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News Space 220 Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World


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You have probably already answered this and if so, I apologize. But at one point there was a crazy rumor that the FoP ride vehicles were going to be something akin to us riding on animatronic banshees vs what we ended up with. I am just curious if there was ever any truth to this and it got cut or was it always just nonsense?
I think was overexcited fan boi rumour and reading too much into press releases.
I believe it was based upon Bob Iger literally saying you could feel the banshee vehicle breathing between your legs.
Don't forget the Site of Unmentionableness had that incredible scoop of a leaked photo of people sitting on an animatronic banshee.


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I'm glad this is happening, it will make Space feel more like a fully fleshed out pavilion with a ride and a restaurant. Though I am curious to see how they'll pull off the effect of "travelling" to space, or if it's just supposed to be a simulation like the ride.
yeah, that's the interesting part to me...so you're simulating going to space, then you're simulating dining in space? ok.

(I mean, the whole not being in space isn't as bad as the Escape from Gringott's going down 9 miles an elevator, then you're back at the top when the ride is over with no elevator going back up)
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