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Rumor Spaceship Earth Refurb - 2 Year Closure


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Really, truly, glad you don't make ANY of the decisions or have any influence over those that do.... Updates and remodels are a GOOD thing.
What @iHeartDisneylandCats described is more or less how the DLR 50th worked, however. They refurbished/updated everything they could before the start of the 50th. They tried to keep downtime to a minimum during the celebration, although that isn't always possible.

Yes, updates and reimaginings of a ride are (usually) a good thing, but the argument can be made that this should have started already so it would be ready for 2021.


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Was there for the 50th at DL. That was near the end of the "let's be as cheap as humanly possible/Pressler era." There was lots of bunting, a cool fireworks show, thank god the buildings were finally painted (maintenance had been awful in the years prior), and YES everything was running... and a few attractions even got minor plusses. However, I think most people would have happily traded all of that for some mega new attractions/major ongoing renovations...

SSE up or down, we'll have a bunch of mega new attractions to celebrate for the 50th.
Currently SSE is looking to be closed October 2021. But the primary focus of the 50th will be the MK.


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OH NO that is worse.......
So you are saying it could be LONGER?!?!😢😢😢
At first glance I took "Two years may be optimistic" to mean "They may scale down the plans and shorten the refurb, but we'd miss out on some of the cool stuff" . . . but putting it in the context of everything Martin's saying and what Tom reported about the extensive refurb, with (rumored) track replacement and extension, moving of the load area, and updating of nearly every scene . . . I'm starting to think you're right, it MIGHT be longer . . .

The ride was closed for almost 8 months during its last big refurb, and that one wasn't especially involved in terms of cosmetic changes to the ride. (Rumored) Total track replacement alone is beyond the scope of anything that happened then, and as was said, SSE is a weird building to get things in and out of.

I suppose it's not crazy to think it COULD be longer.

EDITED To Add: Speaking of Refurbs Running Rampant, @marni1971, any word on what the heck is going on at Phantom Manor? That 10 month refurb is now in its second year, and it looks like the end may still be months away??
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