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News Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Historical Construction/Impressions


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Well Olga’s Cantina is a hang out for biker gangs..
You mean speeder biker gangs. Like the Wild Ewok gang from Endor who were founded after an Ewok stole an Imperial speeder in the year 9456.78-2


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I'm going all Bird Box Challenge on the Falcon. Gonna wear a blindfold and smash into everything I can't see.
Lol! I figure that’ll happen enough when my wife pilots the thing that I have to take the opposite approach. It may not even work when she’s through with it.


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Are we really doing this again? every month we have to write strong words about freshbaked?

First of all, he reads these forums.

Secondly, we are on a disney fandom forum. We are all odd ducks. If you don't think so, you lack self awareness. Conversely 20 million people go to disneyland each year. We are all different. You aren't going to like everything somebody else does.

If I were to critique him in a constructive/substantive way rather than just using the word hate lightly, I will acknowledge that his mind's eye is very weak, but he says this himself all the time. He can't imagine how something might look until its right in front of him. But as I said, everybody is different, and he surprises me a lot with his vocabulary and knowledge of history, like when he went to Paris for his honeymoon. If he likes pixar pier, so what, he also recently made a walking tour video with Ian in new orleans square where they did a great job of acknowledging the things they (and I) love about the land. I don't think he is all in on everything disney does at all. He called out the blue wall behind dumbo if I'm not mistaken, the backlot, and was very blunt about Ratatouille in Paris. The best aspects of Disneyland still takes his breath away but he is no apologist.

If you want to see a Walt Disney Company cheerleader, look no further than DSNY newscast. Everything that guy says is either an attempt to impress imagineers or walt disney studios' PR. Look! I know about crowdflow engineering! Live action remakes are AMAZING even when they are box office failures!
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