Trip Report Something happened on the way to Florida


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I think @Mr Ferret 88 never actually made it to Port Orleans. There’s no photographic evidence. There have been no more updates.

I believe he and his wife are forever stuck on that island, just like the characters on LOST.

Mr Ferret 88

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"Yes "we replied to Robin , "We are supposed to be at the Halloween party that started at 7pm and is due to finish in an hour."
"If you can just wait here one moment" she said and went out of a door behind reception. Moments later she was back with a piece of paper in her hand.
" Here are all the dates of the parties for the time you are staying with us. If you would just like to tell me which one you want i can amend that for you."
After a brief discussion we asked for the upcoming Friday as we could juggle some things around to make that work.
Tap tap tap on the keyboard and "that's all sorted for you"
"How much extra will that be ?" i asked as our party was on the last of the cheaper days and i was sure that Fridays event was more expensive.

"Nothing Extra "
"Anything else we can do for you ?"

"Thank you very much and i think we are all good now"
We left reception and drove Pablo around to our Mansion and found the room. Cases were quickly dumped and we took the decision to head to Downtown Disney as the resort food court had closed at 11pm.
The bus was there in less than 5 minutes and empty :cautious:

When we got to Downtown we quickly found out that the whole Dang place closes at 11pm .... Seriously :banghead:
Thankfully a certain Seattle coffee chain was still open and we grabbed some snack food and drinks from there before hightailing it back to our resort to finally get some rest. Tomorrow in a break from tradition we were going to visit the other castle as our first park. :jawdrop:
Finally Home


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I need some popcorn. This is like a suspense novel. o_O
I want some popcorn too. Plus something...more too.

Indeed, Mr. Ferret should write a book about Vacation misadventures.
about his grace and understanding he exhibited. :geek:

I trust you as much as my children, payment upon completion of the job:D
oh no. I remember how long it took James to clean his room :cyclops:

Definitely has topped "peeing in a bottle"!
Peeing in a bottle I've seen mentioned multiple times by many. I missed that though I am understanding I should not miss the Pee in A Bottle. Link please, anyone, please?

Should that not be
"Want it"
"Dope it"
Dope it. What a mess.

And trip report moving onto Day #1 at WDW......
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