News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021


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I do think there's some disconnect when you're looking at starkly-lit photos rather than simply being there. For example---and you can see how this aligns with posted concept art.

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I'm sorry, but that just looks like the same church basement with the regular lights swapped out for purple and red party lightbulbs some of the teen boys bought at Radio Shack. But even with that lighting, Sci-Fi Pasta Dinner Nite is not going to devolve in to a make-out party in the basement! It's still a church! I'm serious!

And Youth Pastor Douglas still needs chaperones to sign up for the summer trip to Lake Okawanda, please.

Seriously, we need some chaperones for the youth group summer trip. The guys bought purple light bulbs. :oops:

Breakfast and lunch are lit differently than Dinner - dinner having show elements and all.

Yeah, it looks.... magical. Totally like Star Wars. If Star Wars took place in a Lutheran church basement in Tacoma.

I thought the rooms, Atrium, Bridge, and Engineering were very well-themed. The dining room was fine. It comes to life more during the performances and story elements. Breakfast and (I presume) lunches it was lit normally - at dinner the lighting was more like I show above at all times.

To be fair to Ann Morrow and Bob Chapek, I agree with you that the cabins themselves look good. Not great, but better than the dining room and on par with the okay lobby.

This is my son in our cabin - I'm not sure how much more Star-Warsy this could've been to be honest. It reminded me of Jango's apartment.

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Okay, now honestly that's a great pic! Seriously, I bet your son loved the cabin. This type of detail needed to be blown up by 150% and used in the dining room and other common areas.

But I'm being very serious... Save this pic for all eternity, and use it at the reception at his wedding. It's priceless. :)

This is a corridor on the ship. Obviously the "EXIT" sign is diagnostic in inescapable, but other than that, I think it's pretty effective.

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Okay. I can't help but feel that like the dining room, the lighting is off. And the details look just a bit too flat, especially for the price point per night and the promise of the subject material. But it's close. Just not quite there.
I'll leave it up to the viewer to decide whether this is good theming - all I can say it, it was effective for us.

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Like the hallway, but at least better than the dumb dining room. You can tell they were headed in the right direction at one point, but then something happened, and they started cutting stuff and cheaping out.

And for goshsakes, why do all the non-Entertainment CM's wear the same cheap polyester uniform? There are bellhops at the Mira Costa Hotel in Tokyo Disneyland who have uniforms that cost five times what those cheap polyester tunics and shapeless polyester pants cost TDO for the Starcruiser CM's. It's unacceptable, especially if these CM's are wearing this uniform "on the cruise" in outer space and not just to fetch your luggage from the back of the rental Malibu at check-in. Criminal. Cheap. And still criminal.
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The appearance of ship elements was discussed ad nauseum prior to it opening.

I was skeptical as well. I thought the Bridge looked like a cheap Disney Quest experience and wasn't what I was expecting from such an expensive experience.

Still, I kept an open mind and understood that giving impressions of what was revealed is not the same thing as evaluating the finished product.

Then it opened, and reactions were extremely positive. At that point, I didn't' go on and on about anything because clearly the finished product worked and people were happy with it.

It's still not something I'm willing to pay for given the price, but I'm not going to bring up poorly lit photos from a year ago and rehash criticisms in a silly attempt to discredit it.

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I still think the bridge consoles themselves don't look right/good, but it's definitely less noticeable with that lighting. You're also obviously going to be paying far more attention to what's going on outside in space than staring at the consoles; they're certainly not a main focal point.
It's a basic video game played on a huge screen wirh Star Wars clips interspersed. That takes, what, less than 15 minutes of your voyage, and can't be extended?


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The GSC pricing model was pure cash grab charging solid gold scale for gold plated common product. Unfortunately, the narcissistic, arrogant and egotistical TWDC mindset is to double down rather than be reasonable then reset. Management / the powers that be would rather run GSC into the ground then shutter it. It does not have to fail; it is an excellent concept but poorly advertised, despite the CM's excellent work, plus overpriced.


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C 3PO had it right.


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Seeing a couple of social media posts from performers leaving Starcruiser. End of contract, burn out, or something else going on?
I saw a link to one of them on TikTok, he also does stuff for AllEars / DFB so I can see how doing both would be hard to manage. And if they want him to do videos, that could conflict with his character role-playing.


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Maybe not a disaster. Can always put it in dry dock, do a refurb (nothing extravagant) then reintroduce it in its refreshed state with a much more reasonable price model. Yet! sadly management will probably just let it detonate into a million fragments and shutter the whole experience.
What are you putting your money on?

They’ll blame chapek. Who had zero input into the $hitty Star Wars being rolled out


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Maybe not a disaster. Can always put it in dry dock, do a refurb (nothing extravagant) then reintroduce it in its refreshed state with a much more reasonable price model. Yet! sadly management will probably just let it detonate into a million fragments and shutter the whole experience.
It's a disaster to me with the knowledge that the small, landlocked park next to it still needs more things to do and they wasted space on this.

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