News Sosa Family Cigar Co. to permanently close at Disney Springs


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Only this store is closing. Their business is not. They run Antillian Cigar Co and Antillian Cigar stores, which sell their own brand of cigars. They actually had their two best years over the past two years; so they have done well. They just decided that it was time, as things are changing and I believe the person, from the family, that was in charge of this store and was their vision has retired. It probably is time anyways, as they will probably ban smoking completely at Disney Springs soon, as this was the only place left where you could smoke at Disney. Stopped smoking cigars years ago; but I have fond memories of this place in college, when I would go to Pleasure Island. The family business will be fine. They sell all over the world. And now a vape store will probably move in to its place here. Lol
That’s good to know. Thanks for letting me know!


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If you brought a cohiba from Cuba that’s like gold. One can buy one on Bay Street Paradise Island when the Wonder and Magic pull to port.
Your not allowed to pop out a Cigar anymore in the World Showcase I believe, I miss that, I don't smoke them often but that occasion called for one. Especially fun the evening between Dinner and Illuminations when it was time to start winding down for the day.


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Just walking by the store, there is no denying a very heavy cigar scent outside. Personally, I’m very sensitive to the smell and always try to avoid passing by there.
Did you have an issues when fellow guests could light up their cigarettes indoors and outdoors back in the day right in front of you ?


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Vaping is intense. My friend thought I smelled like pina colada when a vaper blew a lot of flavored smoke just a few feet away from me.
You should have someone smell you without a vaper around, just to make sure you don't smell like a piña colada all the time.


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This was the only minority owed business in Disney Springs. A shame Disney appears to have forced him out. People can buy alcohol all over Disney springs and nobody seems to mind or care. Never seen an out of control cigar smoker but seen plenty of drunks there. But one small 600 square feet cigar store Disney goes out of its way to run out. I know the owner and several of the employees. Thank you Disney for putting people on unemployment and taking away a small refuge for cigar smokers.
Disney still sells cigars at the deluxe resorts.


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I still remember visiting DHS and touring One Mans Dream. Behind a glass wall was the exact replica of Walt's office. I counted at least 5 glass ashtrays in the office.
That was the norm back then. Social etiquette suggested one for every 1-2 people. My grandparents would hold bridge club meets at their house once a month for about 20+ people and would, literally have 20 ashtrays out. This was in the 70s and my grandparents had quit in the 60s. The grandparents on my dad's side of the family were still buying cartons of them per week and giving them to their college aged children still living in the house! By the end of the 70s that all came to a halt on both sides of the family.


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We won't.
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It’s not like illicit drugs haven’t been brought into the parks for years. Places we thought we’d never smell pot, we have.

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